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ADAMIC, LOUIS (1899-1951)

The collection includes the author's own library, and came to Princeton some years after the fire in his home as a gift of the Louis Adamic Memorial Foundation. Many catalogued volumes, dispersed throughout the Library's general stacks and rare book collections. Adamic was a writer of Slovenian (Yugoslavian) origin.

The Manuscripts Division holds the Louis Adamic papers, 1848-1951 [(MSS) C0246] which contain a wide variety of material spanning roughly 30 years of Adamic's life. The manuscripts of 15 of his books, many of his short stories, articles, and lectures, as well as sketches, paste-ups, and proofs of Adamic's own journal, as well as a significant body of correspondence with many individuals, among them prominent American literary and political figures of the 1920s, 30s, and 40s.

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Harold Fowler McCormick Collection of Aeronautica.

From the Library's Museum Objects collection / Ex 4993

When first received, the collection consisted of 55 books, numerous manuscripts, and many prints. When processed, the collection was divided among the Divisions of the Department. All books are catalogued; many in LC aeronautica designation, and Richardson 9235's and are found in the General Rare Books Collection. A list of books in the collection is available in the Munger (Kane) Room reference shelf. See full text of McCormick Collection of Aeronautica. A listing of the Collection made at the time of gift. Xerox checklist made and bound, December 1978.

The collection of aeronautica assembled by Harold Fowler McCormick, Princeton Class of 1896, was given to the library by Alexander Stillman. Maurice H. Smith, "Travel by Air before 1900," Princeton University Library Chronicle 27 (1966), pp. 143-147 [ full text], gives a summary account of the holdings. (I am grateful to Mrs. Samuel H. Bryan, Jr., for calling this article to my attention.) They include iconography, documents, and printed materials. Among the documents are eight letters written by Etienne de Montgolfier to Desmarest. Two printed works have been especially valuable. The first item is the contemporary history of the earliest balloon experiments, Barthélemy Faujas de Saint-Fond, Description des expériences de la machine aérostatique de MM de Montgolfier et de celles auxquelles cette découverte a donné lieu (1783). It is bound together with a second volume, Première suite de la description des expériences aérostatiques...... (1784). The second item in the McCormick Collection that has been specially useful is copy 278 of a privately printed volume, Comte de La Vaulx and Paul Tissandier, Joseph et Etienne de Montgolfier (Annonay, 1926). It consists of reproductions of portraits and contemporary prints together with facsimiles of certain documents from one or another of the collections of family papers mentioned above. The transcriptions are not always reliable. (The above text is quoted from Charles Coulston Gillespie, The Montgolfier Brothers and the Invention of Aviation, 1783-1784 (Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press, 1983), p. 179.)

Some highlights are:

1. Francesco Lana Terzi. Prodromo overo saggio di alcune inventione nuove promesso so all' Arte maestra. Brescia, 1670. Only edition of this famous illustrated work which presents "the earliest concept of flight based on aerostatic principles" (Dibner, Heralds of Science). Other subjects covered: crytography, hygrometer, microscope, telescope, clocks, thermometers.
2. [Barthélemy Faujas de Saint-Fond]. Beschreibung der Versuche mit den aerostatischen Maschinen der Herren von Montgolfier. Leipzig, 1784.
3. Agostino Gerli. Opusculi. Parma, 1785.
4. Jules Latrige. Des Aérostats et leur direction. Paris, 1858.
5. Hatton Turnor. Astra Castra. London, 1865.
6. La Ballon Poste, numbers 1-22. (October 30, 1870-January 29, 1871), a complete set of a rare periodical known as "the birth of air mail."

See also Collections File folder headed AERONAUTICA. The prints are in the care of the Graphic Arts Collection as of June, 1982; see (GA) GC014 for a complete listing of the collection. See also the listing of the Pendray Collection in the MSS Division collections descriptions in the Munger (Kane) Room.

The following four items are of particular interest:

Item 57 in the McCormick Collection list. Two scrapbooks formed by Henry B.H. Beaufoy with his bookplate. Material on ballooning 1784-1843 including newspaper clippings, advertisements, handbills, manuscripts, tickets, and contemporary prints, etc. from miscellaneous sources. Includes Beaufoy's own account of an ascent with Sadler, 1811, an 1824 broadside of a Graham-Beaufoy ascent, an aerial plat, numerous advertising broadsides (especially 1830s-1840s). Together with a manuscript index covering both volumes, all at the call number (Ex) 9253.114q.

Item 283 in the McCormick Collection list. Large folio with the spine title 'Drawings and Engravings 1783-1885'. Includes more than 120 aeronautical prints. Call number for this book is (Ex) 9253.309e. Detailed list of the contents is available.

Item 284 in the McCormick Collection. Two large volumes with the call number (Ex) 9253.143f contain the following: "a remarkable and extensive collection of 303 prints, printed matter, portraits, views, advertisements, bills, posters, music, caricatures, & c., all relating to balloons and ballooning, comprising ILLUSTRATIONS of the Flying Ship, the Chavolant or Kite Carriage, the Aerial Ship, Globe aerostatique, ascent of MM Charles et Robert, départ de MM. Charles et Robert du Jardin des Tuileries, Machine aerostatique de Messrs. L'Abbeé Midan et Janninet, Mr Lunardi ascending from the Artillery Ground, Moorfields, Ascent of Mr Blanchard from Chelsea, the Perilous Situation of Major Money, Ascent of Mr Sadler at Oxford, &c., the Fortress in Green Park with Balloon Ascent, the Pagoda and Bridge in St James' Park with Balloon Ascent, the Frist Balloon within the Artic Circle, descent of Mr Livingston on the Coast of the County Dublin, Opening of the New London Bridge with Balloon Ascent, the Vauxhall Royal Balloon, the Great Montgolfier Balloon, Mr Graham's Ascent at the Opening of the New Hungerford Market, the Flying Steamship (pocket handkerchief), the Century of Invention (pocket handkerchief) - BILLS and POSTERS: Mr Green's Ascents from various places throughout the Country, of Ascents at Vauxhall Gardens, of Balloon Races, and of Ascents from the Surrey Zoological Gardens - PORTRAITS: of V. Lunardi, J.P. Blanchard, F. Pilatre de Rozier, Mr Sadler, J.M. Hobard, Monsier Garnerin, John Hampton &c. - Prints of balloons, views, part of Mr Green's Balloon, autograph letters of Montgolfier (4 such)...." [from the bookseller's description]
Detailed list of the contents is available.

Particulars about the above and other volumes are to be found in the listing for the McCormick Collection filed in the Collections File under the heading: Aeronautica.

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AIKEN, CONRAD (1889-1973)

American poet and novelist; Pulitzer prize winner in 1930. Of 72 editions of his works in the Library, 52 are in rare book collections. These include some inscribed volumes, as well as first editions.

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ALCIATI, ANDREA (1492-1550)

The Milanese jurist of the Renaissance best remembered for his influential book of emblems, first published in 1531 and eventually going through more than 175 editions down to the present. The Library has nearly 60 editions of Alciati's Emblemata, starting with the first (gift of Sinclair Hamilton), continuing strongly through the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, and coming down to Peter Daly and Virginia Callahan's analytical Andreas Alciatus: The Latin Emblems vol. I; Emblems in Translation vol. II. (Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1985) with the added sub-title 'Index Emblematicus' [(ExB) PN6349 .A52 1985].

Also at Princeton, the Collections File contains a listing of all known editions of Alciati's Emblemata. Titled The Princeton Alciati Bibliography, the listing revises the work of Henry Green and includes many descriptions of Alciati editions just as full as Green's but more accurate. In general, Princeton's effort has been directed toward identifying all known editions, describing in detail those at Princeton, and compiling all data into a systematic listing. The listing is one of several works resulting from the endeavors of the Princeton Emblem Project. Another relevant publication of the Project is William S. Heckscher's The Princeton Alciati Companion: A Glossary of Neo-Latin Words and Phrases used by Andrea Alciati and the Emblem Book Writers of his time, including a Bibliography of Secondary Sources relevant to the Study of Alciati's Emblems (New York, 1989). [(ExB) PA2904.H37 1989]. See also William S. Heckscher's A selective list of secondary sources dealing with Andrea Alciati and his book of emblems / compiled by William S. Heckscher with Stephen Ferguson and Agnes B. Sherman. (Princeton, N.J.: The Library, 1985) [(F) Z8023 .H43 1985]

   See also the entry: EMBLEM BOOKS in this Guide.

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Editions of the Greek and Latin classics, published and printed in Venice by Aldo Manuzio (Aldus Manutius) and others from 1490 to 1597.

Princeton has a number of notable Aldines, including copies of the first book using italic (or Aldine) type, the Vergil of 1501; the Hypnerotomachia Poliphili; of Francesco Colonna, 1499; the Tragoediae Septem of Sophocles, 1502, (The Hoe Copy); Peloponnesian War of Thucydides, 1502, (The Drury-Syston Park copy, which was mentioned by Dibdin in his Greek and Latin Classics); Pindar, 1513, (The Hoe copy); Tragoediae Sex by Aeschylus, 1518, (The Altemps-Huth copy); and others. All are located in the General Rare Books Collection.

For particulars refer to: Henry Savage, "Sixteenth Century Aldines" in the Princeton University Library Chronicle XI, 1 (Autumn, 1949) p. 49 [full text] ; and Mary Laura Gibbs, "Aldus Manutius as Printer of Illustrated Books" in the Princeton University Library Chronicle XXXVII, 2 (Winter, 1976) p.109 ff. [full text]

Two counterfeit Aldines are recorded under numbers 31 and 44 in the Weber catalog for the Library's Vergil collection. Weber catalog is available online.

For a list of Aldines in the Library see the Collections File under Aldines. The list was compiled by Craig Kallendorf during his research at the Library in 1996.

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Born in New Hampshire, Aldrich lived in Boston from 1865 until his death. Editor, poet and novelist. About 75 editions of his works are in the General Rare Books Collections. In 1909, the Librarian of the University reported that 36 vols. of 1st editions of Aldrich had been received in the previous year from C.W. McAlpin, Class of 1888. Many additional volumes are the gift of Raymond T. Parrot '02. Princeton's holdings were checked in the ExB copy of Bibliography of American Literature [(ExB) 04703.184 vol. 1]. Check this listing as well as the Library's online catalogue for books' call numbers and their location. Also see: Princeton University Library Chronicle XV, 1 (Autumn, 1953) p. 50 [full text] .

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For various reasons, the Library has an appreciable number of pre-1800 American imprints (perhaps 1000 to 2000 of the more than 40,000 titles recorded by Evans, Bristol, Shipton and Mooney.) Access to these, to some extent, can be obtained by consulting the ExB copy of C.K. Shipton and J. Mooney. National Index of American Imprints through 1800: the Short Title Evans (Worcester, 1969) [(ExB) 0416.331.004 2 vols.]. The ExB copy has been checked passim for the Library's holdings. (As of July 1995, records of call numbers are to be found in: vol. 1, pp. 1-137, 240-42; vol. 2, passim)

The Microforms Division of the Library has the Readex Microprint series Early American Imprints reproducing virtually every title in Shipton and Mooney.

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These are a major holding of the Western Americana Collection. For particulars refer to: Alfred L. Bush and Robert S. Fraser. American Indian Periodicals in the Princeton University Library. (Princeton, New Jersey, 1970) [(ExB) 04041.736], which is an alphabetical list of 271 titles with holdings. Another 108 titles were added in the six months following the appearance of the above list, (i.e. 379 titles). The Princeton University Library catalog also lists a digital version of the 1979 expanded list which contains a total of 676 entries.

Princeton's holdings are listed in the 1986 publication: Daniel F. Littlefield and James W. Parins, American Indian and Alaska Native Newspapers and Periodicals (New York: Greenwood Press, 1986) [(WA) PN4883 .L57 1983 and (F) PN4883 .L57 1983].

Many newspapers are stored off-site at ReCAP. All those catalogued are accessible through the reading room at Firestone of the Department of Rare Books and Special Collections.

Clearwater Publishing Company published a microfiche series of American Indian newspapers largely based on the holdings of the Princeton collections. These can be found by searching the online catalogue by doing a keyword search for the following: American Indian periodicals in the Princeton University Library, Clearwater Pub. Co.

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Princeton's rare book collections have a great number of printed books (especially early printed books) in these fields, and these are scattered in several places throughout the Library. No attempt to cover these topics in great detail is made here; however, the reader is alerted to the following salient facts. 1. Consult the index to this Guide for the entries relevant to these two particular topics. 2. Records of important purchases in these fields are found in various issues of the Princeton University Library Chronicle. As a point of departure, refer to the Princeton University Library Chronicle XXV, 2 (Winter, 1964) p. 160 [ full text]; XXVII, 3 (Spring, 1966) p. 196-8; XXVIII, 3 (Spring, 1967) p. 191 [ full text]; XXXII, 3 (Spring, 1971) p. 176 [ full text]; XXXIV, 1 (Autumn, 1972) p. 79[ full text]; XXXIV, 3 (Spring, 1973) p. 182-4 [ full text]. Also, the various issues of the Princeton University Library Chronicle between 1974 and 1982 (except 1976) have relevant material under the sections headed "American Literature," "American History," et al. in the listings of Recent Acquisitions.

The Dulles Reading Room has a copy of Lyle Wright's American Fiction, 1774-1850 annotated for Princeton's holdings [(ExB) Z1231.F4 W9 1969]. [Note: Also on the shelves are the Wright volumes covering 1851-1875 and 1876-1900. These are not marked for holdings. The Library can provide microfilm access to the 12,000 titles listed in the three Wirght volumes. A full set of the film is owned by the Center for Research Libraries, a lending consortium of which Princeton is a member. Interlibrary Loan Services in Firestone can help readers obtain CLR films. In addition, some titles from Wright volume 1 (1774-1850) are available as digital files at here, while those for volume 2 (1851-1875) are available at here.

A notable accession of 1986 is the Library's receipt of the bequest of the Behrman Collection of American Literature, formed by Howard T. Behrman, M.D. Details of the collection (more than 260 volumes of leading American literary works dating from the 18th to the 20th centuries) are found its printed catalogue: The Collection of American Literature in the Library of Pauline and Howard Behrman. (New York, 1973) [(Ex) Z1231.F5 B43]. Also see Richard M. Ludwig's exhibition catalogue issued when the Collection was shown at the Library in 1978-1979. Call number for this 23 page publication is (Ex) Z1225.B37 1978. The bequest is recorded in the Library's public catalogues and has the separate location designator: (Ex) Behrman American.

Another notable accession was a collection of about 100 early American novels bought from the collection of Dr. Max Miller. Acquired in the spring of 1990 from the New York dealer, James Cummins.

See also Dale Roylance's catalogue American Graphic Arts: a chronology to 1900 in books, prints, and drawings published by the Library in 1990 [(ExB) 0639.739 no.61]. [full text]

See also Willard Thorp's list "One Hundred Notable American Books" in the Princeton University Library Chronicle XIX, 2 (Winter 1958) page 87 ff [ full text].

   See also the entry: POETRY, AMERICAN in this Guide.

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This section is divided into four groupings: I. Kane Collection II. McCormick Collection. III. General Rare Book Collection. IV. Scheide Library. In addition to the particulars given for each grouping, consult for further information the following important exhibition catalogue: Panorama of America 1492-1800. An Exhibition upon the Occasion of the Inauguration of the Firestone Memorial Library. Princeton: The Library, 1948. [70] p. Issued as Exhibition Catalogue Number 1. [(ExB) 0639.739 no. 1] [full text] Covers 112 books and other items, giving descriptions and call numbers.

Also not to be overlooked is "One Hundred Notable American Books" in the Princeton University Library Chronicle XIX, 2 (Winter, 1958) pp.87-91 [full text] . This list was selected by the Princeton English Department faculty and includes works from 1608 to 1929. At that time, the Library had 69 of the total. At present, together with the Taylor and Scheide libraries, it has 95.

Record of the exhibition "100 Notable American Books," complementary to this article in the series of Departmental exhibition catalogs under the call number (ExB) 0639.739 no. 23. [full text]

See also: Howard C. Rice, "Swedish Americana" in the Princeton University Library Chronicle XXX, 1 (Autumn, 1968) pp. 39-52 [ full text] , as well as his catalogue, Swedish Americana, An Informal Exhibition in the Rare Books Room on Saint Lucy's Day, December 13, 1968... [(ExB) 0639.739 no. 37]. [full text]

I. Grenville Kane Collection of Early Americana.
    Location designator: Kane

About 1270 volumes. For particulars refer to: Boies Penrose, "The Grenville Kane Americana" in the Princeton University Library Chronicle XI, 1. (Autumn, 1949) pp. 4-25 [full text] . Descriptive catalogue of the collection prepared in 1940's is shelved at [(ExB) Z1203.xK36].

II. Cyrus McCormick Collection.

Americana was included in the selection of over 450 choice books and manuscripts from the library of Cyrus H. McCormick '79 given in 1947-48 by his widow. Consisting of about 140 volumes, the Americana segment of the collection is nonetheless significant because of its content.

For particulars refer to: Alexander D. Wainwright '39, "From Columbus to J.C. Adams: Notable Americana in the McCormick Collection" in the Princeton University Library Chronicle X, 1 (November, 1948) pp. 41-50 [full text] . The article describes in some detail 38 of the 140 volumes.

Collection includes the dedication copy of one of the most important works on early English settlement of America, John Smith's Generall Historie of Virginia, New England and the Isles, 1624. It is in its original binding, with the arms of James I and the Duchess of Richmond.

Books in this collection range in date from 1493 to 1860. Checklist available in Collections File.

The McCormick Collection is not separately arranged and classed. It has been included in the General Rare Books Collection, viz. (Ex) Richardson classification section. Catalogue records for it are in the public catalogue of the Library.

III. General Rare Books Collection
      Location designator: Ex

Both the (Ex) Richardson and (Ex) Library of Congress sequences contain interesting holdings of early Americana. For the Richardson classification the relevant material falls between the numbers 1053 and 1399. For the Library of Congress, the entire classes of (Ex)E and (Ex)F are devoted completely to material on North, Central and South America.

IV. Scheide Library
      Location designator: WHS

The Princeton University Library Chronicle XXXVII, 2 (Winter, 1976) [ full text] is devoted entirely to a general survey of the Scheide Library. The Americana in the library are discussed on pages 101-06 and 154-68. The collection includes books about America and books printed in the Americas. The years covered are 1493 to 1865. A few of the more notable books in the collection are:

1. Christoforo Colombo. Epistola de insulis. Rome: Eucharius Silber, [after 29 April 1493].
2. Amerigo Vespucci. Lettera ... della isole novamenti trovate. [Florence: Pietro Pacini da Pescia, 1505-06].
3. Amerigo Vespucci. Mundus novus. Augsburg: Johannes Otmar, 1504.
4. Hernando Cortés. Carta de relaciòn ... de la nueva Spaña. Seville: Juan Cromberger, 1522.
5. [Fracanzano de Montalboddo]. Paesi novamente retrovati. Vicenza: Henrico Vicento, 3 November 1507.
6. Martin Waldsemüaut;ller. Cosmographiae. [St. Dié: Walter Lud., 1507].

Of the books printed in Spanish America, there are 20 early Mexican imprints. Juan de Zumarraga, Doctrina breve (Mexico City: [Juan Pablos] for Juan Cromberger, 1543/44) is the first extant book printed in Mexico. There are three early books printed in Peru, including the Doctrina Christiana catecismo para instrucción de los Indios (Lima: Antonio Ricardo, 1584), the first book printed in Peru.

There is an extensive collection of books printed in North America and books printed in England about affairs in the colonies. The earliest North American imprint in the collection is A Platform of Church Discipline (Cambridge, Mass., Samuel Green, 1649). The library has a copy of the Declaration of Independence printed by John Dunlap on the night of July 4, 1776 as well as books relating to the revolutionary period. Probably the most important item relating to the Civil War period is a manuscript speech of Abraham Lincoln on "Sectionalism," the last period covered in the Scheide library.

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Location designators: WA, Western Americana, Rollins

I. Rollins Collection.

    Location designator: Rollins

Philip Ashton Rollins '89 Collection is the founding collection to which others have been and are being added. It has about 3,500 volumes. [For other WA collections, see below.] The gift of the collection was made in 1947 by Rollins and his wife, Beulah (Pack) Rollins. Rollins's field was mainly west of the Mississippi River, being richest in the Rocky Mountain states (Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah and Idaho). There is special material on cattle trade, which was the beginning of the collection. It includes one of the best collections of brand books. Rollins also specialized in Overland Narratives, especially Post-Civil War. Excellent on Gold Rush, and rich in records on encounters between whites and American Indians. Many autobiographies of American Indians. Indian newspapers, newsletters and periodicals have been added to the collection.

A brief anecdote about Rollins is found in the memoirs of the antiquarian dealer, Charles P. Everitt. See his The Adventures of a Treasure Hunter: A Rare Bookman in Search of American History (Boston, 1951) p. 165-168.

For a general history and description of the collection see: Alfred L. Bush, "The Princeton Collections of Western Americana" in the Princeton University Library Chronicle XXXIII, 1 (Autumn, 1971) pp. 1-17 [ full text].

Also see the Princeton University Library Chronicle IX, 4 (June, 1948), pp. 177-210 [full text] where four articles concerning the Rollins collection appear. Of the four articles in IX, one is concerned specifically with the holdings of the Rollins collection: Thomas W. Streeter, "The Rollins Collection of Western Americana" in the Princeton University Library Chronicle IX, 4 (June 1948) pp. 191-204 [full text] .

Highlights of the collection include the following as well:

The Peep O'Day. A Salt Lake Magazine of Science, Literature and Art. Princeton has a complete run of the first literary periodical of the Rocky Mountain West: vol.1 no.1 (October 20, 1864) to vol. 1 no. 6 (November 25, 1864).

Also has the first New Mexico imprint: Lista de los ciudadanos que deberan componer los jurados de imprenta, formada por el ayuntamiento de esta capital. Santa Fe, 1834.

II. Other Western Americana Collections

The general Western Americana collection attempts to continue the collection begun by the Rollins volumes.

1. J. Monroe Thorington '15 Western Americana Collection

Canadian Rockies. Many rarities, including spectacular pieces from New Mexico. His gifts of Utah territorial prints, especially, were extraordinarily frequent and one of the principle reasons for Princeton's preeminence in that field.

2. Scheide Collection: contains many early books on native American languages.

3. J. Lionberger Davis '00 began in 1964 a series of gifts which have built a collection of territorial imprints from the Rocky Mountain states...dominated by Utah...first four imprints of the press in the Great Basin... paper validated by Brigham Young. A series of exchanges with the Utah libraries of duplicates has supplemented the Davis collection, and the result is one of the areas of comprehensive excellence in the Princeton Collections.

Capstone added in 1968 when Davis, joined by William H. Scheide '36 and Donnelly Erdman '60, acquired at auction the only complete copy (preceded only by the paper currency) of The Second General Epistle by Brigham Young in 1849. Princeton now has a complete collection of the entire production of the press in Utah in its first year. Collection now numbers several hundred imprints.

4. Amesse Collection books from Colorado: Texas and Colorado books.

5. Thomas P. Baird '45 Collection of Western Americana: Nebraska

6. David N. Pierce '67 Collection: Utah and Mormon imprints

7. William Goldman (author of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid) has given "a gathering of pious 19th century Mormon tracts in the memory of Butch Cassidy."

8. Lasater Collection has frequently been added to in order to make the collections on Texas and Colorado especially strong.

Also to be considered is the information in the Princeton University Library Chronicle XXXI, 2 (Winter, 1970) on pp. 148-152 [ full text]. These pages list in detail acquisitions for 1970 in the field of Western Americana, and discuss such acquisitions as the Amesse Colorado collection, volumes having to do with native American languages, 181 additions to the Thorington collection, 54 additional Utah territorial imprints.

Levering Cartwright '26 donated his Death Valley collection along with funds which have enabled the Library to widen its focus of this gift to a comprehensive collection of the desert areas of California.

See also Seeing the Way West: Artists on the Overland Trail, an informal exhibition catalogue by Alfred L. Bush. [(ExB) 0619.739 no. 56]

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A collection of more than 1000 Danish editions, early translations, and important reprints of Hans Christian Andersen was placed on deposit in 1995 by Lloyd E. Cotsen and later gifted to the Library. For a checklist, see the Curator of the Cotsen Children's Library.

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A Treatysse on Fysshynge Wyth an Angle.
Printed by Wynkyn de Worde, assistant to England's first printer, William Caxton, 1496.
Otto von Kienbusch Angling Collection
(ExKi) Z241 .xB37 1496

I. Kenneth H. Rockey '16 Angling Collection (Isabelle A. Rockey Memorial Collection on Angling).
   Location designator: Rockey and Ex Rockey

About 4,300 volumes, of which 350 are considered rare. Main strength is in the American and English 19th and 20th century literature of angling in fresh and salt water. Practical treatises on fish, fishing, tackle, angling reminiscences, fiction and poetry of angling, scientific works and government publications on fish and fisheries, publications of angling societies, etc.

Includes about 150 different editions of Izaak Walton's Compleat Angler.

For particulars refer to: William S. Dix, "The Rockey Angling Collection" in the Princeton University Library Chronicle XV, 3 (Spring 1954) pp. 161-163 [full text] .

See also: Kenneth H. Rockey, "A Fisherman's Library" in the Atlantic Salmon Journal No. 2 (1975) pp. 9-11.

II. Otto von Kienbusch '06 Angling Collection.
     Location designator: ExKi

About 3500 volumes. For particulars refer to: Fresh Water Angling; 50 Books and Other Materials Tracing its Development: An Exhibition. (Princeton, 1946) [(ExKi) Z5975.P7 and (ExKi) 4222.737]

An exhibition of sporting books also featured angling. For particulars refer to: Stephen Ferguson, "The Gentleman's Recreation: Sporting Books in the Princeton University Library" in the Princeton University Library Chronicle XL, 3 (Spring, 1979) pp. 269-271 [ full text]. A catalogue of the exhibition is available and catalogued [(ExB) 0639.739 no. 39]. [full text]

The exhibition was particularly rich in books on angling, reflecting the Library's holdings in English and American angling books. The following writers were represented: Leonard Mascall, Thomas Barker, Richard and Charles Bowlker, George P.R. Pulman, W.C. Stewart, Alfred Ronalds, Frederic M. Halford, G.E.M. Skues, Theodore Gordon, George M.L. La Branche, Ray Bergman, A.J. McClane, Izaak Walton.

The collection includes the earliest angling book in English: Dame Juliana Berners. A Treatysse on Fysshynge Wyth an Angle. Printed by Wynkyn de Worde, assistant to England's first printer, William Caxton, 1496, it is leaves [37b]-[48b] of Dame Berner's Book of hawking, hunting, and heraldry [(ExKI) Z241 .xB37 1496].

The collection also includes the unique copy of the second angling book printed in English: (Anonymous) The Arte of Angling, London: Henry Middleton, 1577.

See also: John Merritt, "Angling Books" in the Princeton University Library Chronicle XLI, 1 (Autumn, 1979) p. 30 ff [ full text].

Collection contains 15 volumes of The American Turf Register and Sporting Magazine for the years 1829-1844. This magazine has been described by authorities as the only complete source for accounts of all field sports during this period.

Also see: John Merritt, "Of Nymphs & Neversink Skaters. The Compleat Princeton Angler" in Princeton Alumni Weekly, vol. 74, no. 22, (April 23, 1974) pp. 10-13. and Dale Roylance, "The Angler as Bibliophile: Princeton's Kienbusch Collection" in the Princeton University Library Chronicle, L, 2 (Winter, 1989), pp. 169 ff. [ full text]

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Prof. Theodore W. Hunt introduced the study of Anglo-Saxon and Middle English to graduate students at Princeton during 1878-79. To support his teaching program, the University purchased 240 lots from the library of William G. Medlicott of Longmeadow, Mass. during 1879. Princeton was the second greatest purchaser of books from Medlicott's library at the time (Harvard was foremost in this area); the University was the largest purchaser of books from the Anglo-Saxon section of Medlicott's library, buying 58% of his Anglo-Saxon books. These books were and are the Library's bedrock collection for the field. See: J.R. Hall, "William G. Medlicott (1816-1883): An American Book Collector and His Collection" in Harvard Library Bulletin New Series I, 1 (Spring, 1990), esp. 27-8, 33.

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As scholarly interest in the history of reading grows, the Library experiences more and more researchers wanting to know about our holdings of annotated books. Current cataloging standards for rare books allow use of the phrase "Annotations" or "Annotated books," or phrases in the notes such as "manuscript notes," "ms. notes" or "author's annotations."

Resources pertinent to Princeton University Library's holdings include:

1. See the Collections File under the heading ANNOTATED BOOKS.

2. The Wilmerding deposit has books annotated by Gabriel Harvey and in the Taylor Library are a number of importantly annotated books such as Defoe's copy of Bacon's Advancement of Learning and Lady Bradshaigh's copy of Clarissa.

3. Search the Weber catalogue of the Vergil collection for books with annotations, available online and as: Weber, Shirley, compiler. The Vergil collection in the Princeton University Library. A check-list and descriptive catalogue. (Princeton, N.J.: Princeton University Library, 1956) [(ExB) Z8932 .xP7]

4. See Sarah Reichart's 1987-88 study covering provenance and annotations in some of the Library's Italian incunables. A copy of this study is in the Collections File under "Incunabula."

5. Check the special card file for Association and Provenance. Details about annotation are sometimes skimpy but the file does give access to books owned by notables and some of these indeed have annotations.

6. The Library does have several famous annotated books and these are noted in articles in the Princeton University Library Chronicle, such as Ann M. Blair, "Lectures on Ovid' Metamorphoses: The Class Notes of a 16th-Century Paris Schoolboy" (L,2 [Winter 1989], p. 117-144 [ full text] and Anthony Grafton, "Gabriel Harvey's Marginalia: New Light on the Cultural History of Elizabethan England" (LII,1 [Autumn 1990], p. 21-24 [ full text]. Also see the work of Anthony Grafton and Lisa Jardine on annotated texts here in their From Humanism to the Humanities (London: Duckworth, 1986). [(F) LA106 .G73 1986b].

For general information on annotated books, try consulting one or all of the following:

1. Index of English Literary Manuscripts; see the end of the entries for each author. At the end are details about books annotated by each author. [(ExB) Z6611.L7 I5]

2. Robin Alston. Books with Manuscript (London: British Library, 1994). This lists books in the British Library with annotations in manuscript. [(ExB) Z1033.A84 B74 1994]

3. Roger Stoddard. Marks in Books: illustrated and explained, an illustrated catalog of an exhibition at the Houghton Library in 1985. (Cambridge, Mass.: Houghton Library, Harvard University, 1985. ) [(F) Oversize Z235 .S86 1985q]

4. Ellen Well's article "Marginalia" in vol. 48 of the Encyclopedia of Library and Information Science.

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