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Projects Available on-line
Numerical "Class A" Predictions for the VELACS Project
(NSF grant)
VELACS Project
VELACS - Model 12 - Primary Centrifuge Experiment
(NSF grant)
Integrated Procedure for Dynamic Analysis of Fault-Soil-Structure Systems
(Princeton Univ. - Kajima Corp. joint research)
Effects of Stochastic Variability of Soil Properties on Liquefaction Resistance
(NSF grant)
Stochastic Variability

GEOSIM - A Laboratory for Numerical Modelling in Geomechanics
Recent Publications - available on-line

Jean H. Prévost - Professor, Princeton University
George Deodatis - Associate Professor, Princeton University
Radu Popescu - Associate Professor, Faculty of Engineering & Applied Science, and     Senior Res. Engr., C-CORE, Memorial University of Newfoundland


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