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Turkish Language Instruction

Famous Skyline of Istanbul,Turkey

Instructor: Erika H. Gilson

Princeton offers instruction in modern Turkish and Ottoman Turkish, its historical predecessor. Turkish can be the vehicle for future study of the Turks of Central Asia and the Caucasus, an area rapidly opening up to outsiders. In addition to a rich and varied literature, Turkish offers the student the opportunity to study from the inside the long and exhilarating history of the Turks in the Near East, from 1100 to the present.

All language skills are stressed. Authentic language is introduced early to instill familiarity and thus put the learner at ease. Multimedia learning aids and web-based activities - accessible in the dorms as well as in the language lab - form an essential part of the language course, and also offer opportunities to develop fluency to the self-motivated learner.




Course Overview

Practise Turkish [Elementary Level]

Numerous On-Line Dictionaries

Work on Writing Skills

Hypertext Reader [Elementary Level]

Türkiye CD

Work on Reading Skills

Rosetta Stone

War of Independence CD

Grammar Modules [Advanced]


Ottoman Empire CD

Work on Listening Skills [all levels]

Dictation Drills [Elementary Level]

Deep Approach to Learning Turkish

SoundDrill [Elementary Level]

WWW Resources

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Class schedules often are finalized after organizational meetings with students at the beginning of the Semester.
For all further class related announcements, please consult the Turkish Course Homepages, which will be accessible at the beginning of the each semester.

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