Daniel Yasumasa Takahashi

I am currently an associate research scholar at Ghazanfar Lab, Princeton University.


Research interests

I want to understand how vocal communication emerges from the interaction of evolutionary, developmental, neuronal, and biomechanical phenomena. Marmosets are New World monkeys ideal to study vocal communication dynamics. For more details.

I am also interested on developing statistical and computational methods for the analysis of the relationships between dynamical phenomena at different time scales. These tools are designed to help us understand how complex behavior like vocal communication can emerge from interaction of its components. For more details.

My another interest is on stochastic processes with unbonded dependence on the past (chains of infinite order). These processes are natural generalization of Markov chains and exhibit a rich set of phenomena like phase transition. Most of biological phenomena (e.g., neural networks) are not Markovian and chains of infinite order are good candiadates to model them. Moreover, chains of infinte order are important mathematical object in the study of equilibrium states. For more details.


Curriculum Vitae

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