I co-founded a startup called DataMi in May 2012 and worked there full-time as the Director of Advanced Research from July 2013 to June 2014. The company grew out of the DataMi research project, which also formed the basis of the Smart Data Pricing (SDP) research initiative. Its overall goal is to commercialize smarter ways to price data usage, particularly mobile data.


DataMi's first product was a data monitoring app called DataWiz, which is available now for download on iOS and Android. DataWiz tracks when, where, and how you consume mobile data, and gives customized alerts that prevent you from exceeding your monthly data cap.


More recently, DataMi has turned its focus to developing sponsored data solutions for content providers to subsidize users' cost of using cellular data. By paying for users' cost of using their mobile apps, content providers can increase user demand, giving them an advantage over their competitors. This product has recently received news coverage in a variety of venues and is currently in a trial stage with some large content and mobile IT providers. For a more theoretical analysis of the implications of sponsored data, see my INFOCOM 2015 paper.