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Solid State Chemistry Research Group
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Professor Robert J. Cava
Russell Wellman Moore Professor of Chemistry
Department of Chemistry
Princeton University
Princeton, NJ 08544
Tel: (609) 258-0016
Fax: (609) 258-6746
Fall 2002 Excellence in Teaching Award

Robert J. Cava

Ph. D.  Ceramics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology  1978
B.J. Wuensch, advisor
M.S., B.S.; Materials Science and Engineering, M.I.T  1974

Positions Held

Russell Wellman Moore Professor of Chemistry  2006-present
Chair, Department of Chemistry, Princeton University   2004-present
Acting Director, Princeton Materials Institute, Princeton University  2001-2002
Associate Director, Princeton Materials Institute, Princeton University  1999-2001
Professor of Chemistry and Materials, Princeton University  1996 - present
Distinguished Member of Technical Staff,  Bell Laboratories  1985 - 1996
Member of Technical Staff,  Bell Laboratories  1979 - 1985
National Research Council Postdoctoral Fellow, NIST  1978
Temporary Member of Technical Staff,  Lincoln Laboratory  1977
Member American Physical Society, Materials Research Society, American Chemical Society


500+ publications; 15 patents; 30,000+ citations; H index = 85
36 publications in Nature, with 6500+ total citations, 5 publications in Nature Physics and Nature Materials (100+ citations), 53 publications in Physical Review Letters (6200+ citations), 18 in Applied Physics Letters (800+ citations) and 8 in Science (700+ citations)

Visiting Scientist Positions

Brookhaven National Laboratory, USA
National Institute of Standards and Technology, USA
Riso National Laboratory, Denmark
Laboratory of Crystallography CNRS Grenoble, France
Institute for Chemical Research, Kyoto University, Japan


Chemistry of Materials - emphasizing the relationships between chemistry, crystal structure, and electronic and magnetic properties of non-molecular solids. Synthesis, structure, and physical property characterization of new transition metal oxides, chalcogenides, intermetallics, and pnictides. Study of the materials chemistry of superconductors, magnetic materials, transparent electronic conductors, dielectrics, thermoelectrics, geometrically frustrated magnets, and correlated electron systems.


American Physical Society Outstanding Referee, inagural group 2008
Phi Beta Kappa Teaching Award, Princeton University 2007
John J. Carty Award for the Advancement of Science, National Academy of Sciences 2005
President's Award for Distinguished Teaching, Princeton 2005
Excellence in Teaching Award, Princeton Engineering Council 2003, 2006, 2007
Fellow, American Ceramic Society 2003
Election to U.S. National Academy of Sciences 2001
Wulff Award in Materials Science 2000
ACS Prize in the Chemistry of Materials  1997
Matthias Prize for New Superconducting Materials 1996
Honor Scroll of the American Institute of Chemists 1990
Fellow American Physical Society  1988

Quantum Magnetism Lectureship, Rice University 2008
Zernike Lecturer, University of Groningen 2008
Paul D. Bartlett Sr. Lecturer, Linda Hall Library 2008
De-Shalit Memorial Lecturer, Weizmann Institute 2007
Condensed Matter Distinguished Lecturer, Brookhaven Laboratory 2006
Debye Lecturer, Cornell University 2006
R.J.P. Williams Lecturer, Oxford University 2005
Joseph Kennedy Lecturer, Washington University St. Louis 2005
Welch Foundation Lectureship  1998
Spedding Lectureship, Ames Laboratory  1998
Electrochemical Society Lectureship  1988

Professional Activities

Editorial Board, Physical Review B 2009-present
International Committee for the Evaluations of Chemistry in Norway 2008
U.S. DOE Council on Materials Science and Engineering 2008
National Academy of Sciences Panel on Materials Synthesis and Crystal Growth 2007-2008
Associate Laboratory Director Search Committee, Basic Energy Sciences, Brookhaven National Laboratory 2007
Scientific Advisory Board, Swiss National Centre of Competence in Materials with Novel Electronic Properties 2007-present
Scientific Advisory Board, X-ray Laboratory for Advanced Materials, Stanford University 2006-present
Interdisciplinary Research Group co-leader, Princeton MRSEC 2003-present
Chair, NSF Workshop on the Future of Solid State Chemistry 2001
Scientific Advisory Board, University of South Carolina Nanoscience Center 2000-2005
Chair, Gordon Conference in Solid State Chemistry 2000
NAS Panel on High Temperature Superconductivity, 1987

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