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1) A trip to Bear Mountain on Oct.04:
Would you like to explore the outdoors of the east coast and enjoy the fall foliage in friendly company?  Then join us for a day hike to the Bear
Mountain State Park, ( ).
We will leave at 9am, arrive around 10:30-10:40 and hike until 4-5pm. Then we can stop briefly through the visitor center for coffee & snacks and head back to Princeton.

Date & Time:        October.04
Meeting Place:      In front of Wawa at 8:50am.

Let me know if:
1) You would like to come
2) You have a car and you are willing to drive. You will be reimbursed for the gasoline, just make sure to give me your receipt. 
3) You are over 25, have an American driving license and you are willing to drive a rental car.

Please bring water and some food with you, preferably sandwiches, trail mix, light snacks, energy bars and any anything else you like. Also, wear comfortable shoes (sneakers or hiking boots) and take a light jacket in case it gets cool.

See you on the trail !

2) A trip to West Virginia Oct.27:

1) Time: We will leave on Sat. Oct.27 @ 9am and come back on Tuesday Oct.30
2) Transportation: We will drive. let me know if you have car and you are willing to drive.
2) Total expense: The trip is subsidized by the Counsel of International Graduate Students, Consortium of International Student Organizations and the Davis International Center,
the undergraduate and the graduate student governments so you pay only 60 USD.

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