SAT Research at Princeton

Welcome to the Boolean Satisfiability Research Group at Princeton University

Boolean Satisfiability Problem is a well known NP-Complete problem. It's theoretical importance is well documented in various computational theory textbooks. It also plays a very important role in real world applications such as:

  • AI Planning BlackBox at University of Washington
  • Model Analysis Alloy at M.I.T.
  • Model Checking NuSMV A state-of-the-art Model Checker
  • Theorem Prover GrAnDe
  • Interactive Theorem Prover Isabelle/HOL
  • Software Verification, and Electronic Design Automation and Verification.

    At Princeton University, we are doing some very exciting research in SAT related areas. Our focus is mainly on EDA applications using SAT method. However, the results are also applicable to other fields.
    The SAT Research Group is led by Professor Sharad Malik in Electrical Engineering Department.

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