I co-founded a startup called DataMi in May 2012 and worked there full-time as the Director of Advanced Research from July 2013 to June 2014. DataMi grew out of the DataMi research project, which aims to manage growing broadband demand through innovations within provider networks and at end-user devices.


DataMi's first product is a data monitoring app called DataWiz, which is available now for download on iOS and Android. DataWiz tracks when, where, and how you consume mobile data, and gives customized alerts that prevent you from exceeding your monthly data cap.


As a co-founder of DataMi, I co-authored several funding proposals:

  1. TUBE: Time-Dependent Pricing for Mobile Data, $100K grant from the Princeton IP Accelerator Fund in January 2013, with Mung Chiang, Sangtae Ha, and Soumya Sen (Trenton Times and University homepage coverage).
  2. A Mathematical Framework and Practical Implementation Methdology for Timely Detection and Amelioration of Rare and Disastrous "Black Swan" Events in Information Networks, submitted to AFOSR in September 2012 with Applied Communication Sciences (formerly Telcordia) and Yale University.
  3. TUBE-ing over Digital Divide, Vodafone Wireless Innovation Project finalist in March 2011, with Mung Chiang, Sangtae Ha, and Soumya Sen.