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Driving Directions

Directions if you're coming in by other modes of transportation can be found at http://www.princeton.edu/main/visiting/travel/.

If you'd like a campus map, try http://www.princeton.edu/~pumap.

Information on accommodations can be found at http://www.princeton.edu/main/visiting/region/lodging/.


  • From the South
    I-95 to Route 1 north, Pennsylvania exit 29A (Morrisville/Langhorne). Do not take Business Route 1. Once on Route 1, start counting mileage.
    • Mile 4.5: Route 32 forks off to the left, but you want to keep right to stay on Route 1. This is really easy to miss, so pay attention.
    • Mile 6.0: small bridge, 50-cent toll southbound only.
    • Mile 13.2: you'll pass under a series of overpasses for 95/295 (I-95 intersects Route 1 twice in the area, but this way is 10 miles shorter).
    After five or six traffic lights, you will pass under an overpass for Alexander Road. Turn left at the next light, Washington Road. Note that because of the jughandle system you have to turn right, then loop back round, to make what is effectively a left turn.
    Once on Washington Road, you'll go through a fairly nasty S-curve and then over a bridge. Continue into campus, parking where specified by the tournament director. (If you miss exit 29A, or are coming from points north of that, 95 North becomes 295 South somewhere near Trenton. Continue to exit 67, also Route 1 north, marked for New Brunswick. Follow directions from "traffic lights" above.)

  • From the West
    Take the Pennsylvania Turnpike East until you reach Route 1. Take Route 1 north, and follow the rest of the directions from "From the South."

  • From the North
    Get on the New Jersey Turnpike South to Exit 9. This part is tricky. To get on Route 1 south to Princeton, you need to take Route 18 north for a very short distance. So to sum up: NJT Exit 9 to 18 North to 1 South. Follow this and look for the signs for Princeton. Watch closely for the Washington Road exit (12 or so miles), and turn right there. Park where specified by the tournament director.
    (If you come to the Alexander Road overpass, you have missed the turnoff for Washington Road. That's okay. Just use the overpass for a u-turn, get back on Route 1 north, and follow the "From the South" directions.)

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