Research Interests of David L. Stern

Until recently, research in my lab has been split between studies of the evolution of morphology in Drosophila and varied studies of genetics and development in aphids. I retain a strong interest in the biology of aphids, particularly the evolution and development of bacteriocytes and of galls, but I have ratcheted down active research in this area. Recently, my laboratory has developed some new approaches to allow identification of the genes causing differences between closely related Drosophila species and I have decided to focus on these questions for the moment.

I have had a long-standing interest in the evolution of behavior and, with recent developments in my lab and with tools from genomics and neurobiology, I feel that the time is right to take the plunge back into behavior. The lab is currently split about 50/50 between studies of morphology and studies of behavior in closely related species of Drosophila.


David Stern can be reached by e-mail at dstern(at)