Virtual Pilot Study (VPS)
To address the goals set forth by ONR and by ASAP investigators, we are developing an observational infrastructure (the “system”) that is robust, scalable, and sustainable. The system is not the goal, but our research goals require a working system.

The purpose of the VPS is to test the system in its entirety. The fundamental purpose of a pilot experiment (whether “real” or “virtual”) is to shake out the wrinkles in an experimental plan so that time and resources are used most efficiently during the actual field program.

The VPS is “virtual” only in the sense that no observing hardware will be placed in the field. Asset movement and profile data will be simulated. All other aspects of the system will be utilized in the same manner as if we were engaged in a field operation.

What is real, what is virtual



Control system

Observing hardware

Data flow

Ocean (replay 2003?)

Predictive models