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Oskar Morgenstern Memorial Seminar
Spring 2010

Tuesdays: 2:40 - 4:00pm
200 Fisher Hall

under construction

March 2, 2010 Stefan Boes, Zurich, "Convex Treatment Response and Treatment Selection".
March 9, 2010 Xu Cheng, Penn, "Estimation and Inference with Weak Identification", (joint paper with Donald W. K. Andrews) and "Robust Confidence Intervals in Nonlinear Regression under Weak Identification".
March 16, 2010 Spring Recess
March 23, 2010 Jack Porter, Wisconsin, "Impossibility Results for Nondifferentiable Functionals"  (joint paper with Keisuke Hirano).
April 1, 2010 Department Wide Seminar
April 6, 2010 Chunrong Ai, Florida, "A Unified Theory for Functional Coefficients Models", joint seminar with Operations Research and Financial Engineering, Statistics".
April 13, 2010 Cancelled
April 20, 2010 Ivan Canay, Northwestern, "Hodges-Lehmann Optimality for Testing Moment Condition Models".
April 27, 2010 Taisuke Otsu, Yale, "Robust estimation and inference for moment condition models", joint papers with Yuichi Kitamura and Kirill Evdokimov. Supplementary two and three.