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Motto: "We violate David Hamilton's principles"

In-jokes, quotes, and obscure car travel stories of interest only to club members follow.

For the authoritative list of lexicons published on the Net, visit Maryland's Quiz Team Lexica List at: http://www.inform.umd.edu/StudentOrg/maqt/maqt/lexreview.html.

If you must read some of our more démodé entries, see our retired section.

A not-widely-condoned bonus reading technique pioneered by Ben Malkevitch, e.g. "First, for five points, this man (lines of obscure, uninteresting clues)...Indonesian dictator."
Bowl, Beer
Variant of quiz bowl held once a year. It's pretty much what you would expect it to be.
Bowl, Memory (alternately, Repeat Bowl)
Quiz bowl with recycled questions. Honour demands that one admit to having heard the question before. Funny thing is, the protester often still doesn't know the answers.
Bowl, Slap
Buzzerless subgenre of quiz bowl where the swift of hand and quick to protest are rewarded.
At College Bowl practices, a word yelled during a bonus to indicate that one knows the answer to a bonus the other team clearly doesn't have a clue about. Specifically, if you say "bounceback," you indicate that you wish to be recognized after the other team is ruled wrong. Bouncebacks are played for either points or, more commonly, for ego.
College Bowl Goggles
The tendency for otherwise unattractive members of the opposite sex to appear attractive, due to the extraordinary lack of good looking people at quiz tournaments. Surprisingly, this was said by Hoppes in response to Mike's observation that a certain girl from another team was cute even though she was just objectively not. Jeff, sensitive guy that he is, later tried to minimize the brilliance of this insight.
Nooo ... F**k!
What Mason shouted when he didn't get a "San Stephano" question; Sid replied that, given it's Valentine's Day, an apt prophecy for the entire team.
Power neg-five
Interrupting early without a significant answer, or with an answer that is not remotely related to the question at hand, earns one a "power neg-five" and chuckling from both teams. Not to be confused with "powerful negging abilities", although the two are often causally related.
"Uh ... "
How to preface the answer to a question where a really obvious clue was given a few moments ago, but no one has dared to buzz in yet because, well, it couldn't be that easy, could it?


Lexicon entries which have fallen into total disuse due to the fact that no one finds them funny anymore and/or they never were funny.

5:45 AM
See below (24 hours)
(Insert visual here)
"F*** me rigid!"
A cry of consternation after missing a tossup that you had no excuse for missing. Introduced by former team secretary David Sachs.
"$100 guy/$100 girl"
Based on a bet between David Sachs and Barbara Slote, a term for the elusive attractive man/woman at a college bowl tournament.
"Jeff, do you find me attractive?"
A rarely seen glimpse of the more sensitive side of our very own Michael Aaron Chiswick-Patterson.
Murderous College Bowl
A psychiatric disorder allegeDLy brought on by an overdose of hardcore ACF at Terrapin 2001. Matt from Swarthmore told team captain Jeff Hoppes that "even if you were capable of murderous rage, you'd probably just break your back in a fit."
Non-Euclidean Economics
The form of economics preferred by ACF Regionals, though the attribution seems to be in dispute. Likely either David Isaacson or Lenny Kostovetsky.
Nuclear Weapons Program
Something not posessed by Rutgers University, even the New Brunswick campus. First noticed by Jeff Hoppes.
Strip Power Tossup
An answer so good, that one has been waiting so long to answer, that its giving requires the removal of one's shirt. So far its only proponents are Mike C-P and David Sachs.
Twenty Canadian Points
What Bruce earned for answering a bonus about Canadian magazine publishers. Steve Lawrie claims that this is only equal to "fourteen points American."
24 hours
A marathon practice run by Steve Lawrie, Jeff Hoppes, and Ben Malkevitch in January 2000. The resulting college bowl-induced coma has so far dissuaded Jeff from instigating a rumored 36-hour variant.
"Yeah, physics!"
A rallying cry that comes (or should come) after all those questions that engineering and physics students (especially graduate students) snatch from less geeky players. Although many of the questions involve concepts that might be found in a first-year physics course, these well-educated individuals can answer after but a few clues. Halliday, Resnick, and Walker's Fundamentals of Physics can be consulted in order to empower one with the skills to answer these questions and perhaps earn one the right to belt out 'Yeah, physics!' themselves.
Orange Milano
A dopamine- and caffeine-laced incentive, courtesy Ben Malkevitch. Awarded by virtue of best power:neg ratio during a game. His motives are suspect, as he always seems to buy a bag too many...
"Another Saturday Night"
Cat Stevens's 1975 remake of Sam Cooke's classic became an anthem in Peter Coles's Mazda MPV on the way to the 1997 NAQT Ivy/NEQL tournament. Ross Fisher played it over and over, perhaps twenty times in each direction.
Bowl, Biography
This critter was most recently seen at Swarthmore's QOTC 7 as part of South Carolina's playoff packets. Sometiems described as the "Mad Libs" of quiz bowl, Biography Bowl packets consist of questions of this type:

"He was born in [year] in [place]. He did [obscure feat completely unrelated to major achievement], but is more well known for [obscure fact which no one knows]. FTP, name this person who won the Nobel Prize in [field] in [year]".
List memorizers and old school ACFers rejoice!
Daka's is a great place to eat dinner in Massachussetts. Kind of like an upscale truck driver / family diner. Be sure to stop for a leisurely dinner, even if it adds an hour to your seven hour drive home.
"Good story"
A sarcastic comment first spoken by Steve Edwards. To understand the reference, you have to understand that many College Bowl players love to show off how much they know. Thus, "good story" is used after someone goes off on a usually meaningless but always unrelated tangent for no apparent reason, much to the annoyance of those forced to listen. (Kind of like this lexicon, come to think of it -BL).
According to a particular judging decision at NAQT Nationals, incest is an idea whose insitutionalization marked mankind's passage from a state of nature into a state of culture. Among other beneficial effects, incest induced proto-humans to organize in groups.
What you get to drive if you're Jeff Stewart. (Was: "Jeopardy-mobile")
Mayor of Bootyville
An elected office placed squarely on Steve Lawrie's shoulders. On the trip home from CBI regionals in 1997, all conversation stopped when Ross Fisher demanded to know whether the terms "Steve Lawrie" and "Bootyville" go together. They may not, but somehow the term stuck.
Nude Olympics
Annual Princeton tradition, now banned, featuring hundreds of sophomores, that is held at midnight after the first snowfall of each winter. Failed to occur in 1997/1998 due to unusually warm weather.
Pop A Shot
At 1997 CBI nationals at Montclair State, Jenn somehow convinced the team to spend an evening at the mall, where Jeff Crean and Peter Coles found a malfunctioning basketball game that gave free plays. Crean and Coles, well documented College Bowl addicts, displayed their typical insanity and played the game for three and a half hours, accumulating 4000 tickets which they redeemed for a slinky and a football.
"The Scream"
1. Well-known painting by Edvard Munch. 2. On the return trip from Cornell in 1994, Jeff Stewart narrowly avoided hitting a deer. Quoth Matt Morris, "Did you hear me? I screamed like a girl!"
Semi-nude Olympics
Less well-known cousin of the Nude Olympics; the first annual Semi-nude Olympics took place in Harvard Yard in November 1997.
Sturbridge, MA
Sturbridge is the town to stop overnight in if you are stuck in a snowstorm on the way to Boston. It is also, coincidentally, the home of Jeremy Weissman's B & E Motel.
Tic Tac Dough
The game show on which our 1995-1997 coach Wilbur Hicks won a sum of money "in the six digit range."

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