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Oskar Morgenstern Memorial Seminar
FALL 2010

Tuesdays: 2:40 - 4:00pm
200 Fisher Hall
Visitor Office: B-15 Fisher Hall


9/21/2010 Jean-Francois Richard, University of Pittsburgh, "Efficient Likelihood Evaluation of State-Space Representations"
9/28/2010 Carolina Caetano, University of Rochester, "A Discontinuity Test of Endogeneity"
10/5/2010 Serena Ng, Columbia University, "Dynamic identification of DSGE models".
10/12/2010 Subhashis Ghoshal, North Carolina State University, "Reference Prior for High Dimensional Models".
10/19/2010 Justinas Pelenis, Princeton University, "Semiparametric Bayesian Heteroscedastic Linear Regression Modeling".
10/26/2010 Department Wide Seminar Week
11/2/2010 Fall Recess
11/9/2010 Gary Chamberlain, Harvard University, "Bayesian Aspects of Treatment Choice".
11/16/2010 Konrad Menzel, NYU, "Consistent Estimation with Many Moment Inequalities"
11/23/2010 Han Hong, Stanford University, "Extremum Estimation and Numerical Derivatives" co-authors ( Denis Nekipelov, UC Berkeley) and (Aprajit Mahajan, Stanford)
11/30/2010 Xun Tang, University of Pennsylvania, "Inference of Signs of Interaction Effects in Simultaneous Games with Incomplete Information", (Joint with Aureo de Paula).
12/7/2010 Pat Kline, UCLA-Berkeley, "Sensitivity to Missing Data Assumptions: Theory and an Evaluation of the U.S. Wage Structure", (joint with Labor)
12/14/2010 Federico Bugni, Duke University, "Distortions of Asymptotic Confidence Size in Locally Misspecified Moment Inequality Models", joint with Ivan Canay and Patrik Guggenberger.