Hi, folks!

Information, source, and binaries for a recent build of Chaff: spelt3

Note that this is *development snapshot* so it's not really pretty. but it should work. in any 
case, if you have problems, first check back here for an updated build or readme, and then failing 
that, don't hesitate to email me. obviously, if no one emails me about problems, i can't fix them, 
but then again, a deluge of simple FAQ-type questions doesn't help either. But, since there's no 
FAW yet, ask away.

I'm well aware that the documenation is non-existant. Bear with me. 

here's our DAC2001 paper, in all it's typo-riffic glory. you might have 
noticed i can't spell.
ppr v5.6 pdf (RC2) (MWM)