• News & Highlights

    • On 06/29/2016, our work was highlighted as "Quick, early test for Ebola could prevent epidemics". (see the story)

    • On 10/21/2015, we received Schmidt fund awards to promote new technologies (A smartphone that conducts medical tests). (see the story)

    • On 10/08/2015, Our work was highlighted as "Electrical Engineering: Diagnosis via Smartphone: A Faster and More Portable Blood Test". (see the story)

    • On 09/23/2014, our work was highlighted as "Nanotech results in better and cheaper LEDS for phones and lighting". (see the story)

    • On 09/16/2014, Chou won Gates Foundation's Grand Challenges Exploration Award. (see the story)

    • On 05/20/2014, Chou won IEEE Pioneer Award in Nanotechnology. (see the story)

    • On 05/31/2012, our work was highlighted as "Nanotechnology Breakthrough Could Dramatically Improve Medical Tests". (see the story)


  • Exemplary Previous Research

    • Invention of nanoimprint
    • Invention of bit patterned media
    • The first demonstration of Si single electron transistor at room temperature
    • World records in transistors


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