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Professor Delia Graff Fara
Department of Philosophy
212 1879 Hall
Princeton University
Princeton, NJ 08544
Office: 122 1879 Hall
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Phone: (609) 258-4311
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Welcome to my web site. I am a professor in the Philosophy Department at Princeton University. I began teaching at Princeton as an assistant professor in the Fall of 1997, after receiving my PhD from M.I.T.'s Department of Linguistics and Philosophy. Before returning to Princeton for the Fall semester of 2005, I was an assistant (2001-2004) then associate (2004-2005) professor in the Sage School of Philosophy of Cornell University. (See my CV.) My research and teaching interests fall mainly in the areas of philosophy of language, philosophical linguistics, philosophical logic, and metaphysics.

PhLiP 2016: It's happening!

PhLiP 2016 Karen Lewis and Delia Fara

Tarrytown House

It's out, … in paperback!

Routledge Comanion to the Philosophy of Language, edited by Gillian Russell and Delia Graff Fara
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Name Change:

Please note that I now use my married name professionally and publish under the name "Delia Graff Fara" ("Fara, Delia Graff"), using the "Judith Jarvis Thomson"/"Elizabeth Cady Stanton"/"Hillary Rodham Clinton"/"Ruth Barcan Marcus" convention ("Fara" as the last name, "Graff" as the middle name), and will use "Professor Fara" for formal purposes.

For citation of works published under the name "Delia Graff", I prefer that they be cited in the following way:

  • For full-name references, use 'Delia Graff Fara';
  • For last-name-only references, use 'Fara';
  • For in-text citations, use 'Fara', as in '(Fara 2000)';
  • In the bibliography, alphabetize under 'Fara' and include a note saying what name the thing was originally published under, as in:
    Fara, Delia Graff: 2000, "Shifting Sands: An Interest-Relative Theory of Vagueness," Philosophical Topics 28: 45-81. Originally published under the name "Delia Graff".

Recent, less recent, and upcoming (not at all recent) travels, conferences, and colloquia:

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Jowett Society Meeting
Oxford: 6 May 2016
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Eastern APA, January 2016
Symposium on Names as Predicates
I'll be commenting on talks by Robin Jeshion and Anders Schoubye
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University of Edinburgh
Nature of Knowledge Lecturer, 12 June 2015
Conference on Variables and Names, 12–13 June 2015
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Proper Names Workshop:
Current Work in Linguistics and Philosophy of Language

Central European University, 18–19 May 2015
(Invited Speaker)
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Collegium of Black Women Philosophers
Penn State, 9–11 April 2015
(Invited Panelist)
Find more about Weather in Austin, TX
UT Austin 2014 Analytic Philosophy Symposium
5–6 December, 2014
(Invited Speaker)
Find more about Weather in Mexico City, MX
UNAM Colloquium Speaker
19 November 2014
Find more about Weather in Tarrytown, NY
25 – 28 October 2014

Co-organized by Delia Fara and Karen Lewis
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New York Philosophy of Language Workshop
NYU, 4 September 2014
(invited speaker)
Find more about Gottingen, Germany
Proper Names: Semantics vs. Pragmatics
5th - 6th of June 2014 (Invited Speaker)

Conference in Linguistics & Philosophy
Georg-August-Universität Göttingen
Find more about Weather in Baltimore, MD
Eastern APA 2013
Author Meets Critics: Saul Kripke, Philosophical Troubles
Chair: Delia Graff Fara (Princeton University)
Critics: John Hawthorne (Oxford); Ted Sider (Cornell)
Author: Saul Kripke (City University of New York--Graduate Center)

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