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In English

o   2020. From Political Mobilization to Electoral Participation: Turnout in Barcelona in the 1930s. Jointly with Francesc Amat, Jordi Muñoz and Toni Rodon. Journal of Politics. Forthcoming.

o   2019. Endogenous Parliaments: The Domestic and International Roots of Long-Term Economic Growth and Executive Constraints in Europe. Jointly with Scott Abramson. International Organization. 73(4): 793-837.

o   2014. Bones of Contention: The Political Economy of Height Inequality. American Political Science Review 108 (February): 1-21. Jointly with Frances Rosenbluth. (Online link to APSR volume.)

o   2013. The Foundations of Limited Authoritarian Government. Institutions and Power-Sharing in Dictatorships. Journal of Politics 75 (April): 300-316. Jointly with Milan Svolik.

o   2013. A Complete Dataset of Political Regimes, 1800-2007. Comparative Political Studies. Jointly with Michael K. Miller and Sebastian Rosato.

o   2011. Democracy, Development and the International System. American Political Science Review 105 (November): 809-828. (Copyright holder: Cambridge University Press.) (Online link to APSR volume.)

o   2011. Redistribution Policies in a Globalized World. In Marion Jansen & Marc Bachetta, ed. Making Globalization Socially Sustainable. Geneva: WTO-ILO. Forthcoming. Chapter 8.

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o   2010. Electoral Markets, Party Strategies and Proportional Representation. American Political Science Review. May.

o   2010. Origins and Persistence of Inequality. Annual Review of Political Science 13: 489-516.

o   2009. The Conditional Relationship between Inequality and Development. PS: Political Science and Politics 42(4): 645-649.

o   2009. The Nature of Federal Bargains: A Comment on Rodden's “Federalism and Inter-Regional Redistribution”. In Albert Solé-Ollé, Núria Bosch, Marta Espasa, eds., Regional Fiscal Flows and the Stability of Federations. London: Edward Elgard..

o   2008. Economic Roots of Civil Wars and Revolutions in the Contemporary World. World Politics 60 (April): 390-437.

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o   2006. Between Protectionism and Compensation: The Political Economy of Trade. In Pranab Bardhan, Samuel Bowles and Michael Wallerstein, eds. Globalization and Egalitarian Redistribution.  Princeton University and Russell Sage Foundation.

o   2006. Political Institutions and Fiscal Policy. The Political Economist. Winter.

o   2006. The Roots of Democracy. Policy Review. March

o   2003. Endogenous Democratization. World Politics 55 (July): 517-49. Jointly with Susan Stokes.

Ø  Chinese version published in: Open Times, 2008, no. 194: 130-151.

In Other Languages (Selected) 

  • 2000. Las bases sociales y políticas de la abstención en las elecciones generales españolas: recursos individuales, movilización estratégica e instituciones electorales. Revista Española de Investigaciones Sociológicas.  Jointly with Clara Riba.
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