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NAQT National Academic Quiz Tournaments. A company formed by people who had played in CBI and "circuit" tournaments. Supplies the questions for most high school tournaments, and runs a national tournament every year.

Academic Competition Federation Organizat\ ion that runs various seasonal tournaments as well as anational tournament forthe best teams.

NAQT Links NAQT's admittedly successful attempt to beat this page at its own game.

ACF Academic Competition Federation. ACF questions tend to be more academic than NAQT questions.

Unofficial University Challenge Page This web page is maintained by Sean Blanchflower of Cambridge University.

Reach for the Top Unofficial home page for the Canadian high school quiz competition. By Bruce Lin.

Lists and directories

The Quizbowl Resource Center The main page for quiz bowl on the internet, features tournament information and forums where pretty much every quiz bowl-related event is announced.

Yahoo! Clubs quizbowl founded by David Levinson to replace alt.college.college-bowl. Features a messages page, calendar, online (java-based) chat, bookmarks, etc.

The Maize Pages A play on the Yellow Pages, this is a directory of quiz bowl resources on the Internet that is hosted by the University of Michigan.

qb-canada list This is a mailing list for discussion of Canadian high school and university quiz competition.

Quiz Team Lexica List A sarcastic Maryland guide to the various humorous "team lexicons" out there on the net. By David Hamilton.

Quiz Bowl Tournament Center We'd like to beg the question of what happened to the old tournament site and its "retiring" author, but for now, this is the new site for information and schedules for quiz bowl tournaments.

Online or downloadable games

Steve's Study Page Steve Lawrie created this page for those who wish to study more for College Bowl. It has lists in flashcard form (although you can study straight of a list as well). Right now it has very little, but I hope to add more soon.

Stanford's Packet Archive This web site contains freely-downloadable packets from as recently as 2001.


Trivia Web free online trivia game - compete against others with high scores saved and recorded.

Jeopardy! On the Sony web site.

College Jeopardy! Online Play for the chance to win a $10,000 scholarship for your school and your own car.

Question-writing aids

The Stanford Question Writing Guidelines A classic document that describes both the philosophy and the mechanics of good question writing. Defines the standard for packs submitted to invitational tournaments.

How to Write Questions A very good article on how to write good questions written by Jerry Vinokurov of Brown University.

The Internet Classics Archive, including Shakespeare, Homer et al. MIT's Classics department.

Lucid Café Some decent biographical sketches of folks all of whom you've heard questions about already.

Encyclopedia Britannica An awesome question-writing resource for those with site licenses.

Oxford English Dictionary Also only for those with site licenses.

Ask Jeeves AI-type program that attempts to answer any plain English question you might ask.

Cecil Adams' "The Straight Dope" Web site of the syndicated columnist who answers questions about trivia and urban legends.

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