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·        2014. The Roots of the Industrial Revolution. Jointly with Scott Abramson.

·        2011. Economic Growth and the Evolving Structure of Advanced Economies. Paper prepared for the conference on ‘The Future of Democratic Capitalism’, Zurich 16-18 June 2011.

·        2011. The Rise of Social Democracy. June.

·        2005. Privatization and Public Discontent in Latin America. Paper prepared for IADB project on "The Political Economy of Private Participation, Social Discontent and Regulatory Governance."

·        2005. "The Fiscal Consequences of Presidentialism." Paper prepared for Workshop on Economic Consequences of Political Institutions at Duke University, April 1-2, 2005.

·        2004. "The Institutional Accommodation of an Enlarged Europe." Paper prepared for the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung. May.

·        2004. "The Origins of Party Alignments: Electoral Mobilization in Belgium, Britain and Sweden from 1880 to 1940." Manuscript. The University of Chicago. May.