Welcome to the home for equid research and conservation! Equids include horses, asses, and zebras. Out of the seven wild equid species, six are now in danger of extinction.

We work to find effective ways to preserve them, by learning more about their biology. We are a team of ecologists who work with landowners, managers, governments, and other scientists.

Please follow the links to learn more about these fascinating animals, threats to their existence, and our research and conservation efforts.


November 7, 2008. We are preparing a comic book, to educate people about Grevy's zebra and their relationship with people. We plan to publish it in English and Swahili, and give it to children in local communities where Grevy's zebra live. Check out a sneak preview of the comic book.

December 4, 2007. Science News highlights our research on social networks. In collaboration with computer scientists, we are finding new ways to understand how equid societies develop over time. The article describes our approach and support by the National Science Foundation.

June 29, 2007. We have finished deploying nine GPS radiocollars. Over five days, we darted seven Grevy's zebra and two plains zebra, on Mpala Ranch and Loisaba Ranch. See our Multimedia page for more information and radiocollar data displayed on our Action Tracker. In version 3.0 of the Action Tracker, you can now also view movements overlaid on an elevation map!

May 11, 2007. Action Tracker news: version 2.0! In our latest version, you can display data simultaneously from all animals selected. (Version 1.0  displayed data for each individual one after the other.) Version 2.0 also includes data on lion sightings. The map now shows water holes.
You can now also show sightings of lions!

April 5, 2007. Check out the Action Tracker, an interactive feature that shows zebra movements, as collected from radiocollars. Watch as zebras move across the landscape!