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Directory contents described in short:

bitfiles - Precompiled bitfiles for immediate programming of supported FPGAs.
cross_compiler - Precompiled sparc64 cross-compiler to be run on x86_64 Linux.
docs - Documentation describing all aspects of OpenPiton.
os_images - Disk images for booting Debian Linux on OpenPiton.
src - Verilog source code plus infrastructure for simulation, FPGA synthesis, and ASIC synthesis and backend.
vm_images - Pre-built CentOS 7 VM image (in OVA format, convertible to other VM formats) with OpenPiton(+Ariane) source, cross-compiler, and Verilator simulator set up.

You will most likely want to download a tarball from the src directory first.

You can access our hypervisor and Linux within the following repositories:
You can access the Ariane source and Linux within the following repositories: