Submission Guidelines

PJEAS invites original contributions to East Asian studies that meet the journal’s aim and scope from both undergraduate and graduate students in the United States and abroad.

If the topic of your article is limited to the Asian diaspora and does not specifically discuss issues in the East Asian region, we encourage you to submit your article to Unfound, The Princeton Journal of Asian American Studies, which can be found here. Our editors will also redirect your article if they believe it would be more appropriate for submission to Unfound.

The deadline for submissions for the Fall 2014 edition is October 1st.

  • Submissions should relate directly to at least one of the countries or sub-regions in East Asia, i.e. People’s Republic of China (and its autonomous regions), Japan, Korea, Mongolia, and Republic of China.
  • Articles submitted to PJEAS should not have previously been accepted for publication or review at another undergraduate or graduate-level publication.
  • Submissions should be at minimum 3000 words, excluding the abstract, subheadings, and citations.
  • Submissions should contain complete citations and references, which must follow the “notes and bibliography” system as presented by the Chicago Manual of Style.
  • The article should include on its first page a short abstract that concisely summarizes its main arguments and findings. The abstract should be no less than 150 words and no more than 200 words in length.
  • The document should be formatted for “US Letter” size, with 12-point font, single-spaced lines, and one-inch margins on all sides, and must be submitted as a Microsoft Word document.
  • To ensure anonymity of the evaluation process, any information identifying the author should be removed from the Word document that contains the article
  • Authors will be informed of whether their article has been accepted for review 6-8 weeks after initial submission. Should their article be accepted, part of the responsibility falls upon the authors to communicate promptly with their respective editor to allow for effective and efficient revision process. The assignment of editor(s) will be specified in the initial acceptance e-mail.

NOTE: At any point during the process of evaluation, revision, and publication the PJEAS Executive Board reserves the sole right to publish an article or refuse publication.


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