Founding Editor (1995-2004)
Robert Hollander

Richard Lansing
(Brandeis University)

Associate Editors
Robert Hollander
(Princeton University)

Christopher Kleinhenz

(University of Wisconsin)

Christian Moevs
(University of Notre Dame)

John A. Scott
(University of Western Australia)

The Electronic Bulletin of the Dante Society of America was founded in 1995 in the hope of offering, on the distant models of the Bulletino della Società Dantesca Italiana (1889-1921) and of the Giornale Dantesco (1893-1940), an opportunity for the publication of brief notes (1,500 words or fewer) concerning any and all matters relating to the study of Dante. Our desire is to encourage discussion and debate among Dante scholars by publishing new work that deserves a first airing. Since our electronic format allows the editorial board both to respond to and to publish submissions quickly, publication is possible more rapidly than in any forum devoted to Dante of which we know.

ISSN 1545-8415

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