Research Interests

Molecules of Interest

Our laboratory is deeply interested in the creative process of synthesis design, complexity-generating structural transformations, questions about the structural origins of architecturally unique natural products, and evaluating hypotheses about the chemical basis of the biological activities of natural products. In the field of organic natural product synthesis, the broad goal of our research is to approximate the efficiency with which nature creates architecturally complex, biologically active natural products. We seek intrinsically favorable reaction pathways by which commonplace building blocks can be transformed to molecules that show promise as therapeutic agents, and we often look to nature for ideas that may benefit the field of organic synthesis.

Syntheses of Architecturally Unique Natural Products

• hispidospermidin

• FR901483

• guanacastepenes

• FR182877 (cyclostreptin)

• harziphilone

• abyssomicin C

Protein Reactive Natural Products: Opportunities for Chemistry at the Interface between Natural Product Synthesis and Proteomics

• fumagillol/fumagillin

• viridin

• FR182877 (cyclostreptin)

• activity based protein profiling experiments with electrophilic probes

• sulfonate ester probes

• nature-inspired probes

For a more detailed description of our research, see the papers listed on our publications page.