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Welcome to Princeton Quizbowl! We are a student club which organizes practices, hosts tournaments like Princeton University Buzzerfest and the regularly 50+ team Princeton High School Academic Tournament, and sends teams to compete in various tournaments in the region. Princeton's quiz bowl team is quite deep, with a large group of talented first- and second-year players balanced by a few experienced veterans, and we always welcome new faces at meetings.

Regular practices are held Monday from 7:30-10:00 PM in East Pyne 111 and Wednesday from 7:30-10:00 PM in Frist Campus Center 220. If you're coming from afar to attend one of our glorious practices, e-mail cbowl@princeton.edu for more information. The duration of practice is inversely proportional to the amount of schoolwork to be completed by attendees.

What Is Quizbowl?

Princeton competes in a variety of formats. The whole college quiz game concept seems to have originated with CBI (College Bowl, Inc.) College Bowl began decades ago as a radio show, moved to television, and then retreated to organizing and writing questions for mainly non-broadcast tournaments. In the late 1980's, though, a "circuit" of southeastern universities dissatisfied with CBI began to form. Quiz teams would write packs of questions in the CBI format and meet at tournaments to play on these questions. Today, the invitational circuit of teams has grown to include universities across the United States and Canada. The original circuit was essentially ACF (Academic Competition Foundation), but a more recent group, NAQT (National Academic Quiz Tournaments), was formed by circuit graduates to sell questions to high school and university teams, although most circuit events eschew NAQT questions for house-written or packet submission. ACF is now considered the gold standard for college quiz bowl, with seasonal tournaments as well as a national tournament, although NAQT still runs a national tournament.

No matter what format the questions are, the game is more or less the same. Teams of four players buzz in individually to answer "tossup" questions on a variety of academic or pop culture questions, and the team which answers correctly gets 10 points and the sole right to answer "bonus" questions worth a combined 30 points. Depending on format, games maybe timed or untimed. It's like many of the high school competitions that exist around the continent - It's Academic, Reach for the Top/Schoolreach, Academic Challenge, etc. For a good description of academic competition, please see Swarthmore's "Academic competition basics" page.

More Info

For more information, please email us at cbowl@princeton.edu

Visit the forum for quizbowl discussion, The Quizbowl Resource Center forums.

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