ENG 335
Beth Hottle

Questions about papers over Break:

Papers are due in my box in 22 McCosh by 4:00 p.m. on Friday, January 8th.

I will be here through Thursday, Dec. 17th; feel free to make an appointment to talk to me between now and then.

From now until Jan. 1 you can send me e-mail at "kehottle@princeton.edu".

From Jan. 1 to Jan. 8, please send e-mail to Rennie Mapp at "mapp@princeton.edu" and cc all correspondence to me at "kehottle@princeton.edu"

If you really want to get my input, or thoughts on a rough draft, but don't have it before Jan. 1st, I will grant extensions. However, if you want to have an extension, you MUST MAKE AN APPOINTMENT TO MEET WITH ME ON MONDAY, JAN. 11, and you should turn in a rough draft or an explanation of your problems on the 8th (in my box in 22 McCosh). Also, please send me an e-mail requesting an appointment and suggesting what time (try to provide a 1 to 2 hour range) would be good for you. On Sunday the 10th I'll send you a message and schedule an appointment.