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User Manual


Chapter 1.0 Input Data Structure
Chapter 2.0 Global Control
Chapter 3.0 Output Options
Chapter 4.0 Nodal Coordinate Data
Chapter 5.0 Nodal Restraint Condition Data
Chapter 6.0 Initial Nodal Kinematic Condition Data
Chapter 7.0 Prescribed Boundary Value Data
Chapter 8.0 Load-Time Functions
Chapter 9.0 Element Data
Chapter 10.0 Material Models
Chapter 11.0 Element Connectivity Data
Chapter 12.0 Analysis Options
Chapter 13.0 Sample Data

The Entire Dynaflow Manual consisting of about 500 pages may be printed using Acrobat Reader. The Manual is created to be read on double-sided pages.


Copyright © 1983 Princeton University
This program is proprietary to Princeton University, Princeton, New Jersey. It may only be used as authorized in a license agreement controlling such use.