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Communication among the dispersed membership has always been a challenge. With the rising production and mailing costs of the Newsletter, it was decided at the 1996 Annual Meeting to disseminate news items over the AATT website, while continuing to publish articles in a newly formatted 'AATT Bulletin'.
With this homepage, AATT hopes to keep the members informed of developments in the field in a timely fashion. It is also hoped that it will facilitate communication among members, and lead to collaborative activities which will strengthen the field and meet its many needs.

About AATT

THE AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF TEACHERS OF TURKIC LANGUAGES, founded in 1985 as the American Association of Teachers of Turkish, is a private, non-profit, non-political organization of individuals interested in the languages of the Turks. In 1993, the members voted to expand and include all languages of the Turks. The objective of the Association is to advance and improve the teaching of the languages of the Turks; to promote study, criticism, and research in the field of the languages and literatures of the Turks; and to further the common interests of teachers of these subjects.

AATT is managed by a five-member Executive Board elected by the membership. The President and the Executive Secretary-Treasurer are appointed positions, officers are elected to three year terms. The Executive Secretary-Treasurer is responsible for the day to day operation of the Association. All serve without compensation.

The Association's activities has included the publication of a Bulletin with research articles, news of field development, reports of meetings and conferences, book reviews and communications from members. The Association also issues reports on completed projects. The annual meeting of the Association is held each November in conjunction with the Middle East Studies Association convention.

Based on priorities established by the membership, AATT has worked on developing proficiency guidelines for Turkish, a language learning framework for the teaching of Turkish in American academic institutions, and is currently actively promoting use of instructional technology and the Internet to improve the teaching and learning of the languages of the Turks.

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Turkic Languages at North American Academic Institutions

Turkish at North American Academic Institutions

AATT Constitution

Some Achievements


Building a Database: the Field of Turkish Language Teaching in North America


Needs and Priorities Survey: Questionnaire I

Survey of Turkish Language Teaching Materials I


Elementary Level Minimum Turkish Vocabulary List

Computing in Turkish I: ASCII Standards


Use of News on Video: a Preliminary Study


Ponies Project: Bilingual Readers for Turkish

Proficiency Guidelines for Turkish


Standardization of Grammatical Terminology for Turkic

Promotional Poster for Turkish Studies I


Cognates in Turkish


Turkish Language Learning Framework


Reorganizational Workshop: Field Assessment


Testing and Assessment Committee

And, almost yearly workshops at the MESA meetings, and pre-consortium workshops of the intensive summer language programs at the Western Consortium. To read about ongoing current projects, please click here.

To Join up ...

Please fill in the Membership Application form together with the Membership Directory form. These can be forwarded electronically or mailed to:

Executive Secretary-Treasurer:
ERIKA H. GILSON, Near Eastern Studies
Princeton University, 110 Jones Hall, Princeton, NJ 08544-1008; (609) 258-1435; fax (609) 258-1242

There are several categories for membership:

  • regular membership [voting] $20.00
  • student membership $10.00
  • institutional membership







About the AATT Homepage

This web site is being developed and currently housed at the AATT Home Institution, the Near Eastern Studies Department of Princeton University. Future plans call for the site to move to CouncilNet being developed by the National Council of Organizations of Less Commonly Taught Languages (NCOLCTL) with a grant from the Ford Foundation.

Date of creation : August 1, 1996. Last modification : October 2003