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Links to useful sites for Turkish on the Internet. Currently being updated.

CD-ROM Programs

University of Arizona Critical Languages Series

This new series billed as 'mastering less-commonly taught languages--a new approach' include among the many languages beginning Turkish and Kazakh.

They require Windows 95 or 98, or Windows NT, and can be ordered from the University of Arizona Press for $69.95

Review of Kazakh CDs.


EuroTalk Series

Two CD-ROMs for Turkish have appeared in this series, an 'elementary level' TalkNow! Türkçe, introducing vocabulary and basic sentences, and WorldTalk: Türkçe, for the intermediate level. Platform independent, they can be ordered for about $40 each from the EuroTalk website.

Reviews for both are online at the CALICO Review site.

Recent Announcements
Dictionary & Phrasebook

by Charles Gates, archaeologist and assistant professor at Bilkent University, Ankara, Turkey.
228 pages, Hippocrene Books, Inc., 2002

  • 2,500 entries
  • Pronunciation Guide
  • Basic Turkish Grammar
  • Essential Phrases
  • Cultural Information for Travelers
  • Ideal for the raveler, student, or new resident


Azerbaijani Textbook

"Elementary Azerbaijani," by Kurtulush Oztopchu. Shafak Offset Press: Istanbul (2000)

This 400-page volume marks a milestone in linguistic history, as it is the first major grammar book in English to use the official Latin script of the Azerbaijan Republic. It has been ten years in the making. The text also includes drills in Azeri Cyrillic, as many books were published in this script during the Soviet period (1920-1991). It contains conversations, expressions and proverbs, cultural notes and drills. The appendices include conjugations. An Azerbaijani-English / English-Azerbaijani glossary contains 2,400 words.

A set of 3CDs featuring Azerbaijani pronunciation accompanies the text and can be bought separately.

Both Charles Gates and Kurtulush Oztopchu are AATT members.

Received from B.K. Walker, Curator, Archive of Turkish Oral Narrative
Lubbock, TX 79409:

A fully revised second printing of Walker/Erols'

To Set Them Free: The Early Years of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk

became available on September 30, 1998. Expanded by Barbara K. Walker and newly translated by Prof. Sema G. Kormali. it bears the original English title and a new Turkish title: Özgürlük Ugruna: Mustafa Kemal Atatürk'ün Gençlik Yillari. This book meets the needs of readers of all ages and both languages to explore the formative years of the founder of the Republic of Turkey and to account for the achievements of this remarkable man.

The new printing, already chosen for Turkish-language intermediate courses by several U.S. colleges and universities, will be welcomed also by the growing number of Turkish schools established in North America by enterprising Turkish-American and Turkish-Canadian associations. It will be appreciated, too, by Turkish-American extended families where both languages are still spoken and read, allowing several generations to share the making of Kemal Atatürk, who truly "set his people free," an account new to many even at the 75th anniversary of the Republic that he and his colleagues founded.

Set on facing pages throughout (with English on the verso page and Turkish on the recto page), this newly designed paperback volume offers a generous range of fully annotated illustrations (especially plentiful in the final and victorious last chapter) with captions in both languages. New maps locate places of special importance in Atatürk's formative years, in his military career, and in his winning of his people to a new and self-respecting life.

This tonic volume can now be ordered from the publisher: PRO LINGUA ASSOCIATES; Tel. 800-366-4775; FAX 802-257-5117; VISA/MC/AMEX or check, for $16.00 per copy plus shipping and handling. This 254-page volume will shortly be available also in Turkey through DÜNYA EDUCATION (Tel. 90-212-629-0808; FAX 90-212-629-0305).

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