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Political Regimes and Institutions


o   Democratizing from Within: British Elites and the Expansion of the Franchise.” Jointly with Chitralekha Basu, Sonia Giurumescu and Paulo Serôdio.


o   “Democracy Distorted: The Role of Malapportionment in Modern Representation.” Jointly with Pablo Beramendi, Marc Guinjoan and Melissa Rogers.


o   “Development, Inequality, and the Survival of Democracy.” Jointly with Pablo Beramendi.


o   “Elite Networks and Political Conflict in Postcolonial States,” Jointly with Manuel Vogt.


o   “The (Moral) Quality of Politicians.” Jointly with Amaney Jamal.


o   “Commerce, War and the Growth and Decline of Proto-Parliamentary Representation in Medieval and Modern Europe.”  Jointly with Scott Abramson.



National Identity


o   “The Struggle for Political Emancipation and the Formation of Modern National Identities.”



Political Representation


o   Family, Gender Norms, and Social Class: The Political Incorporation of Women in Sweden (1921-1960).” Jointly with Zsuzsana Magyar and Jordi Muñoz.


o   The Rise of Swedish Social Democracy.” Jointly with Zsuzsana Magyar.


o   The Long Shadow of the Cross: Religon and Voting under France’s Third Republic.” Jointly with Christophe Levêque and Filip Kostelka. 


o   Parliamentary Unity in the Quasi-State of Nature: Evidence from the French Belle Epoque (1898-1914) .” Jointly with Christophe Levêque and Filip Kostelka. 


o   “Realignment on the British Left: From Liberalism to Socialism.” Jointly with Chitalekra Basu and Jordi Muñoz.


o   Anglicans, Dissenters and Electoral Behavior in 19th-century Great Britain.” Jointly with Guillem Riambau.