Who We Are

The Princeton Undergraduate Composers Collective is a collaborative group of composers dedicated to helping each other improve our work and expand our musical ideas. We write in all styles and genres, and we accept composers of any skill level. As an organization we hold weekly meetings for a variety of purposes, most often to workshop our compositions and give each other feedback. We also listen to and discuss the works of professional and graduate composers, often in the presence of the graduate students themselves, who are always happy to share their work with us and to help us improve our work. In order to showcase our music, we also organize and put on our own concerts at least once a semester. In addition, we seek to connect Princeton composers with musicians, dancers, actors, and any other artists on campus who are interested in including original compositions in their projects or theses, and we are thrilled to be able to offer our members the opportunity to attend open rehearsals of the Composers Ensemble, during which professional ensembles rehearse works by Princeton professors and graduate students. But whatever we do, we try to share what knowledge we have with each other so that we can all grow as total composers and musicians. At the end of the day, the reason we get together is simply to spark each other’s creativity and to help each other refine and realize our music.


Getting Involved

The collective meets on Saturdays at 2 PM, usually in Woolworth 106, for workshopping sessions. We also meet some other evenings for listening sessions and other workshops. Feel free to stop by, and please email us at if you want to join the group, be included on our email list, or if you have any questions. We also network with any and all musicians interested in playing our music, so please get in touch whether you’re a composer or a performer. Should you prefer, you can also contact president Nick DiBerardino ( with questions.