Sections from Montaigne to Publishing History

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Sections from Montaigne to Publishing History


Frontispiece portrait by
Thomas de Leu (Essais. 1608)
[(Ex) 3273.1608]

The Pierre Le Brun collection of Montaigne was received in 1925 shortly after Le Brun's death. The acquistion was announced in the New York Times on April 5, 1925 as being the gift Mme Pierre Le Brun. Her husband (1846-1924) was an architect in New York, with his father's firm, Napoleon Le Brun & Sons.

The collection contains copies of all of the extremely rare editions of the Essays which appeared during Montaigne's lifetime. The earliest is 1580, the first edition, published at Bordeaux. Besides Montaigne's works, there are also critical secondary works.

For particulars refer to: Imbrie Buffum, "Special Collections at Princeton; II. The Le Brun Collection of Montaigne" in the Princeton University Library Chronicle I, 2 (February, 1940) pp. 11-16 [full text] .

Also consult the following bibliography: Sayce, R. A. and David Maskell. A Descriptive Bibliography of Montaigne's Essais 1580-1700. London: The Bibliographical Society [and] the Modern Humanities Research Association, 1983 [(ExB) Z8589 .S29 1983]. The bibliography lists 37 editions (including variants within that count.) Of the 37, Princeton has 24, evidently the second largest such number for the United States.

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MOORE, MARIANNE (1887-1972)

A collection of numerous first editions of Marianne Moore was received during the academic year 1968-69. For details see the Princeton University Library Chronicle XXX, 2 (Winter, 1969) p. 136 [full text] .

Princeton University awarded Miss Moore an honorary Litt. D. in 1968.

For a collection of periodicals in which her works appeared, see the collection entitled Miscellaneous works by Marianne Moore, 1909-1968, which contains various journal issues [(at ReCAP for use in RBSC) PS3525.O5616 Z48 1909q].

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MORE, SIR THOMAS (1477-1535)

The nucleus of the Library's Sir Thomas More collection is the dozen More early editions bought during 1944-45. This group has been augmented over the years and was greatly added to in 1980 when the Library received the collection of Canon Bancroft. The Bancroft collection includes about 30 early editions. Catalogued in 1985. See the online catalogue.
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Given by Mrs. F. Wallis Armstrong Jr., and reported in the Princeton University Library Chronicle XXIII, 3 (Spring, 1962) pp. 130-132 [full text]. This article gives much specific information about the individual editions in the collection.

A copy of Alfred P. Lee's bibliography of Morley has been checked against Princeton holdings and may be consulted in the Dulles Reading Room. See: Alfred P. Lee. A Bibliography of Christopher Morley. (New York: Doubleday Doran, 1935) [(ExB) 3866.5.059].

Also for Princeton holdings of Morley see pp. 377-385 (section on Morley) in Merle Johnson's American First Editions (4th ed.) New York, 1942 [(ExB) 04703.501.22]

For a collection of periodicals in which his works appeared, see the collection entitled Miscellaneous works by Christopher Morley, 1912-1962, which contains various journal issues [(at ReCAP for use in RBSC) PS507 .M67].

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The Western Americana collections are extraordinarily strong in books relating to the Mormon sects and Mormonism. Over 500 subject headings cover more than 3000 books, chiefly in the Western Americana collections, but also in the General Rare Books Collection (Ex).

The bulk of the material covers the twentieth century, although the 19th century is included. See the checked copy of Chad Flake. Mormon Bibliography 1830-1930 (Salt Lake City, 1978) ) [(WA) Z7845.M8 M37 1983]] for Princeton holdings; the Supplement is not marked [(WA) Z7845.M8 F55q Suppl.]. Also available is a one-volume index to titles in Flake's bibliography, compiled by Richard J. Martinez [(WA) Z7845.M8 M37 1983].

In 1988, a portion of the Jørgen W. Schmidt collection on Mormonism, in Danish, was purchased by the General Rare Books Department. Approximately 350 items are in the collection, including periodical articles, book chapters, and pamphlets. See the owner's bibliography, which has numerous manuscript additions to the printed typescript: Jørgen W. Schmidt. En dansk Mormon bibliografi 1837-1984 (Lynge: Moroni, c1984) [(WA) Oversize Z7845.M8 S3 1984q]. See also William Mulder, "Denmark and the Mormons: The Jørgen W. Schmidt Collection" in the Princeton University Library Chronicle LII, 3 (Spring, 1991) pp. 331-357 [full text].

Also, for further information on early Mormon books in the collection see Alfred L. Bush, "A Quorum Called Out of the Kingdom" in the Princeton University Library Chronicle XLII, 1 (Autumn, 1980) pp. 55-59. [full text]. An informal catalog of the exhibition with photocopies of each exhibit's title page has call number (ExB) 0639.739 no. 55

See also: Alfred Bush, "Mormon Americana at Princeton University" in David J. Whittaker (editor), Mormon Americana: A Guide to Sources and Collections in the United States (Provo, UT: BYU Studies, 1995) pp. 281-286 [(WA) E184.M8 M67 1994].

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MORRIS, WILLIAM (1834-1896)

The Library has a small collection in the Graphic Arts department of books issued at the Kelmscott Press. In the General Rare Books Collection, there is a copy of the Kelmscott Chaucer [(EX) 3674.1896f]. For details see: "Kelmscott Chaucer" in the Princeton University Library Chronicle XIII, 4 (Summer, 1952) pp. 215-216 [full text] .
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Alpine Collection of J. Monroe Thorington '09

Thorington's gifts have ranged from a 16th-century edition of the Swiss naturalist Konrad von Gesner to the most current publications of Alpine Clubs in North America and Europe. All aspects of the mountain regions are covered: human and natural history, literature, customs, and folklore. After World War I, Thorington's interest shifted from the Old to the New World, meaning that the Canadian Rockies and the New Mexico area are well represented.

In 1968 the Library received 15 volumes dating from the 16th through the 19th century concerned largely with the history and customs of Switzerland and with mountaineering. Some highlights were:
      Thomas Coryate. Crudities. London, 1611 [(Ex) 3690.971.1611]
      Josias Simmler. Vallesiae Descriptio. Zurich, 1574 [(Ex) 1567.925.85]

For particulars refer to J. Monroe Thorington, "Simler's 'Vallesiae Descriptio et de Alpibus Commentarius'" in the Princeton University Library Chronicle XXX, 2 (Winter, 1969) pp. 90-94 [full text] .

See also: Alfred L. Bush, "Princeton Mountaineers" in the Princeton University Library Chronicle XXV, 3 (Spring 1964) pp. 227-228 [ full text], which covers four former Princeton students who became serious mountaineers and book collectors.

Also see: Biblia, Vol. V, no. 1 (February, 1934) pp. 2-3 [full text] for an article on the Henry F. Montagnier Collection.

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This religious sect was founded in 1625 by John Reeve. His cousin, Lodowicke Muggleton, acted as spokesman for Reeve and took over leadership upon Reeve's death in 1658.

The tenets of the sect were "a mixture of rationalism and literalism." They believed most miracles to be parables (of a sort), but held that astronomy (i.e. the work of Copernicus, Galileo, and Newton) was unscriptural and, hence, wrong. In the collection, there is a beautiful color plate book showing, with prints by George Baxter, their conception of the cosmos; see Isaac Frost. Two systems of astronomy. (London: Simpkin, Marshall, 1846) [(Ex) BS655 .F7q].

The sect had astonishing longevity despite its members being forbidden to proselytize. The Muggletonians remained active until World War II, when their meeting house in London was destroyed in the Blitz. The last member of the group died in 1979.

For details about this collection of over 40 books published in London between 1756 and 1880, see: "Muggletonians" in the Princeton University Library Chronicle XLI, 3 (Spring, 1980), pp. 252-254 [full text]. Also see Christopher Hill, Barry Reay, and William Lamont. The World of the Muggletonians. (London: Maurice Temple Smith, 1983) [(Ex) BX8698 .H54 1983].

Also see an appendix in E.P. Thompson, Witness against the Beast: William Blake and the Moral Law (1994) [(F) PR4148.P6 T47 1993] in which Thompson relates how he tracked down the last of the Muggletonians and found an archive of Muggletonian manuscripts in eighty old apple boxes at the back of a furniture depository in Tunbridge Wells. Evidently this material was later transferred to the British Library.

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The M (or Music) class of the General Rare Books Collection is devoted mostly to scores and librettos, with some books on the theory and history of music. Over all, there are about 600 volumes in the collection in various forms (operas to solo music), mostly printed during the composers' lifetime. The collection is strongest in German music with significant holdings of Mozart, Bach and Haydn. Also represented are Philidor, Beethoven, Purcell, Verdi, and Wagner. Some American music is available, such as an extensive collection of Stephen Foster sheet music published about 1884.

Handel is the strongest area, consisting mainly of the (semi-catalogued) Hall Handel Collection (q.v.). Catalogued in Ex are over 25 librettos of his operas printed in the year of their completion, including Atalanta (1736), Berenice (1737), Ezio (1732), and Pharamond (1737). Collected works, songs, oratorios, and many other works by Handel can also be found in the collections.

The books on music theory and history cover from the sixteenth-century books of theory by Papius (1581) and Salinas (1577) to modern works.

Also interesting are two presentation copies: Aaron Copland's Our New Music: Leading Composers in Europe and America (l941) and Virgil Thomson's The State of Music (1939). Both were presented to Alfred Knopf.

For particulars refer to: Mina R. Bryan and Paula Morgan. "Music Exhibition. Check List of the Exhibition" in the Princeton University Library Chronicle XXVIII, 2 (Winter, 1967) pp. 106-124 [full text] .

The exhibit, which reflects Princeton's holdings in the field of music history, presented some of the following aspects of music history:

Ancient music; Medieval music theory; Medieval Christian chant; Early polyphony; Music printing; Renaissance and early Baroque musical theory; Composers--Palestrina to Stravinsky; Princeton composers; Princeton music studies.

A checklist of items displayed during the exhibition in each of the above categories appears in the article (120 items). A catalogue of the above-mentioned exhibition describes about 100 items: see Chapters from the History of Music: An Exhibition in the Princeton University Library. Princeton, 1956. [(ExB) 0639.739 no. 17]. [full text]

See also "Music from the Collection of William H. Scheide, March 1- April 2, 1967" published in the Gazette of the Grolier Club. New Series No. 4, June 1967. This article lists items on exhibit at the Grolier Club in 1967. An 11 page catalogue of the exhibition, including a list of the items shown as well as the descriptive notes of each item, is in the Library [call number (ExB) ML141 .N4S33).

Also note that there is a very early specimen of music printing in and the end of Part III of the 1500 edition Vergil's Opera [(VERG) 2945.1500.2]. These two pages of music are specimen settings by the scholar Francesco Negro of five different genres of Latin verse: Heroica gravis, heroica bellica, elegiaca, Sapphica and lyrica.

In 1994, the Library received the legacy of Samuel Pogue, '41, consisting of over 100 sixteenth century French imprints relating chiefly to music. A copy of the list of these books is in the Collections File under the name: Pogue.

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In addition to the Beauharnais Archives (30,000 MSS), there are also belonging to the Napoleonana in the Library the 407 volumes once in the library of one of the Imperial residences of Napoleon and his second wife, Marie-Louise of Austria. When Napoleon went into exile, many of the Imperial household effects, including books, became the property of Marie-Louise. Thus certain books were handed down through the Hapsburg family in Austria until they were sold in the 1930's. The Princeton collection was acquired by Andre de Coppet, Class of 1915, from the Berlin bookseller, Martin Breslauer, and was presented by de Coppet to the Library. Other books from the same source are among the Napoleonic souvenirs in the Château de Malmaison, near Paris.

Although revealing little about Napoleon or Marie-Louise, these books provide fine examples of the craftsmanship of French printers and bookbinders in the early years of the 19th century and supply some insight into the current fashions in reading at that time.

"All are in the French language. Translations from English are significantly numerous, for the Continental Blockade did not exclude English ideas; our volumes include sets of Fielding, Smollett, Richardson, Maria Edgeworth and Fanny Burney. There are a curious French "adaptation" of Shakespeare (refined to suit le bon goût), a number of books of travel, and the medical memoirs of Larrey, surgeon general of the Napoleonic armies. Also present is a copy of the earliest extant edition, namely the second (1814), of Mme. de Stael's De l'Allemagne, the first (1810) having been totally destroyed by Napoleon's express order. Apparently Marie-Louise's librarian bought the forbidden book immediately after the dictator's fall." -- R. R. Palmer in the Princeton University Library Chronicle article cited below.

Two catalogues relevant to this collection are: 1) Die Bibliothek Napoleons I und der kaiserin Marie Luise; ausstellung einer leihgabe veranstaltet vom Verein der freunde der Staatsbibliothek. Berlin, [Breslauer] 1931. Call number: (Ex) 3229.616.066 [full text] and [Catalogue of books in the Marie Louise collection, Princeton University Library.] Berlin: reslauer, 1934. Call number: (Ex) 3229.616.066.02q [full text]
The entire collection is classed under the call number[(Ex) 3229.616. ---- .
For further details see the Princeton University Library Chronicle III, 2 (February, 1942) pp. 50-51 [full text] . Also see: W.S. Hastings "Napoleon's Library at Princeton" in the Princeton Alumni Weekly (28 September 1934), p. 25.

Under Napoleon, France occupied Egypt during 1799-1801. The chief permanent monument of the occupation is the Description de l'Egypte published in Paris from 1809-1822 under the direction of E.-F. Jomard. This multi-volume work with truly monumental plates on Egyptian antiquities is owned by the Library [(Ex) 1821.358e [details] ]. For a complete collation and analysis of the Description see André Monglond, La France révolutionnaire et impériale (Paris, 1957) Tome 8 (Années 1809-1810) columns 268-343. [(DR) Z2171.M74 vol. 8.] A photocopied offprint of this section is shelved at (ExB) Z2171.M74 vol. 8 col. 268+. Also shelved with this offprint is another useful inventory of the plates in the Description. This is the 76 page Bibliographical Account and Collation of La Description de l'Egypte presented to the Library of the London Institution by Sir Thomas Baring, Baronet, President: with a list of the other donations made to that establishment from April 1837 to April 1838. (London, 1838). Princeton photocopy of this listing was made from the copy at the American Philosophical Society, Philadelphia. See the Library online catalogue record of this book, which has a digital link to the imaged photocopy.

Also see the following book with important commentary by Prof. Gillispie. Numerous plates from the Library's copy of the Description are reproduced in this edited facsimile. Monuments of Egypt : the Napoleonic edition : the complete archaeological plates from La Description de l'Egypte / edited with introduction and notes by Charles Coulston Gillispie ... and Michel Dewachter ... (Princeton, N.J.: Princeton Architectural Press, c1987) [(Ex) DT60 .M59 1987q].

Also see Prof. Gillispie's article "The Scientific Importance of Napoleon's Egyptian Campaign" in the September 1994 issue of Scientific American.

In 1994, the American Field Service (New York) transferred to Princeton its collection of about 300 books relating to Napoleon. This collection was given to AFS by Harry W. Frantz (SSU 10) and by Richard and Katherine Parkhurst. A complete listing of the collection is in the Collections File under the heading "Napoleon."

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   See: WILLIAM III, KING OF ENGLAND (1650-1702)
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A collection of about 400 books relating to ships and the sea with several logs and documents concerning whalers and other ships, given to the Library by F. Walter Armstrong, Jr. The collection was dispersed among the Library's general stack and rare book collections. Among the rare books are publications of the Golden Cockerel Press issued in limited editions, and a copy of [Edward] Barlow's Journal of His Life at Sea in King's Ships, East & West Indiamen & Other Merchantmen from 1659 to 1703. Transcribed from the Original Manuscript by Basil Lubbock, issued in 1934 in an edition of 100 copies [(EX) 99932.147].

In 1958-59, the Library received from Dorsey Richardson a copy of the first edition of Nathaniel Bowditch's The New American Practical Navigator (Newburyport, 1802) [(Ex) 99952.204.11].

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Supplementing the Library's extensive holding of books and manuscripts in Arabic as well as numerous printed books in Turkish, Persian and Hebrew, the Library has a collection of rare books in Western European languages on the Near East. The collection includes an important group of 16th and 17th-century European works, chiefly on Turkey, formerly in the collection of G.J. Arvanitides (acquired in 1957-58). In 1959-60, the Library added Noe Bianchi's Viaggio da Venetia al S. Sepolcro et al Monte Sinai (Venice, 1648) [(Ex) 1793.177].

The collection is currently being actively developed by the Curator of the Near East Collections. Recent accessions include a number of rare Portuguese books dealing with the Arabic speaking world as well as a copy of the first translation of the Gulistan into a European language (French, printed in Paris, 1634).

See also entry for Napoleon in this Guide, for discussion of Description de l'Egypte.


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Location designator: NjI

The collection includes about 400 bound volumes with New Jersey imprint. About 50+ of these are dated in the 18th century; the remainder in the 19th century. Imprints are from Princeton, Trenton, Elizabeth, Burlington, New Brunswick, Newark, Morristown, Middletown, Salem and Camden. The content tends toward the religious (sermons, practical religion, ethics, morals), but there are also such literary works as Samuel Johnson's Rambler and Homer's Iliad.

A listing of the NjI Collection (as of 1920) is to be found on pp. 3365 to 3370 of Princeton University Library Classed List vol. 6 (Special Collections) (Princeton, 1920) [(ExB) 0639.7373.5]. [full text] The books are listed alphabetically and chronologically according to place and date of imprint.

Also refer to: William Nelson. Checklist of the Issues of the Press of New Jersey. (Paterson, 1899). [(ExB) 04163.673.67]

An exhibition called "Printing in Princeton Before the Establishment of the Princeton University Press" was held in 1963. The exhibition is described briefly in: Earle E. Coleman, "Princeton Printing before Conkwright" in the Princeton University Library Chronicle XXIV, 2 (Winter, 1963) pp. 141-43 [full text]. Many of the 129 items displayed at that time were drawn from the Nelson New Jerseyana collection. A catalogue of the exhibition was compiled and can be consulted in the Dulles Reading Room: Earle E. Coleman. Printing in Princeton Before the Establishment of the Princeton University Press. (Princeton, 1963) [(ExB) 0639.739 no.31]. [full text]

See also the following entry in this Guide, on New Jerseyana.

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William Nelson Collection of New Jerseyana
Location designator: Nel

There are about 4,000 volumes in the collection, some 300 of which are bound books, the vast remainder being pamphlets. The collection includes the works of New Jersey men and women, histories of the state, directories, maps, songbooks, regimental histories, campaign materials, publications of and about churches, clubs, libraries, business firms, catalogues pertaining to schools and colleges of New Jersey, publications of state offices and departments, and pamphlets on controversial issues.

A list of the Nelson Collection (as of 1920) is found on pp. 3409 to 3454 of Princeton University Library Classed List vol. 6 (Special Collections) (Princeton, 1920) [(ExB) 0639.7373.5]. [full text] The collection is considerably smaller today than it was in 1920, presumably because of material being transferred to other collections, such as the University Archives.

Some of the books in the Nelson collection at Princeton are described in the following article: William F. Collins, "A Private Library in New Jersey. Some Account of the Collection of Mr. William Nelson of Paterson" in The Literary Collector, Vol VI, No. 4 (August, 1903), p.101-108. [full text]

How and when the Nelson books came into possesion of the Library is explained by the following extract from a letter, dated October 14, 1905, written by William Nelson to Varnum Lansing Collins, a key figure in the Library at the time: "... I would say that the books which I sent to the Princeton University Library are on deposit, the title remaining in me. I wrote sometime ago, and now repeat it, that in case of my death, unless these books are claimed by my estate within one year after my death, they are to become the absolute property of the Library." William Nelson died on August 10, 1914. (Original of this letter in the Curatorial Documentary Files of the Rare Book Division, folder 'Nelson.')

Mrs. Walter K. Earle gift

Twenty-one printed items relating principally to the New Jersey Proprietary Councils from 1703-1749. Among the broadsides, pamphlets, and newspapers is Lewis Morris's "Some Observes on a Print, called An Advertisement, said to be published by order of the Council of Proprietors, by John Wills" [Printed ca. 1703], which seem to be unrecorded in any standard bibliography of Americana. For details see the Princeton University Library Chronicle XXVIII, 3 (Spring, 1967) p. 191 [full text].

Also refer to "New Jersey History in Two Collections: The New Jersey Historical Society and the Princeton University Library" [a description and catalogue of an exhibition] in the Princeton University Library Chronicle XXXII, 3 (Spring, 1971) p. 161-172 [full text] .

See also the previous entry in this Guide, on New Jersey Imprints.

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During the summer of 1996, a finding aid was prepared for the Peter J. Eckel Newsboy Collection. The Eckel collection consists of books, periodicals, newspapers, prints, advertisements, pamphlets, government documents, sheet music, carrier's addresses, photographs, slides, scrapbooks, badges, statutes, as well as files of notes and clippings all relating to newsboys in America ca. 1800 to the late 20th century. Bulk: about 30 shelves of books, boxes and other containers.

All printed books in this collection are now recorded individually in the Library's main catalog. The bulk of the books are by Horatio Alger, who patterned the heroes of his books after the homeless newsboys and "street Arabs" he saw in New York city. His juvenile novels emphasized hard work and perseverance as the road to success. The books in this collection are in original publisher's bindings.

Peter J. Eckel was for 32 years an award-winning photographer for the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. He grew up in Jersey City during the Depression. For more than 35 years he both collected and privately studied the phenomenon of the newsboy in the United States. In addition, to the material listed about he also compiled files of data which he organized into folders. He lived in South Plainfield, NJ. He died in an automobile accident on May 19, 1994. Princeton acquired the collection in December 1995 from his widow. [Sources: Newark Star Ledger article 'Start Spreading the News,' published 29 December 1994. Also correspondence in curatorial documentary files.]

See the Princeton PhD dissertation (1997) based on this collection: Vincent DiGirolamo, Crying the news: street work, and the American press, 1830s-1920s [(ReCAP) PRIN 685 1997 .3003 or (Mudd) PRIN 685 1997 .3003]. According to Prof. DiGirolamo, "the impetus behind Eckel's newsboy collection was his devotion to Father John C. Drumgoole, director of St. Vincent's Newsboys Home in New York City in the 1870s. Drumgoole went on to found the Mission of the Immaculate Virgin, which erected a ten-story orphanage on Great Jones Street in New York and the sprawling Mount Loretto home for dependent children in Staten Island. These were among the largest child welfare institutions in the United States. Father Drumgoole died while on his rounds during the Great Blizzard of 1888. Peter [Eckel] always thought Father Drumgoole merited sainthood and greater public recognition. He was instrumental in having a little park near the Brooklyn Bridge named after Father Drumgoole."

See also the Collections File under the heading Newsboys

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Frontispiece to: [Masen, Jakob] Wolverdientes Capitel welches neulich die beyden
weitbeschrienen Jesuiten.
1644. [(Ex) AP1 .F64q, item 303]

During the summer of 1997, the Library acquired The Folke Dahl Collection of Early Newsbooks, Corantos, and Newspapers. A finding aid is available. (The above illustration is item 303 in the collection.) Call number of the collection is (Exov) AP1 .F64. Note: some items in the collection have separate call numbers, these may be found via the online catalog.

The following text is from Sotheby's (NYC) catalogue sale 7001 ("Fine Books and Manuscripts," 3 June 1997) lot 315:

The Folke Dahl Collection of Early Newsbooks, Corantos, and Newspapers
 In his Sandars lectures on The English Newspaper (Cambridge, 1932), Stanley Morison wrote that "the great invention of the craft [of printing] is the newspaper ... Books there were in the Middle Ages, books there will always be because men who can write will write; but printing is a process optional to literature and to booksellers. On the other hand, newspapers are the invention of the printer, and printing is absolutely essential to newspapers and news vendors. The business of newspapers is to give the news of the moment at the moment. Hence their entire existence and progress depend upon speedy multiplication and transport ... the fundamental economic character of printing is seen at its fullest in the history of newspapers ..."

The greatest scholar of the origins and early development of newspapers has been Dr. Folke Dahl (1905-1970), librarian successively at Göteborg University Library and Lund University Library. In the mid-1930s, as a student at the University of Uppsala, Dahl began his pioneering researches into the earliest English newsbooks, or corantos. On his return to Stockholm, he serendipitously stumbled upon an uncatalogued and overlooked bundle of early newsletters in the stacks of the Royal Library. His investigation of this archive marked an epoch in international research into the development of newspapers. As he showed, these French and Dutch newsletters had been sent from various places to Gustavus Adolphus or to the Riksråd as annexes to manuscript diplomatic reports. They thus entered the royal archives and had the unique good fortune of being preserved, contrary to their intrinsically ephemeral quality as news of the day, to be discarded after reading. Dahl's discovery threw important new light on the origins both of Dutch language corantos, and of French language ones. The "French" discovery was revolutionary. It had been a longtime article of faith in France that its national newspaper history had a specific birthday: 30 May 1631, when Théophraste Renaudot produced the first issue of his Gazette, under patent from Richelieu. Dahl moved this history eleven years back in time, from Paris to Amsterdam, and from official sponsorship to private enterprise in bringing to light in Stockholm two weekly issues of September 1620 of the Courant d'Italie et d'Almaigne, &c., published by Caspar van Hilten, "Maitre des Courants du Camp du Prince D'Orange" as an offshoot from his Dutch language corantos. Moreover, within the same archive he found evidence that in Paris itself, Renaudot's Gazette had been preceded by a much more obscure weekly paper, the Nouvelles ordinaires de divers endroits published by Louis Vendosme.

Dahl's monographs Dutch Corantos 1618-1650 (1946) and A Bibliography of English Corantos and Newsbooks 1620-1642 (1952) are groundbreaking bibliographical classics. More broadly, the corpus of his writings demonstrates that early newspaper history, which had hitherto been an almost exclusively German domain, must be studied from an international standpoint. The cross border interrelationships of the early newsletters and newspapers, both as to text and to design, are continuous and fundamental. Much fruitful work still remains to be done in "source criticism" of the reports provided in the newsletters of various languages. Over the decades, Dr. Dahl visited a very large number of European libraries and archives in search of early newsletters and newspapers; those that he catalogued in his major publications are a small fraction of those he saw. Along the way, he gradually built up a private collection, which well represents his pan-European outlook. Many of his acquisitions were clearly chance discoveries, but small groups include certified duplicates from the University Library of Uppsala; several items from the library of the Swedish bibliophile Thore Virgin; and a series formerly in the Bibliotheca Lindesiana. Alexander Lindsay, Earl of Crawford & Balcarres (1812-80) had, amidst his multifarious scholarly interests, a deep fascination with early newspapers, and it may not be amiss to quote one of the young Lord Lindsay's recollections from his Cambridge years, when he was a frequent visitor to Madingley Hall, a few miles out of town: "what interested me most was a most curious collection of the newspapers and official gazettes of Cromwell's time and before it ... I used to sit in a deep embrasure of the ancient coeval library [at Madingleyl and read the news of the day -- of two hundred years ago" (Nicolas Barker, Bibliotheca Lindesiana (19), p. 58).

 ... Folke Dahl's collection [consists] of approximately 300 pieces related to early European newspaper history. The great majority of the collection is devoted to the period pre-1700, and is distinguished by its international character. There are items in Dutch, English, French, German, Italian and Spanish - besides Latin. Printing towns include Amsterdam, Haarlem, The Hague, Delft, Leyden, Antwerp, Brussels, London, Paris, Rouen, Cologne, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich, Stettin, Strassburg, Wallstatt, Florence, Venice, and others; and a number of items unsigned or unattributed. A few categories and specific items are described below, but the diversity of the Collection is considerable, reflecting Dahl's unique knowledge of this field. A detailed inventory has been made.

Early Newsbooks: Printed pamphlet reports of recent events - comets, battles, and monster births - began in the late fifteenth century, but only in the early sixteenth did they begin to acquire, in Germany, a kind of generic or genre title, "Neue Zeitung...' (and in English "Newes ..., " "True Newes ...") The Dahl Collection contains ten such newsbooks, including a report on the famous battle of Mohacs, June 1526, in which the army and much of the high nobility of Hungary was annihilated by the forces of Sultan Suleiman, sending a shock wave across Christian Europe: New zeytung. Die Schlacht des Turkischcn Keysers mit Ludouico etwan König zu Vngern ... Item des Türckcn seyndtsbrieff, König Ludouico zugesandt vor dcr schlacht ... New zeytung vom Bapst zu Rome am. xxvij tag Septembris geschehen 1526 (4', A-B4, [Augsburg?, 1526). The report from Rome came by post to Augsburg, news from Poland is presented as an extract from a letter "that one good friend wrote to another." One of the most interesting items is a fragment only, preserved as binder's waste, of an apparently unrecorded STC book of the early l550s: Newes come late from Pera, of two most might[y] Armies ... translated out of Italien [into] Frenche and so into Engleshe. And first of [the gr]eat Duke of Muscovie & of the Soffy, And [fur]there of an Hebrewe people neur [kno]wen of before, found not long ago comming from the Mountains called Caspie ... Only a fragment of a small title-page battle cut is preserved, as best clue to the printer. The news here was sent from Pera, i.e. from Istanbul, and centers on Ivan the Terrible's conquests of Tartary. The references to the newly discovered lost tribes of Israel contain reminiscences of the early medieval Hebrew kingdom of Khazaria, in the Caspian.

German Newspapers: The earliest weekly news publications appear to have developed near-concurrently in several towns and cities of Germany, 1609 or (for discoveries continue to be made) a little before. The Dahl Collection contains about 40 German news items, including the Unvergreiffliche Postzeittungen from Frankfurt (1621), and the Ordentliche Wochentliche Zeitungen from Frankfurt (1628). Titles of these weekly series tended to change rapidly and unpredictably, and most are without imprints. Dahl contributed information to the standard bibliography of these newspapers (Else Bogel & Elger Blühm, Die Deutschen Zeitungen des 17. Jahrhunderts, 2 v., Bremen, 1971), but a number of his items are apparently unrepresented there (Zeitung ausz Leipzig, Num: 23, 1633; Newe wöchentliche Berlinische und Stättinische Zeitung, No. XVIII, 1633). Besides weekly newspapers, there is a group of the German monthly reports of l635-36 on the exploits of Gustavus Adolphus's troops in the Thirty Years' War, issued under the heading of Continuatio Relationis.

Dutch Corantos: Dahl was the first to emphasize the significance of Amsterdam, in the beginning years of the Thirty Years' War, as the center for internationalization of the phenomenon of the weekly (later biweekly) newsletter, and his bibliography of Dutch corantos is the classic study. The Dahl Collection contains about fifteen such Corantos, including issues of the Courante uyt Italien en Duythsch-landt &c, 1626 (Dutch Corantos, p. 38); the Tijdinghen uyt verscheyde Quartieren, 1626 et sq. (ibid., p. 59); and the Europische Donderdaegs [--Saterdaegs] Courant (ibid., pp. 73-74). A number of these are issues not yet located when Dutch Corantos was published, 1946.

English Corantos and Newsbooks: Dahl's bibliography is, again, both the pioneering and the standard study, allowing for scattered discoveries of new copies since 1952. Both Corantos (half sheet leaflets printed on both sides) and Newsbooks (printed in quarto, with title pages) were intrinsically ephemeral. Richard Brathwait's Whimzies (1631) includes a satirical "character" of the Corranto-Coiner, in which he wrote, "our best comfort is, his Chymera's live not long, a weeke is the longest in the Citie, and after their arrivall, little longer in the Countrey, Which past, they melt like Butter, or match a pipe and so Burne ... it is the height of their ambition, to aspire to the imployment of stopping mustard-pots, or wrapping up pepper, pouder, staves-aker, &c". The Dahl Collection contains three very early examples of Nathaniel Butter's Newsbook series, 1622-23 (3 June 1622, 27 August 1622, 7 May 1623: Dahl 44, 71, 110), and also the quasi-clandestine More Newes from the Palatinate, [late March] 1622 (Dahl 37), without imprint and without typographic ornament. Whether the report was printed in London remains uncertain, but it could not have been openly acknowledged, its writer refers sarcastically to the court's ban on including domestic news in the London Newsbooks. Besides these four Newsbooks, the Dahl Collection contains the title leaves only of four more, 1622-31. One of these, 2 August 1622 (Dahl 64) may conceivably have been printed as a placard of advertisement. Although there are stabholes on it, its verso is blank, whereas the only recorded copy, in the Rutland collection, has a woodcut armorial of Bohemia there.

For further particulars inquire with the Curator of Rare Books. See also the Collections File under the heading Folke Dahl Collection

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O'HARA, JOHN (1905-1970)

The Library received during 1969-70, some 300 volumes from Mrs. John O'Hara. These were principally copies of her husband's novels in variant editions together with a selection of books by other writers included in his personal library.

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O'NEILL, EUGENE G. (1888-1953)

For a listing of some of his books in the General Rare Books Collection (Ex) see pp. 401-403 (section on O'Neill) in Merle Johnson's American First Editions (4th ed.) New York, 1942 [(ExB) 04703.501.22]

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Some 40 early European books on the Ottoman Empire. These books are written in Latin, Dutch, Italian, German, French, and English by ambassadors, priests, soldiers, burghers, and prisoners of the Ottomans. Numerous travel books, histories of the Ottoman Empire, and several biographies. Books are from the 17th and 18th centuries. All were acquired from the collection of G. J. Arvanitidi. For particulars refer to: Peter F. Sugar, "Early European Books on the Ottoman Empire" in the Princeton University Library Chronicle XX, 4 (Summer, 1959) pp. 198-201 [full text] .

The Library also has a remarkable collection of the books printed by Ibrahim Müteferrika, the first printer of Turkish books in Istanbul. Of the first twenty books printed by Müteferrika and others (dating between 1729 A.D. and 1784), the Library has nearly a dozen. For details see the Collections File under the heading "Turkish Imprints." Further details at this link.

Starting in the early 1980s, the library acquired more than 130 early Portuguese pamphlets dealing principally with relations between Christian Europe and the Muslim world. William M. Blair, Editorial Assistant, Department of Near Eastern Studies, recently compiled a listing of these work by closely look through the main catalog via subject keyword searches, call number browsing, as well as title and author searching. He says that in addition to many obvious selections, he "included pamphlets on India since India was largely ruled by a Muslim dynasty and the Indian Ocean had served Muslim traders for centuries. [He] also included a pamphlet on natural disasters as there were several such pamphlets describing natural disasters in the Muslim world." Further details about this collecting project are found on page 7-8 of the Spring, 2010 Newsletter of the Department of Near Eastern Studies, available at this link. For the Blair list as of April 16, 2010, see this link.

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A collection of books published by Overseas Editions, Inc is held in 6 boxes at call number (Ex) D810.P7U54 1944 (non-ordinary size). A typescript list of the contents is in box 1. Variously in English, French, German, and Italian; 2 copies of most editions.


Box 1 authors: Hamilton Basso, Carl Becker, Stephen V. Benet, Catherine D. Bowen, Denis W. Brogan, Harry Brown, Eugene Burns, Gilbert Chinard.

Box 2 authors: Henry S. Commager and Allan Nevins, Foster R. Dulles, Howard Fast.

Box 3 authors: Fortune editors, J. C. Furnas, Joseph C. Grew, Ernest Hemingway, John Hersey, Rackham Holt, Donald Hough.

Box 4 authors: Bernard Jaffe, Alfred Kazin, David E. Lilienthal, Walter Lippmann.

Box 5 authors: George C. Marshall, Max Miller, Fletcher Pratt, Ernie Pyle, John D. Ratcliff, Constance Rourke, William Saroyan.

Box 6 authors: Robert Sherrod, Lincoln Steffens, John Steinbeck, Henry L. Stimson, Robert Trumbull, Carl Van Doren, E. B. White.

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PAIN, BARRY (1864-1928)

In February, 1980, the Library purchased a virtually complete collection of the works of Barry Pain, an English popular writer and novelist. The collection is catalogued with call number beginning (Ex) PR6031.A25 --. It consists of 62 volumes.

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PAMPHLETS, 1810s TO 1940s

This collection of pamphlets, books, and printed ephemera was re-housed and sorted during 1999. Consisting of about two to three thousand items, the material was collected over many years, probably by librarians working in the reference departments at Princeton before Firestone Library was built. Much of the material dates from World War II or the immediate post-war years, and many items appear to have been collected because of a desire to have a representative collection of propaganda. Indeed, there was a call by the university to alumni at the beginning of World War II for contributions of such material. A brief item in the November 24, 1939 issue of the Princeton Alumni Weekly under the headline "Propaganda" reads as follows:

Many Americans are receiving propaganda from abroad these days some of it sent by friends merely as a matter of interest, more of it from individuals and governments in an effort to influence opinion. The natural inclination of many recipients is to throw the propaganda material away or, in some cases, to burn the stuff. But the Princeton library asks any alumni on the receiving end of these intellectual transactions to do neither, but to send the pamphlets on to Princeton. The library is attempting to collect propaganda of all sorts bearing on the present conflict. The assistance of alumni in saving this ephemeral but important source material will be greatly appreciated not only by the present library staff, but by future historians.
Several issues of the Princeton University Library Chronicle acknowledge such gifts. "Pieces of propaganda on the war, sent in response to the notice in the Alumni Weekly, have been received from the following Friends: Jasper E. Crane '01, Alexander R. Fordyce Jr. '96 and George McCracken '26," says an article in the February 1940 (Vol. 1, No. 2, page 28) issue. The November 1941 issue of the PULC (Vol. 3, No. 1, page 30) notes a gift "from Sterling Morton '06 further additions of pamphlets and periodicals on current problems." While it primarily contains material from around the Second World War, there are many earlier items, some stretching back into the 19th Century. There is a cache of Civil War pamphlets and many 19th Century items from France and Germany as well as the United States. There are few items in the collection from the late 1940s onward. After being stored in one of the library annexes for many years, the collection eventually found its way to Firestone and the Department of Rare Books and Special Collections.

The pamphlets are divided into two groups, as follows:
First group: at ReCAP under call number D810.P6 .P356. See online catalogue record with title "Pamphlet collection chiefly from Civil War down to the start of World War II" (97 boxes)
Second group: at ReCAP under call number D810.P6 .P766. See online catalogue record with title "Propaganda relating to World War II, including pre- and post-war years," [55 boxes, arranged in three series. This group is organized in three series: 1) File folders arranged alphabetically by country or region (6 boxes); 2) File folders arranged alphabetically by topic, such as 'Books and Reading,' 'Peace,' etc. (7 boxes); 3) Materials dated in the 1940's from the United States, Great Britian, Germany, German Library of Information, Czechoslovakia and regarding Education (42 boxes, see link below).]

For particulars see the URL

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PANOFSKY, ERWIN (1892-1968)

Panofsky was born in Hannover, Germany, in 1892, and studied at the Universities of Berlin, Munich, and Freiburg. He served as a professor of art history at the University of Hamburg for several years before he was dismissed by the Nazis. Panofsky immigrated to the United States, where he eventually assumed a professorship at Princeton University's Institute for Advanced Study; he remained at Princeton until his death in 1968. During his long tenure there he lectured and produced writings on a wide range of art history topics, emerging as a dominant figure in the growth of art historical study in the United States.

See the Library's exhibition catalogue: Meaning in the Visual Arts: An Exhibition suggested by the Writings of Erwin Panofsky (Princeton, 1969) [(ExB) 0639.739 no. 38]. [full text]

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   See the Princeton University Library Papyrus Home Page

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A distinguished collection of many editions and versions of his Histoires ou contes du temps passé is now in the Cotsen Children's Library. Some particulars about this collection, formed by the antiquarian bookseller, Justin Schiller, can be found in the article "Once Upon a Time: The Early Year's of Charles Perrault's Fairy Tales" published in Biblio, v.2, no. 12 (Dec. 1997), pp. 28-33.

A listing of the Schiller collection is in the Collections File.

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Julia Margaret Cameron.
Parting of Launcelot
and Guinevere, in
Alfred Tennyson's Idylls of
the King and other Poems

1875. [(GA) GA131]

The Library has an extensive collection of early photography books including a copy of the Pencil of Nature [on which see Gillett G. Griffin, "The Pencil of Nature" in the Princeton University Library Chronicle XXIV, 3 (Spring, 1963) pp. 202-3 {full text}]. The collection is in the following locations: Graphic Arts, SAPH (photography books at Marquand Library) and SAPHX (rare photography books at Marquand Library). See: [O.J. Rothrock], "Nineteenth Century Photography in the [Princeton University] Library" in the Chronicle, XXXIX, 1 (Autumn, 1977) pp. 30-37 [full text].

Also see the description of the David H. McAlpin '20 gift of material on 19th and 20th-century photography in the Princeton University Library Chronicle XVIII, 3 (Spring, 1957) pp. 167-68 [full text] . There is it described as "an exceptional group of books and periodicals illustrative of the development of photography in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries." The major portion of the McAlpin gift was originally in the library of the Camera Club of New York. These volumes added substantially to books on photography already collected under Elmer Adler and then Gillett Griffin, curators of the graphic arts collection at that time. Highlights of McAlpin's gift include the complete runs of the periodicals Camera Notes and Camera Work, and partial runs of The Philadelphia Photographer, The American Journal of Photography, and Wilson's Photographic Magazine. Monographs include Charles H. Caffin's Photography as a Fine Art (presentation copy from Alfred Stieglitz to the Camera Club of New York), Heinrich Schwarz's David Octavius Hill, Master of Photography, and Julia Margaret Cameron's Victorian Photographs of Famous Men &Fair Women among many other titles. Original photography given by McAlpin included a portfolio by Ulli Steltzer of the native peoples of the Southwestern United States. In 1963, McAlpin made the remarkable donation of a complete set of William Henry Fox Talbot's Pencil of Nature issued in 6 parts from 1844 to 1846, also originally from the library of the Camera Club of New York.

See also the printed catalogue issued by the Princeton University Art Museum in 1983: Peter Bunnell (comp.) The Robert O. Dougan Collection of Historical Photographs and Photographic Literature at Princeton. The catalogue lists 118 separate photographs and photographically illustrated books as well as nine photographically illustrated works of literature (now in Graphic Arts) and about 82 treatises, manuals, catalogues of photographs, catalogues of equipment and apparatus, periodicals, and miscellaneous items (now in Marquand Library).

To get a sense of photography books in Graphic Arts, consult the database ADLER. Perform the following search: select the field 'Book Number' then in the neighboring box type *photo* and then click send. This search will return a result of about hundreds of books relating to photography. These books have been catalogued and are available in the Library's online catalogue.

Also for individual photographs, consult the catalogue based on the card index compiled by William F. Stapp. Catalogue of photographs chiefly by prominent photographers in the collections of the department of Rare Books and Special Collections, Princeton University Library and in the Princeton University Art Museum, available as a PDF file at this link.

See also an 1875 album of 100 cartes-de-visite of American literary figures issued by Warren's (Boston) and Sarony (New York) [(Ex) F73.25.A43.1875]. Also not to be overlooked are the photographs by Ulli Steltzer of numerous Princeton literary figures, such as Caroline Gordon, or John McPhee. These photographs were done in the 1960's and are stored with the materials for Alfred Bush's exhibition Literary Landmarks of Princeton. [Available in the Manuscript Division, collection C0939.]

Also see the brochure prepared by Martin Gasser for his 1990 exhibition in the Milberg Gallery entitled "From Invention to Art History: Photography 1829-1929." All items in that show came from University collections.

See as well the Todd collection of photographically extra-illustrated Tauchnitz editions, 1750-1985 [(Ex) TR652 .T62], a collection of 53 titles (109 volumes) acquired in 2001 and described in more detail here. Another album of 118 large photographs comparable to those in the Todd collection is one presented "To Miss Hulda Stallo from her friends in Rome" [(Ex) N6920.R66e]. Hulda Stallo was born in 1857, the daughter of John Bernhard Stallo (1823-1900), who served as U.S. Minister to the Court of Rome (1884-1889). Hulda Stallo's last known address was in Albany, NY in 1927.

The Library also has a number of books listed in Richard Yanul's draft checklist'Photographically Illustrated Books before 1860'. For example, of the ten American books listed by Yanul, the Library has six as of March, 2005. See the Collections Files under 'Photographically Illustrated Books' for details.

Special Collections is particularly strong in the area of portraits and pictures of or by English and American literary figures. As part of the Parrish Collection are four albums of Charles Dodgson's (Lewis Carroll) photographs, including some of the original Alice [(MSS) C0170]. Also acquired as of October 1996, an additional collection of photographs by Lewis Carroll and by Reginald Southey. The Carroll photographs are mounted in a series of albums put together by Reginald Southey and are the generous gift of Lloyd E. Cotsen '50. Consult staff in Special Collections for details. A listing of the photographs, together with interpretative text, is found in the following published by the Princeton University Press in 2002: Lewis Carroll, photographer : the Princeton University Library albums by Roger Taylor and Edward Wakeling. Click on image below for more information.

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Detail from 19th century chart.

During the spring of 2011, the Library acquired a substantial collection of material on phrenology. The collection includes about 350 items and was originally assembled in England by a private collector, Denis Gahagan, who was at one time connected with the Sociological Research Unit of the University of London. It documents the rise and decline of this pseudoscience on both sides of the Atlantic, from the early nineteenth century through the mid-twentieth century. Phrenology is based on the (correct) idea of the Austrian doctor Franz Joseph Gall that different areas of the brain control different human behaviors. The earliest book in the collection is his Darstellung der neuen, aus Untersuchungen der Berrichtungen des Gehirns gegrundeten; Theorie dem Physiognomie des Herren Dr. Gall in Wien. Dritte sehr vermehrte Auflage; Mit einem Kupfer (Wein, 1802). Gall was primarily interested in anatomy and physiology, and was dismayed by the way his idea was subsequently popularized by his one-time assistant Johann Spurzheim, who published and lectured in Britain and America from 1815 through 1832. The collection includes Spurzheim's The physiognomical system of Drs. Gall and Spurzheim; founded on an anatomical and physiological examination of the nervous system in general ... Illustrated with nineteen copperplates. (London: Baldwin, Cradock, & Joy; Edinburgh: William Blackwood, 1815) and many of his published lectures. Spurzheim argued that the skilled phrenologist could assess a person's intellect and psychology by observing the shape of the skull. It is this idea that gave rise to the many popular handbooks in the collection, and the collection includes multiple editions of the handbooks issued by the Fowlers in America in the nineteenth century. The collection also includes a selection of twentieth-century handbooks for amateur phrenologists, like Vaught’s practical character reader (1902), and many completed copies of the Severns' Phrenological and physiological chart and the O'Dells' Phrenological chart of character (early twentieth century).

In addition to published books, there are journals, including Popular Phrenologist, Phrenological Magazine, Phrenological Journal, and American Phrenological Journal. There are also ephemera &emdash; including advertisements, posters and promotional material. Manuscript material is mostly correspondence, starting in the 1970s, and relating to the gathering of this collection, between Gahagan and booksellers, librarians, practicing phrenologists, and other scholars and collectors of phrenology, including Anthony A. Walsh, author of Bibliographia phrenologica.

There is a provisional catalog here (pdf). [Elizabeth Bennett, Librarian for History and the History of Science]

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    See: CIVIL WAR (United States, 1861-1865)

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Frammento di architrave e fregio, capitelli e
pezzi di colonne
— a plate in
Trofei di Ottaviano Augusto (1753) [Pt. 2 of
(Ex) NA310.P66e; acquired by the Library before 1884]

Collecting Piranesi at Princeton dates before 1884, the year in which Frederic Vinton published his Subject-Catalogue of the Library of the College of New Jersey and listed several folios of plates shelved in "Cabinet" in the Chancellor Green Library. (See entry for "Rome - Description of the ancient city and its vicinity"). Over the years, collecting has expanded to include holdings in the Marquand Art Library and in the Art Museum, resulting reach covering Piranesi's work in the following categories: early architectural fantasies, views of Rome and environs, archaeological works, theoretical and polemical treatises, and works of design and decoration. Donors to the collection have included Elmer Adler, Barr Ferree, Walter L. Bogert, Mrs. Edwin H. Denby, and others. Several purchases have augmented the Library's holdings such as the acquisition in December, 1969 of a copy in 26 plates of the Vedute di Roma [(Ex)NA310.P68.1740e]. The most recent has been a copy of the artist's own single sheet Catalogo delle Opere (1776) [(Ex) 2007-0052E].

As pointed out in Andrew Robison's article listed below, an important feature of the Princeton collection is that it is one of those which point out the need to correct, and even more, to expand and change the emphasis of the classical catalogues. For example, Robison indicates that Princeton has the always fascinating possession of a previously undescribed etching by Piranesi as well as a complete copy of a work which was known to the older scholars only in one incomplete version. For particulars refer to: Andrew Robison, "Giovanni Battista Piranesi: Prolegomena to the Princeton Collections" in the Princeton University Library Chronicle XXXI, 3 (Spring, 1970) pp. 165-206 [full text]. The Robison article has a rather detailed bibliographical account of many of the holdings in the collection. Note: The Carceri once bound in the composite volume with call number (Ex) NA310 .P66e are separately matted and held in the Graphic Arts Dept., as [(GA) GC092] Piranesi Prints Collection.

See also Francesco Piranesi's Pianta delle fabriche esistenti nella Villa Adriana in the Marquand Art Library [(SAX) NA324 .P57e] and the article about the Pianta by John Pinto in the Princeton University Library Chronicle LV, 1 (Autumn, 1993) pp. 63-84 [full text].

[Reference tip: See Opere di Giovanni Baptista Piranesi, an image database of Giovanni Battista Piranesi's original etchings from Opere di Giovanni Battista Piranesi, Francesco Piranesi e d'altri (published by Firmin Didot Freres, Paris, 1835-1839), which are preserved in the University of Tokyo Library's Kamei Collection. This is a remarkable reference and research tool.]

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PLATH, SYLVIA (1932-1963)

During the academic year 1981-1982, the Library purchased a collection of 58 books and other printings of Sylvia Plath's poetry assembled by her biographer Edward Butscher.

The General Rare Books Collection also holds several broadside poems, acquired thru the Gift of Leonard L. Milberg '53 in honor of Richard M. Ludwig.

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In 1982-83, the Library purchased from a Princeton bookseller a collection of English poetical miscellanies published between 1625 and 1800. In its entirety, the collection consists of 86 titles in 71 volumes. These 86 join more than 200 other editions of English poetical miscellanies for the same period already in the Library. Although it is not known exactly when the Library began to gather miscellanies, impetus for collecting them came in 1935 when the first comprehensive bibliography of English poetical miscellanies was published. [See: Arthur E. Case, A Bibliography of English Poetical Miscellanies, 1521-1750 (Oxford: Printed for the Bibliographical Society at the University Press, 1935) [(ExB) Z2014 .P7C3]. The Princeton copy of Case shows intensive use by the Associate Librarian, Lawrence Heyl, as he began to search and purchase miscellanies for our growing collections. Mr. Heyl not only annotated entries for copies held by Princeton but also noted variations of Princeton copies with the published descriptions.

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Since early in 1988, Leonard L. Milberg '53 has been donating a collection of contemporary American poetry and he is doing so in honor of Prof. Emeritus, Richard M. Ludwig.

As of March 2013, holdings are being formed for the following more than 90 poets: A.R. Ammons, John Ashbery, Wendell Berry, John Berryman, Elizabeth Bishop, Robert Bly, Louise Bogan, Philip Booth, Philip Brodsky, Gwendolyn Brooks, Amy Clampitt, Alfred Corn, Robert Creeley, Guy Davenport, James Dickey, Diane Di Prima, Ed Dorn, Rita Dove, Robert Duncan, Richard Eberhart, Allen Ginsberg, Louise Glück, Jorie Graham, Emily Grosholz, Allen Grossman, Barbara Guest, Donald Hall, Daniel Halpern, Michael Harper, Robert Hass, Robert Hayden, Anthony Hecht, John Hollander, Richard Howard, Andrew Hudgins, Richard Hugo, David Ignatow, Randell Jarrell, Donald Justice, August Kleinzahler, Robert Kelly, X. J. Kennedy, Galway Kinnell, Carolyn Kizer, Kenneth Koch, Yusef Komunyakaa, Maxine Kumin, Stanley Kunitz, Richmond Lattimore, Denise Levertov, Philip Levine, J.D. McClatchy, Nathaniel MacKey, William Meredith, James Merrill, W.S. Merwin, Frederick Morgan, Howard Nemerov, Frank O'Hara, Alicia Ostriker, Robert Pinsky, Sylvia Plath, Charles Reznikoff, Adrienne Rich, James Richardson, Theodore Roethke, Jerome Rothenberg, Muriel Rukeyser, Kay Ryan, May Sarton, Gjertrud Schackenberg, James Schuyler, Delmore Schwartz, Anne Sexton, Alan Shapiro, Karl Shapiro, Charles Simic, Louis Simpson, W.D. Snodgrass, Gary Snyder, William Stafford, Gerald Stern, Mark Strand, May Swenson, James Tate, Chase Twitchell, Diane Wakoski, Robert Penn Warren, Theodore Weiss, Reed Whittemore, Richard Wilbur, Rosanna Warren, C.K. Williams, Charles Wright, James Wright, and Louis Zukofsky.

A catalogue of the holdings of the collection (about 1800 items) as of the end of July 1993 was published in April, 1994. See J. Howard Woolmer, The Leonard L. Milberg Collection of American Poetry (Princeton: Princeton University Library, 1994) with biographical essays by Molly Weigel [(ExB) Z1231.P7 P74 1994]. As of December, 2000 over 3500 pieces are in this collection.

Also published at the time of this catalogue was a special issue of the Princeton University Library Chronicle to mark the receipt of the collection of the Library. See the Princeton University Library Chronicle LV, 3 (Spring, 1994) [full text].

The collection is regularly growing and catalogue entries for individual items in it can be retrieved in the main catalog by searching "Milberg Collection of American Poetry" as a phrase using the Keyword index. (To do this: 1. Go to Guided Search. 2. Put "Milberg Collection of American Poetry" in the first search box. 3. Select "as a phrase" from the pull down menu. 4. In the next pull down menu at right, select "Keyword Anywhere" 5. Then, click the button labeled "Search")

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The Bulletin of this London society is held by the Library under the call number (Ex) PR1170.xP6 -- [non-ordinary size].
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Originally, in the Graphic Arts Collection, there was a gathering of numerous American poetry broadsides issued since 1955. See Joe Rothrock's article on contemporary collecting in Graphic Arts in the Princeton University Library Chronicle XXXVIII, 1 (Autumn, 1976) pp. 60 ff. [full text] In May of 1991, many of these were transferred to the General Rare Books Collection. Many were cataloged for the (ExRML BROADSIDE) collection.

The collection of broadside poems continues to grow thru purchases funded by the Gift of Leonard L. Milberg '53 in honor of Richard M. Ludwig, and the Gift of Leonard L. Milberg '53 for the Milberg Irish Poetry Collection.

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POPE, ALEXANDER (1688-1744)

See the article on the Library's exhibition of Pope material by Professor Root in the Princeton University Library Chronicle VI, 1 (November, 1944) pp. 37-40 [full text] .
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POUND, EZRA LOOMIS (1885-1973)

In October, 1985, the ExB copy of Gallup's bibliography of Pound [1983 revision, (ExB) Z8709.3 .G3 1983] was checked for the Library's holdings. The bibliography divides EP's writings into forms of text, viz.: Section A covers 106 books and pamphlets by or translated by EP. (Note: several of the 106 units has subdivisions.) Section B lists 126 books and pamphlets with contributions by or edited by EP. Section C lists 1989 contributions to periodicals; Section D covers over 246 translations. (E is Miscellanea.)

Of these sections, only A was checked thoroughly. Of these 106 entries, the Library has 83 in one or another of the edition, issue, or printing listed. In addition, the Library has scattered holdings of the other sections, some of which are marked.

The Library also has a slip catalogue of EP's books as of 1978. The slips cover those books organized by Omar S. Pound and sold to the University of Texas in 1980. The books are now in the Humanities Research Center at Austin. [Catalogue call number is (Ex) PS3531 .O82286 1978s].

For a collection of periodicals in which his works appeared, see the collection entitled Miscellaneous works by Ezra Pound, 1922-1968, which contains various journal issues [(at ReCAP for use in RBSC) PS507 .P68].

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John Cowper Powys (1872-1963), Llewellyn Powys (1884-1939), Theodore Francis Powys (1875-1953).

A 251 volume collection of books by and about the Powys brothers and other members of the family was purchased in April, 1986. The collection has been completely catalogued.

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During 1993-4, the Library acquired a number of materials that are representative of some of the devices and 19th century innovations that foreshadowed the cinema. These items add to some similar type material in the Theatre Collection (such as the Alexander Black slides for his 1894 magic lantern show 'Miss Jerry') and in Graphic Arts (such as flip books.) Optical devices added to the Graphic Arts Collections has been the following: an 18th century optical diagonal machine complete with a build-in box of 40 vues d'optique issued by the English printer/ publisher C. Dicey, also a zograscope, a praxinoscope, two magic lanterns, several specialized vues d'optique locally called 'hold-to-light.' For particulars about these items see Hermann Hecht, Pre Cinema History (New York: Saur, 1993) and C. J. Kaldenbach, "Perspective Views" in Print Quarterly (1985).

Also available is a glimpse of the some of the holdings of optical devices in Graphic Arts as of September, 2005. [The link is a Power Point slide show.]

View of the back of 18th century optical
diagonal machine with built-in box
of 40 vues d'optique issued by
the English printer/ publisher C. Dicey
[(GA) GC 138 / GA 2005.01029]
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In the Graphic Arts Collection, there are gatherings of books from the following fine presses:

I. English: Kelmscott Press, Doves Press, Ashendene Press, Strawberry Hill Press and others. (For Strawberry Hill also see entry in this Guide for Walpole, Horace, giving particulars about many such books in the General Rare Books Collection [Ex].)
II. American: Allen Press, Bird & Bull Press, Cummington Press, Gehenna Press, Grabhorn Press, Perishable Press Limited, Pynson Press, and many others.

At various times Press Books have been listed among the Recent Acquisitions to the Library. As a point of departure see the Princeton University Library Chronicle XXXIV, 1 (Autumn, 1972) p. 86 [full text] ; XXXVI, 3 (Spring, 1973) p. 196-7 [full text] ; XXXVI, 1 (Autumn, 1974) p. 80-1 [full text] ; and various issues of the Princeton University Library Chronicle during the 1960's. See also "A Year of Contemporary Collecting in Graphic Arts" for a brief account of small press accessions during 1975-76 [in the Princeton University Library Chronicle XXXVIII, 1 (Autumn, 1976) p. 60-64 [full text] ].

See also the entry ENGLISH LITERATURE OF THE 1890's in this Guide.

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Location designator: PBA

About 40 volumes, separately arranged in the General Rare Books Collection, which was originally the holdings of the Association's Library. A gift collection received in November, 1948 from the Association. The Association evidently disbanded in 1947. The Association's minute books (1867-1947) are part of the Manuscripts Division, call numbers [(MSS) C0199 (no. 854), (MSS) C0199 (no. 856), (MSS) C0199 (no. 857).

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In 1958, the Library held an exhibition of Princeton authors (defined as authors who were living in Princeton during a productive period of their lives). The 132 authors featured are listed, described briefly, and the items representing each author at the exhibition are found in the Chronicle. For particulars refer to: Alfred L. Bush, "Literary Landmarks of Princeton" in the Princeton University Library Chronicle XXIX, 1 (Autumn, 1967) pp.1-90. [full text]

An exhibition catalogue entitled Some Princeton Writers of the Twentieth Century: Original Manuscripts from the Library's Collections together with the Printed Books (Princeton, 1958) [(ExB) 0639.739 no. 26] [full text] is available in the Dulles Reading Room. Some 40 authors are listed, along with the items concerning that author which were displayed at the exhibition.

Of further interest is the following: Nathaniel Burt, "The Princeton Novel: 1920-1978" in the Princeton University Library Chronicle XL, 3 (Spring, 1979) pp. 215-233 [full text]

. This article further develops an aspect of the 1967 exhibition. The author discusses the Princeton novel on the basis of the a.) Undergraduate Novel b.) Faculty Novel c.) Town Novel.

Sequel to this article is his "A Genuine Princeton Literary Tradition" in the Princeton University Library Chronicle XLVII, 3 (Spring, 1986) pp. 271-300 [full text] .

See also: Maurice Coindreau, "Charles Godfrey Leland--Rabelaisian" in the Princeton University Library Chronicle I, 4 (June, 1940) pp. 16-26 [full text] . This article relates briefly the life of Leland, Princeton student and founder of the Rabelais Club (which had members like Victor Hugo, Henry James, Robert Louis Stevenson, Ronan, Longfellow, Turgenev, Thomas Hardy, Bret Harte, Henry Irving, and many others.) The Library has a remarkably complete group of books written by Leland.

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Princeton Borough Collection
Location designator: PB

About 300 volumes. A fair portion of the volumes are directories of the town of Princeton (city, street and telephone directories). The series of directories begins in 1887 and continues to the present. Besides the directories there are also genealogies relevant to the Princeton area, as well as histories, and religious writings.

Both the Princeton Public Library and the Historical Society of Princeton have collections on Princeton borough and Princeton township.

A list of a great part of the contents of the Princeton Borough Collection is found on p. 3343 of the Princeton University Library Classed List vol. 6 (Special Collections) (Princeton, 1920) [(ExB) 0639.7373.5]. [full text]

In December 2007, the Library made available a digital facsimile of the sole recorded copy of a 1930s newspaper published in Princeton, titled The Local Express [PB 1184.73995e]. Follow these links for details: announcement about the digital facsimile; link to the facsimile.

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Location designator: P

An old collection (evidently organized about the turn of the 20th century) that was originally designed to gather books, bound manuscripts, photograph albums and other material either about Princeton, or originating in the University, or written by Princetonians. By 1981, the collection was fragmented as various parts were stored in various libraries or they had been lost altogether.

In 2003-2004, the General Rare Books Department updated the holdings of the "P" books in their collections. The records are in the Library's online catalogue. Generally, Mudd Library holds items with numbers, P00-P92. The Rare Books Dept. holds books formerly in the 18th Century Room at Firestone, together with other materials. Some "P" items have been transferred to the "bound mss" section of the Manuscripts Division. The remainder are at the Annex Library.

A list of the contents of the Princetoniana Collection as of 1920 is available in Princeton University Library Classed List vol. 6 (Special Collections) (Princeton, 1920) [(ExB) 0639.7373.5]. [full text]

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The General Rare Books Department has a number of publisher's prospectuses, which cover a variety of publications, and range from the early 1700's to the present. A few examples follow:

1. Encyclopaedia Britannica, 9th ed. (London, 1898) [(Ex) Item 2916334]
2. Diderot, Denis. Encyclopédie, ou, Dictionnaire raisonné des sciences, des arts et des métiers (Paris, 1751) [(Ex) Oversize AE25 .E55 1751f]
3. Edward S. Curtis. The North American Indian (Boston, 1935) [(WA)2005-0018Q]

A large collection of over 200 printers' and publishers' prospectuses was purchased in the fall of 1993. These prospectuses were issued in Italy, France, and England between 1736 and 1830, and are catalogued with a full listing of titles and persons involved both online and in a printout within the boxes holding the material. Call number: (Ex) Z338 .P76q, boxes 1 and 2.


Box 1:

Folder 1 (Box 1): 1. Filippo Carmignani. Advertisement for a new edition of Constantini Observationes ad varia capita statutorum almae urbis, etc. Parma, 2 July 1772 - 1 bis. Marcel Prault. Collection des meilleurs auteurs italiens. Prospectus. Paris : Prault, [1768] - 2. J. A. de Luc. Prospectus for his work on the barometer and thermometer. [after 1771] - 3. G. P. Vieusseux. Biblioteca d'educazione, prospectus for. 12 p. Florence : Vieusseux, 1824 - 4. Antonio Zatta e figli. Avviso agli associati della Biblioteca Piacevole ossia corso di amena lettura. [A catalogue of their recent publications.] 20 p. Venice : Zatta, n.d. - 5. La Doue, libraire. Avis [advertisement and catalogue of books]. Paris : Doue, [after 1765] - 6. Clamant frères. Archives du droit françcais ... Catalogue d'ouvrages choisis et les plus utiles aux hommes d'état. Paris : Clamant, [after 1808] - 7. Goujon fils. En vente (au 1er thermidor an ix) à Paris ... Lettres de Ciceron ... traduites en français par l'abbé Prevost. incl. 1-p. catalogue of Goujon books for sale. Paris : Goujon, 1801 - 8. Alessandro Pepoli. Prospetto del Paradiso perduto, di Giovanni Milton, tradotto in versi sciolti da Alessandro Pepoli. Engr. frontispiece. Venice : Pepoli, 1795 - 9. Francesco Giachetti. [Prospectus for] Opere di G. G. Winckelmann, prima edizione italiana completa. Prato : Giachetti, 1830 - 10. Prospetto di una nuova enciclopedia italiana. [1776] - 11. Gaetano Albizzini. M. Tullii Ciceronis Oratio in L. Pisonem [prospectus for an edition]. 12 engr. text illustrations reproducing the hands of 12 Cicero mss. Florence : Albizzini, 1741 - 12. Giguet et Michaud. [Prospectus for] Théorie de l'aimant ... par Quinet de Certines. Paris : Giguet, 1809 - 13. Antonio Zatta e figli. Prospectus for a work by Giampiero Zanotti on the art of Bologna. Venice : Zatta, 1791 - 14. Gaetano Albizzini. Nota di libri sciolti, e rami intagliati, restati nell' Eredita del fu Sig. Proposto Anton Francesco Gori [catalogue of his works on ancient Etruscan monuments, on coins, on the Laurenziana Library, etc.]. Florence : Albizzini, [after 1751] - 15. Henry Pyefinch. Notice sommaire d'un baro-thermomètre nouvellement inventée à Londres en 1764, & rendu public l'année suivante sous le nom de Aerostathmion [by J. H. de Magalhaens]. [London, after 1765] - 16. Marco Coltellini. Agli amatori dell'istoria, delle belle arti, e del buon gusto ... progetto d'Associazione per la ristampa in Livorno delle vite dei pittori ... da Giorgio Vasari. [Livorno, 1764] - 17. Giuseppe Galeatti. Eruditis viris ac veterum monumentorum et ecclesiasticae historiae studiosis [prospectus for an edition of medieval charters kept in the Ambrosiana Library, under the direction of Girolamo Tiraboschi]. Milan, 1765 - 18. Marco Coltellini. Avviso. Una società di letterati intraprende per comune vantaggio un'opera periodica, che dovra contenere gli atti letterati, politici e delle arti. Livorno, n.d. - 19. Guglielmo Evrardi. Avviso ... [prospectus for] Justini Febronii, de statu ecclesiae ... editio quinta. Engr. sample title vignette, woodcut tailpiece. Buglione : Evrardi, 1765 - 20. Leonardo Venturini. Clarissimis literarum cultoribus ... [prospectus for Lodovico Muratori, Supplementum ad novum thesaurum veterum inscriptionum]. ucca, 1763 - 21. Antonio Ristori & Giovacchino Pagani. Prospectus for the publication Ornitologia, o, Storia degli uccelli. Florence, 30 August 1766 - 22. Gaetano Albizzini. Agli studiosi di medicina, e chirurgia ... [prospectus for Francesco Vacca, De inflammationis morbosae quae in humano corpore fit]. Florence, 11 September 1765 - 23. Domenico Magri. Prospectus for his Hierolexicon or Dizionario sacro. N.p., 1766 - 24. Marco Coltellini & Vincenzo Landi. Prospectus for Ludovico Antonio Muratori, Annali d'Italia, Lucca and Monaco editions. N.d. - 25. Giovanni Riccomini. Agli amatori della filosofia [prospectus for Agatopisto Cromaziano, Storia della filosofia]. Lucca, 1 June 1767 - 26. Jacopo Giusti. Viris eruditis [prospectus for a posthumous work on ethics by Jacopo Antonio Bacci of Lucca]. Lucca, 1 August 1760 - 27. Jacopo Carlieri. A' nobili dilettanti, ed eccellenti professori dello studio utilissimo del disegno [prospectus for reproductions of great drawings in the Imperial Gallery of Florence, done by Andrea Scacciati]. Florence, ca. 1764 - 28. Francesco Rossi. Agli amatori e studiosi delle belle arti [prospectus for a reproduction of the drawing cycle of the history of Pope Pius II in the library at Siena]. Siena, 1765 - 29. Giovanni Battista Albrizzi. Sacrae et ecclesiasticae doctrinae ac eruditionis studiosis [prospectus for Andrea Gallandi, Bibliotheca veterum patrum antiquorum scriptorum ecclesiasticorum]. Large folio (folded). Venice, 1765 - 30. Unidentified poem , printed on blue paper, with engr. views in the margins.

Folder 2 (Box 1): 1. Antonio Zatta. Viris eruditis ecclesiasticas sacrasque litera amantibus ... [prospectus for Labbeo, Collectio sacrorum conciliorum omnium]. Venice, 1758 - 2. Jacopo Giusti. Prospectus for Muratori, Ad novum thesaurum veterum inscriptionum supplementum. Lucca, 1759 - 3. Niccola de Romanis. Il parlamento ottaviano, ovvero, Le adunanze degli osservatori italiani avviso. Rome, ca. 1763 - 4. Giuseppe Rocchi. Ai chiari amatori di varia letteratura [prospectus for Miscellanee di varia letteratura]. Lucca, 1762 - 5. Antonio Zatta. Agli amatori della storia ecclesiastica [prospectus for Antoine Godeau, Storia ecclesiastica, translated into Italian by Arnaldo Speroni, with another collection of apologies on behalf of the Jesuits]. Venice, ca. 1763 - 6. Antonio Francesco Gori. Elenchus opusculorum quae in editis III.IV.V. Symbolarum voluminibus et in reliquis proferentur [apparently an extract from Symbolae litterariae, vol. 5 table of contents distributed as an advertisement]. Florence, 1748-1753 -- 7. Antonio Santini. Agli amatori delle lettere [prospectus for Gayot de Pitaval, La storia delle cause celebri]. N.p., n.d. - 8. Pietro Francesco Foggini. Bonarum artium amatoribus ... [prospectus for his publication of the Laurenziana Virgil codex]. (foxing). Florence, 1740 -- 9. Antonio Andreoni. Avviso al pubblico [response to an anonymous Supplemento attacking the Marchese Maffei]. Verona, 1753 - 10. Tartini & Franchi. Viris litterarum e eruditionibus amantibus [prospectus for Joannes Meursius, Opuscula]. Florence, 1752 - 11. Antonio Zaccheria. Response to a Venetian publication, Memorie etc. N.p., n.d. - 12. Vincenzo Giuntini. Ai signori italiani [prospectus for a new encyclopedic periodical in French from Liège]. Lucca, 1756 - 13. Gaetano Albizzini. Cultoribus eruditae antiquitatis [prospectus for Antonio Francesco Gori, Dyptycha consularia]. Florence, 1758 - 14. Angelo Maria Bandini. Viris sacra et profana eruditione clariss. [prospectus for his Graecae ecclesiae vetera monumenta ex Bibliotheca Medicea]. Florence, 1763 - 15. Angelo Maria Bandini. Bonarum literarum cultoribus [advertisement for his Clarissimorum Italorum & Germanorum epistolae ad Petrum Victorium Senatorem]. Florence, 1758 - 16. Tartini & Franchi. Advertisement for Giovanni Targioni Tozzetti, Sopra le cause, e sopra i remedi dell'insalubrita d'aria della Valdinievole, 1761. Florence, 1761 - 17. Filippo Carmignani. Announcement of his publication of Cato L'Uticense, Sonetti. Parma, n.d. - 18. Filippo Carmignani. Announcement of subscriptions for the Brussels periodical Mercure historique et politique. Parma, [after 1759] - 19. Francesco Sansoni. Announcement of the Italian edition of St. Cyril of Jerusalem, Opera, edited by Augustin Toutée. Venice, 1763 - 20. Antonio Zatta. Advertisement for Philippe Labbe, Sacrorum conciliorum nova & amplissima collectio. Venice, 1763 - 21. Giuseppe Galeazzi. Continuazione dell' Estratto della letteratura europea [announcement of the continuation of this periodical]. Milan, 1763 - 22. Domenico Passionei, Cardinal Librarian of the Vatican. Sacrae profanaeque eruditionis cultoribus [announcement of plans for a catalogue of oriental manuscripts]. Vatican City, 1755 - 23. Agostino Carattoni. Advertisement for the works of Giambattista Biancolini on the history of the church in Verona. Verona, n.d. - 24. Jacopo Carlieri. Prospectus for a multilingual botanical dictionary. Florence, n.d. - 25. Leonardo Venturini. Prospectus for Muratori, Ad novum thesaurum veterum inscriptionum supplementum. Lucca, 1763. Duplicate of Folder 1, no. 20 - 26. Venanzo Monaldini. Prospectus for Pietro Galletti, Inscriptiones Romanae. Incl. sample title printed in red and black with engr. vignette of Romulus and Remus. Rome, 1763 - 27. Michele Bellotti. Prospectus for an Italian edition of Justinian's Institutes. Woodcut initial. Arezzo, 1763 - 28. Giovacchino Pagani. Prospectus for Domenico Manni, Principi della religione cristiana in Firenze. Woodcut initial. Florence, 1763 - 29. Giuseppe & Filippo Rossi. Prospectus for Cesare Baronio, Opuscula epistolaeque. Woodcut initial. Rome, 1758 - 30. Pietro Caietano Viviani. Prospectus for a series of Biblical commentaries edited by Giuseppe Lami. (foxing). Woodcut initials. Florence, 1736 - 31. Gaetano Albizzini. Announcement of Antonio Francesco Gori, Museum Etruscum. Florence, 1743 - 32. Gaetano Albizzini. Announcement of Antonio Francesco Gori, Thesaurus gemmarum antiquarum astriferarum. Florence, 1750 - 33. & 34. Antonio Zatta. Announcement of publication with sample title page of Philippus Labbeus, Sacrorum conciliorum nova et amplissima collectio. Tomus primus. Florence, 1758 - 35. Giuseppe Allegrini. Announcement of publication of engr. portraits of the Medici family. Florence, 1759 - 36. Antonio Zatta. Sample title page and first text leaf of Pietro Antonio, Count Gaetani's Museum Mazzuchellianum (numismatics collection). Engr. title vignette. Venice, 1759 - 37. Giovanni Riccomini. Announcing an edition of Jacopo Cujacio, Opera [law]. Lucca, 1761 - 38. Jacopo Giusti. Announcement of Giovanni Antonio Pecci, Lo stato di Siena antico e moderno. Lucca, 1763.

Folder 3 (Box 1): 1. Vincenzo Pazzini Carli e figli. Announcement of publication of La Bibbia del Sig. di Sacy. Siena, 1776 - 2. Lacombe & Didot. Announcement of subscriptions to the Observateur. N.p., n.d. - 3. Chirol & Panckoucke. Announcement of the Journal historique et politique. Paris & Geneva, n.d. - 4. Didot. Announcement of Ephemerides du citoyen, ou, Bibliothèque raisonnée des sciences morales et politiques. Paris, 1770 - 5. Desaint. Prospectus for cours d'histoire naturelle, ou, Tableau de la nature. Paris, 1770 - 6. & 7. Le Jay, et al. Prospectus for Nouveau dictionnaire historique. Paris, 1770 - 8. Agostino Pizzorno. Announcement for Variorum opuscula ad cultiorum jurisprudentiam adsequendam pertinentia. Pisa, 1769 - 9. Andrea Rapetti & Antonio Veneziano. Announcement of the Giornale ecclesiastico, an Italian version of a French journal. Palermo, 1771 - 10. Giuseppe Rocchi. Announcement of Antonio Agostini & Francesco Duareno, Juris pontificii veteris epitomes pars prima. Lucca, 1769 - 11. & 12. Savary-Garc in. Dizionario di commercio, first Italian edition; title page and prospectus. Venice, 1770 - 13. Casamara. Announcement of La sola ragione naturale intorno all religion cattolica appostolica romana. Genoa, n.d. - 14. Andrea Rapetti & Antonio Veneziano. Announcement of a weekly literary journal Notizie de' leterati. Palermo, 1771 - 15. Gaetano Cambiagi. Announcement of Girolamo da Siena, Opere toscane. Florence, 1770 - 16. Giuseppe Maria Porcelli. Announcement of the fourth volume of Saverio Mattei, I Salmi. N.p., n.d. - 17. Orsini, Baldassare. Announcement of his Trattato di geometria pratica. Rome, 1771 - 18. Gregorio Settari. Prospectus for Giambattista Passeri, Delle vite de' pittori, scultori e architetti. Rome, 1771 - 19. Elogio storico di Gio[vanni] Pietro Dolfin Veneziano, Preposto di S. Lorenzo di Brescia. [Brescia, after 1770] - 20. Prospectus d'une nouvelle édition de l'encyclopédie. Monaco, 1771 - 21. [Prospectus d'une] Nouvelle édition du dictionnaire encyclopédique. Leghorn, 1770 - 22. Ildep honsus a S. Aloysio. Announcement of Giovanni di Giesu-Maria, Opera. Florence, 1771 - 23. Donato Campo. Announcement of Armellino-Marciano de Luca, L'Uomo filosofo: opera etico-fisica. N.p., n.d. - 24. Allegrini, Pisoni & Co. Prospectus for Le tragedie francesi tradotte in versi italiani. Florence, 1771 - 25. Bibliotheca vaticana. Announcement of plans for a catalogue of manuscripts. Rome, 1762 - 26. Announcement of the publication of a periodical for women entitled La Toelette. "Gelopoli," 1770 - 27. Notice of a separate publication of the Codice di universale legislazione by the Associazione alla Gazzetta notizie del mondo. Torino, 1770 - 28. Domenico Battifoco. Announcement of Commedie da camera. N.p., n.d. - 29. Prospectus for Carlo Gandini, Osservazioni, riflessioni, nuove scoperte ... de' movimenti animali ... delli passioni dell' animo. Genoa, n.d. - 30. Paolo Giunchi (heir of Komarek). Announcement of Giuseppe Agostino Orsi, Storia ecclesiastica. Rome, n.d. - 31. Anton Giuseppe & Giovacchino Pagani. Announcement of the publication of an atlas for use with Buesching's Geography. N.p., n.d. - 32. Allegrini, Pisoni & Co. Announcement of new edition of Muratori, Rerum Italicarum scriptores. Florence, 1770 - 33. Allegrini, Pisoni & Co. Italian version of 32. Florence, 1770 - 34. Niccolo Pizzana, heirs of. Announcement of Boni Merbesii Mondiderini, Summa Christiana. (stained). Venice, n.d. - 35. Carlo Borrone, Sonetto dedicato a S. E. il Sig. Conte Carlo di Firmian. With dedication leaf to Ferdinand, Archduke of Austria. [Milan?], n.d. - 36. Allegrini, Pisoni & Co. Announcement of La collezione di scrittura di regia giurisdizione. Florence, 1770 - 37. Antonio Milli & Giovanni Milli. Prospectus for Dizionario universale, including sample title page and 7 sample pages of text. Venice, 1737 - 38. Angelo Maria Bandini. Announcement of the catalogue of manuscripts of the Laurenziana Library. Addressed to Giuseppe Pelli. Florence, 1778 - 39. Académie royale des sciences. Prospectus for an index to all their current publications. Paris, 1774 - 40. Vincenzo Mazeranghi. Announcement of a work on the Etruscan, Greek, and Roman antiquities in the collection of Ambassador Hamilton in Naples. Florence, 1773 - 41. Another copy of no. 21 - 42. Clement XIV. Motu proprio confirming the regulations of the Sapienza. Rome, 1770 - 43. Relazione della festa eseguitasi in Cortona nel martedi 14 del cadente ottobre 1777 ... dall'Accademia etrusca. Arezzo, 1777 - 44. Antonio Fabbrini, et al. Prospectus for Valmont de Bomare, Dictionnaire raisonné universel. Florence, 1779 - 45. Ludovico Mirri. Prospectus for his publication of the Museum Clementinum and other art publications of his. Rome, 1778 - 46. Broadside poem in Latin. 1764 - 47. Collegium Academicorum Etruscorum & Ludovico de Mariscotti. Broadside commemorating festivities in honor of the foundation of the college. Cortona, 1768 - 48. & 49. Francesco Pisoni. Announcement with sample title page of the Praxis universae jurisprudentiae. Florence, 1772.

Box 2:

Folder 4 (Box 2): 1. Duplicate of Folder 1, no. 1 bis - 2. Saillant, et al. Prospectus for the works of Cicero. Paris, 1768 - 3. Valade. Prospectus for Encyclopédie militaire ... ouvrage périodique. Paris, 1769 - 4. Duchesne, widow of, et al. Prospectus for Heber, Ichnographie, ou, Discours sur les quatre arts d'architecture, peinture, sculpture et gravure. Paris, 1767 - 5. P. G. Simon. Prospectus for Journal de musique. Paris, 1769 - 6. C. Panckoucke. Prospectus for Les fables de La Fontaine, with 277 plates. Paris, n.d. - 7. Lambert & Panckoucke. Prospectus for Le Courier du commerce. Paris, n.d. - 8. Gueffier. Prospectus for Nouveau choix de recréations physiques et mathématiques. Paris, 1769 - 9. Rozer. Prospectus for Le Balleur, La religion revelée défendue contre les ennemis qui l'ont attaquée. Paris, 1768 - 10. Couturier. Prospectus for the Dictionnaire des bénéfices. Paris, 1769 - 11. Lacombe. Prospectus for the Dictionnaire de la noblesse. Paris, 1769 - 12. Rolin. Institution académique établie pour l'instruction de la jeune noblesse. Paris : Gueffier, 1769 - 13. Antonio Zatta. Prospectus for a new edition of Friedrich Buesching's Geography. Venice, 1772 - 14. Announcement of the publication of Buffon, Histoire naturelle des oiseaux. Paris, 1771 - 15. Fessard. Prospectus and sample for illustrated La Fontaine. Paris, 1765 - 16. John Baskerville. Prospectus for Ariosto, Orlando furioso. Birmingham : Baskerville, 1771. Text in French - 17. Vincent. Prospectus for C.-L. Richard, Analyse des conciles généraux et particuliers. Paris, 1771 - 18. Desaint. Advertisement for the works of Duhamel du Monceau on wood, agriculture, and ship design. Paris, 1770 - 19. Rozet. Advertisement for Bibliothèque de campagne, ou, Amusemens de l'esprit et du coeur. Paris, 1768 - 20. Quillau. Prospectus for Annales de la ville de Toulouse. Paris, 1770 - 21. Nyon. Prospectus for Journal de Rome, ou, Collection des anciens monuments ... représentés & gravés en taille-douce. Paris, 1766 - 22. Delalain. Prospectus for the series Auteurs italiens. Paris, 1770 - 23. Batteney & Jolly. Prospectus for Batteney, L'archiviste françois. Paris, 1769 - 24. N. M. Tilliard. Prospectus for Anquetil, Zend-Avesta, ouvrage de Zoroastre. Paris, 1770 - 25. Duplicate of no. 17 - 26. Vincent. Catalogue des livres nouveaux. Paris, 1772 - 27. Lattre. Précis des nouveautés [catalogue of suites of prints, maps, and illustrated books in the inventory of Lattre]. Bordeaux, after 1768 - 28. Regnault. Prospectus for his La Botanique, mise à la portée de tout le monde, ou collection de planches. Paris, 1769 - 29. Grange, et al. Prospectus for Dictionnaire de l'histoire. Paris, 1769 - 30. Jean-Thomas Herissant. Prospectus for Fevret de Fontette, Bibliothèque historique de la France. Paris, 1767 - 31. Estienne. Prospectus for Morellet, Nouveau dictionnaire de commerce. Paris, 1769 - 32. Giambattista Conzatti. Announcement for Aforismi del divino Platone ad arrestare il morbo epicureo. Venice, n.d. - 33. Antonio Zatta. Announcement for Etienne Baluze, Capitularium regum Francorum. Venice, 1771 - 34. Colletti & Zatta. Announcement for Vettor Sandi, Opera. Venice, 1771 - 35. Pezzana, Niccolo, heirs of. Announcement of Fleuri, Apologia della storia ecclesiastica. Venice, 1772.

Folder 5 (Box 2): 1. Antonio Zatta. Announcement for Giovanni Granelli, Lezioni scritturali, with a catalogue of other available books. Venice, ca. 1792 - 2. Francesco Rossi. Announcement for vols. 11 & 12 of Carlo Rollin, Storia romana. Siena, n.d. -- 3. Giuseppe Allegrini. Advertisement for Carlo Faucci's engr. portrait of Montesquieu. Florence, 1767 - 4. Paolo Colombani. Announcement for the literary journal L'Europa. Venice, 1768 - 5. Giovanni Vincenzo Falorni. Announcement of Ragguagli dell'isola di Corsica. Leghorn, n.d. - 6. Tommaso Bettinelli. Announcement of Paulian, Dizionario portatile di fisica, che contiene le scoperte piâu interessanti di Cartesio e di Newton. Venice, 1770 - 7. Giuseppe Galeazzi. Announcement of a new catalogue of the Haym collection. Milan, 1767 - 8. Pietro Gaetano Viviani. Announcement of the Magazzino toscano. Florence, 1769 - 9. Francesco Allegrini. Announcement of the Gazzetta di Firenze. Florence, 1768 - 10. Giovanni Lami. Announcement of his new Italian translation of Lucretius. Venice, 1768 - 11. Amatina. Announcement of an edition of Ambroise Pare. Pesaro, 1768 - 12. Tommaso Arrighetti & Ferdinando Gregori. Announcement of engr. reproductions of paintings in the Pitti Palace. Florence, 1768 - 13. Tadini. Advertisement for his Balsamo della Mecca, an ointment for the eye. N.p.., n.d. - 14. Giuseppe Giovacchino Cambiagi. Announcement for the Gazzetta estera. Florence, 1767 - 15. Giovanni Battista Secchi & Anton-Giuseppe Pagani. Announcement for a new edition of Filippo Baldinucci, Opera. Florence, 1767 - 16. Anton Giuseppe Pagani. Announcement of the Osservatore italiano. Florence, n.d. - 17. Allegrini, Pisoni & Co. Announcement of Giovanni Bonaventura Neri Badia, Decisioni legali. Florence, n.d. - 18. Duplicate of Folder 3, no. 26 - 19. Ivone Gravier. Prospectus for Alfonso Niccolai, Opera. Genoa, n.d. - 20. Giovacchino Cambiagi. Announcement for his Istoria di Corsica. [Florence?], 1771 - 21. & 22. Giovanni Gravier. Announcement of a new edition of Alberico Gentile, Opere. Naples, 1770. Addressed to Joseph Boughard, bookseller in Florence - 23. Galeazzi. Announcement of Paolo Frisio, De legibus gravitatis libri tres. [Milan], n.d. - 24. Ivone Gravier. Announcement of a new edition of the poetry of Pietro Metastasio. Genoa, 1766 - 25. Giovanni Montanari. Prospectus for Giacomo de' Conti, Decisioni senesi e fiorentine. Modena, 1768 - 26. Mario Riginaldi. Announcement for Cesare Orlandi, Breve storia e descrizione di tutte le citta dell'Italia. Perugia, 1769 - 27. Panckoucke. Prospectus for the works of Voltaire illustrated by Gravelot. [Paris], n.d. - 28. Gaetano Cambiagi. Announcement for a new Universale istoria dei piâu eccellenti pittori, scultori ed architetti. Florence, 1768 - 29. Luigi Pio. Announcement of Francescantonio Zaccaria, Anti-Febbronio ... apologia ... del Primato del Papa. Pesaro, 1768 - 30. Gaetano Cambiagi. Announcement of Nicolo Magri, Origine di Livorno. Florence, 1768 - 31. Controversy about a grain called Granturco or Siciliano grown in Fano, and praised for its health benefits. Fano, 1767 - 32. Gaetano Cambiagi. Announcement of a new edition of Giovanni Targioni Tozzetti, Relazioni di alcuni viaggi ... per osservare le produzioni naturali. Florence, 1767 - 33. Giovanni Mossy. Announcement of a Dizionario francese-italiano e italiano-francese. Marseilles, n.d. - 34. Gaetano Cambiagi. Announcement of Collezione delle leggi di Toscana. Florence, 1770 - 35. Bernardo Tarigo. Announcement of an Italian edition of Chambers dictionary. Genoa, 1770 - 36. Joseph Boughard. Prospectus for a new edition of the Dictionnaire encyclopédique. Florence, 1769 - 37. A Latin version of no. 17, dated 1768. Florence - 38. Giuseppe Aubert. Prospectus for the Leghorn edition of the Dictionnaire encyclopédique des arts et métiers. Leghorn, 1769.

Folder 6 (Box 2): 1. Marco Coltellini. Announcing an edition of Francesco Algarotti, Opere. Leghorn, 1763 - 2. Prospectus for Rougier de la Bergerie, Cours d'agriculture pratique. Paris, 1819 - 3. Roques. Prospectus for his Phytographie médicale. Paris, 1820 - 4. Francesco Rossi & fratelli Bindi. Announcement of Raynal, Storia de' popoli americani. Siena, 1776 - 5. Stefano Mulinari. Announcement of his suite of engr. reproductions of fifty old masters. [Florence, 1778] - 6. Vincenzo Pazzini Carli e figli. Announcement of the Italian version of Bossuet's orations. Siena, 1777 - 7. Vincenzo Pazzini Carli e figli. Announcement of a Latin version of the Odyssey translated by Count Zamagna. Siena, 1770 - 8. Vincenzo Pazzini Carli e figli. Announcement of the Italian version of Fleury, Storia ecclesiastica. Siena, 1776 - 9. Vincenzo Pazzini Carli e figli. Advertisement for the Giornal letterario. Siena, 1776 - 10. Duplicate of Folder 3, no. 1 - 11. Giuseppe Maria Porcelli. Announcement of a new edition of Cicero. Naples, 1777 - 12. Fratelli Bindi, et al. Announcement of the Magazzino di letteratura. Siena, 1775 - 13. Panckoucke, et al. Prospectus for Dictionnaire universel des sciences morales, économiques, politiques et diplomatiques. Paris, 1777 - 14. Gaetano Cambiagi. Announcement of an Italian version of Buesching's Geography. Florence, n.d. - 15. Francesco Moucke. Announcement of the Abbot of Nonnotte, Gli errori di Voltaire. Florence, 1773 - 16. Costard. Announcement of Robert & Audrier, Histoire universelle du regne végétal. Paris, 1773 - 17. Costard fils & co. Announcement of a new edition of Dictionnaire vétérinaire. Paris, 1773 - 18. Costard fils & co. Announcement of Le Petit cabinet d'histoire naturelle. Paris, n.d. - 19. Merigot jeune. Announcement of Compan, Nouvelle méthode géographique. Paris, 1770 - 20. Continuazione delle Notizie letterarie. No. 13. Florence, 1773 - 21. Determinazione della Reale accademia d'agricoltura di Firenze da comunicarsi d'ordine della medesima a tutti i suoi accademici. Florence, 1775 - 22. In morte del Signor di Voltaire, Ode d'un'accademica intronata. N.p., n.d. - 23. Saverio Mattei. All'eccellentissime signore Marchese D. Bernardo Tanucci per le felicissime nozze de ... Marianna ... e Giuseppe Tanucci. N.p., n.d. - 24. Francesco Pisoni. Announcement of Le scritture di regia giurisdizione. Florence, 1772 - 25. Rigoley de Juvigny. Prospectus for the catalogue of the library of La Croix du Maine and Du Verdier. Paris, 1772 - 26. Gregorio Biasini. Prospectus for a Bibliografia generale corrente of all books published in Europe annually. Cesena, 1779 - 27. Lorenzo Hervas. Risposta del Signor Abbate D. Lorenzo Hervas alla censura publicata dal Continuatore delle Novelle letterarie di Firenze ... della sua opera intitolata Idea del universo. Cesena, 1779 - 28. & 29. Nicolas van Daalen. Prospectus for d'Herbelot, Bibliothèque orientale, ou, Dictionnaire universel contenant généralement tout ce qui regarde la connoissance des peuples de l'Orient. The Hague, 1776 - 30. Giuseppe Matani. Announcement of the death of his brother Antonio. Pistoia, 1779 - 31. Fletcher & Prince, et al. Announcement of a variorum Hebrew edition of the Old Testament prepared by Kennicott. Oxford, 1772 - 32. Giambattista Cerroti. Lettera ... toccante la nuova tragedia posta in scena per la prima volta nel Teatro di Via S. Maria ... che ha per titolo La Congiura dei Pazzi. N.p., n.d. - 33. Onorato de' Rossi. Announcement of Benvenuto conte di Sangiorgio, La cronica del Monferrato in the Scriptores rerum Italicarum of Muratori. Turin, 1779 - 34. Ernesto Polidoro. Giudizio libero d'una lettera di giovinetto autore sopra la morte del celebre Jano Planco d'Arimino. N.p., n.d. - 35. Antonio Zatta. Announcement of a new edition of Orlando furioso. Venice, 1771 - 36. Sigismond d'Arnay. Prospectus for Antoine Arnauld, Oeuvres. Lausanne, 1774 - 37. Michel Kluch. Prospectus for a new edition of Guicciardini's Istoria d'Italia. Freiburg, 1774 - 38. Italian version of 37.

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Princeton is noted for its archival holdings on American publishers and especially for the archives of Charles Scribner's Sons since the late 19th-century, including author files for some 2,500 other authors who worked with Maxwell Perkins and other editors. Largely complete as well are the archives of Henry Holt, John Day Company, Derrydale Press, Story Magazine, and the Quarterly Review of Literature.

Vast amounts of information on this topic are in the Manuscripts Collections. See the separate handout on this topic, at this link.

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