Our work is supported by government, zoos and conservation groups. We list below our current and past grants. If you are interested in helping us, please contact

Current support

2007-2008. S R Sundaresan and I R Fischhoff. Laikipia Grevy's zebra community monitoring project. Samburu Heartland: African Wildlife Foundation.

2007-2008. S R Sundaresan and I R Fischhoff. Movements and Population Dynamics of Endangered Grevy's Zebra in Laikipia-Samburu, Kenya. Woodland Park Zoo. 2007 Africa Small Grant Award. abstract

2007-2009. T Berger-Wolf, D I Rubenstein, and J Saia. Computational Methods for Understanding Social Interactions in Animal Populations.
National Science Foundation. abstract proposal

2006-2009. S Sundaresan, R Reading, and D Rubenstein. Conflicts between Grevy’s zebras and lions in Kenya. Denver Zoo Conservation. Denver Zoological Foundation

Past support

2002-2007. M Martonosi, H V Poor, and D I Rubenstein. ZebraNet: Position-aware power-aware wireless computing for wildlife tracking. National Science Foundation. pdf

2002-2006. D I Rubenstein, S R Sundaresan, and I R Fischhoff. Pew Charitable Trusts award 2000-0002558 (Program in Biocomplexity) to Princeton University Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology.

2004-2005. S R Sundaresan, I R Fischhoff, and D I Rubenstein. The endangered Grevy’s Zebra in Laikipia, Kenya: Movement patterns in a land use mosaic. Lincoln Park Zoo Field Conservation Fund. Lincoln Park Zoo

1999-2005. D I Rubenstein. Zebra Social Behavior: Evolution of Multi-level Societies. National Science Foundation.

2003-2004. I R Fischhoff. Movement decision-making of ungulates in Laikipia, Kenya. Teresa Heinz Scholars for Environmental Research. Heinz Environmental Scholars

2003-2004. D I Rubenstein and S R Sundaresan. Individual behavior and association patterns in equid socieites. National Science Foundation Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grant.