Principal Investigator

Celeste M. Nelson
Group Members | Alumni
Research Scientists
Sherry Zhang, Research specialist and lab manager [cv]
Postdoctoral Associates
Ayse Nihan Kilinc, Postdoctoral fellow [cv]
Andreas Kourouklis, Postdoctoral fellow [cv]
James Spurlin, Postdoctoral fellow [cv]
  Aswin Sundarakrishnan, Postdoctoral fellow
Graduate Students
Alisya Anlas, PhD student (CBE) [cv]
Lena Barrett, PhD student (CBE) [cv]
Payam Farahani, PhD student (CBE) [cv]
Katie Goodwin, PhD student (QCB) [cv]
Siyang Han, PhD student (MOL) [cv]
Jacob Jaslove, MD/PhD student (MOL) [cv]
Bryan Nerger, PhD student (CBE) [cv]
Sarah Paramore, PhD student (MOL) [cv]
Michael Palmer, PhD student (CBE) [cv]
Emann Rabie, MD/PhD student (MOL) [cv]
Michael Siedlik, PhD student (CBE) [cv]
Brian Silver, PhD student (MOL) [cv]
Abraham (Avi) Wolf, PhD student (CBE) [cv]
Undergraduate Students
Niroshan Anandasivam, Undergraduate student
Destiny Batton, HHMI Exrop student (UCLA)
Nathan Bolanos, Senior thesis student
Sarah Mathew, Senior thesis student
Audrey Shih, Undergraduate student

Joe Tien, Boston University

Derek Radisky, Mayo Clinic Cancer Center
Mark Kahn, University of Pennsylvania

Nelson Group, Department of Chemical & Biological Engineering, Princeton University

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