Sections from Raleigh to Thoreau

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Sections from Raleigh, Sir Walter to Thoreau, Henry

RALEIGH, SIR WALTER (1552?-1618)

Frontispiece to Sir Walter Raleigh's
The History of the World, London, 1614.
[(Ex) D57.xR155q]

The Hamilton Cottier Collection of Raleigh contains over 240 books and pamphlets as well as 64 periodical articles. Gift received in 1971. Included is a copy of Raleigh's The Discovery of Guiana. London, 1596; 25 titles from the STC period and 58 Wing period books. The Cottier gift is also particularly strong in Raleigh's The History of the World with examples of 12 of the 14 English editions from the seventeenth century.

There is available a copy checked for the Cottier Collection of the Bushfield bibliography of Raleigh (Ex 3902.9.021)

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    See: LUTHER, MARTIN (1483-1546)

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The Library has a strong collection of the author's works, who frequently styled himself as "The Right Honourable, the E. of R." on the title page of his books. Included is a unique copy of an edition of the earliest printed collection of Rochester's poems: Poems on Several Occasions. London, 1680 [(Ex) 3911.1.372.13]. See James Thorpe's article on this book in the Princeton University Library Chronicle XII, 1 (Autumn, 1950) p. 42 ff. [full text]

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    See: ANGLING

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A collection of 71 guide books to Rome and Italy, given to the Library by Professor and Mrs. Eric Sjoqvist in 1969. (All are shelved in the Art Library as of 1983.) The books date from the early 16th century to the 19th century. Eleven of the volumes date from the 16th century and include the following first editions: Bartolommeo Marliani. Antiquae Romae topographiae libri septem. (1534). Lucio Fauno. Della antichita della citto di Roma. (1548). Pirro Ligorio. Delle antichita di Roma. (1553). All are recorded in the Library's online catalogue under the call number (SAX) XB85.0001 to --.0071.

The collection is invaluable for the study of the monuments and topography of both classical and post-classical Rome. The volumes also provide a survey of the growth of historical and archaeological knowledge of the city, and even a thorough history of the concept of the guidebook.

Most of the volumes are illustrated and show the use of vedute and maps in book illustration. For particulars refer to: David R. Coffin, "Mirabilia Romae" in the Princeton University Library Chronicle XXXII, 3 (Spring, 1971) pp. 173-175 [full text].

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A collection of books and other material by and about President Theodore Roosevelt, assembled by Julian Street Sr. and presented to the Library by his son, Julian Street '25. About 75 volumes.

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728 volumes concerning various members of the Rossetti family; the collection has grown in small ways since the original purchase in June 1968, funding for which was provided by Robert H. Taylor '30, Levering Cartwright '26, Daniel Maggin, the Eberhard L. Faber Foundation, the John E. Annan Fund and Christian A. Zabriskie.

One entire issue of the Princeton University Library Chronicle has been devoted to the Rossetti collection. See especially the article: Robert S. Fraser, "The Rossetti Collection of Janet Camp Troxell: A Survey with Some Sidelights." in the Princeton University Library Chronicle XXXIII, 3 (Spring, 1972) pp. 146-175 [full text].

The most substantial single part of the collection contains material by or relating to Dante Gabriel Rossetti, with 227 titles in 262 volumes. Also notable is The Torch: A Journal of International Socialism. London, 1891-1896. This socialist-anarchist paper was published by Helen, Olivia, and Arthur Rossetti. Princeton holdings for this publication begin with the issue believed to be for September 1891 and conclude with that for December 1895. However, the Library lacks as many as 23 numbers.

A typescript catalogue of all printed books in the Troxell collection was prepared by Robert S. Fraser [(EXOV) Z5948.P9 xF7]. Full text available here. The index for the Fraser catalogue is on 3x5 cards and stored in 2 drawers with all other special files for rare books in the Kane (Munger) Room. Also see the 5 boxes of material by Janet Troxell relating to her Rossetti Collection. The boxes are held by the Manuscripts Division and are mentioned on p. 1 of the checklist of the Troxell Collection of Rossetti Manuscripts. See the Janet Camp Troxell Collection of Rossetti Manuscripts, 1832-1965 [(MSS) C0189].

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"Miseries of Travelling," colored etching, 1807. One of many plates by
Rowlandson on the "Miseries" theme, inspired by James Beresford's
Miseries of Human Life (1806).
[(GA) GC 112]

Dickson Q. Brown '95 Collection of Thomas Rowlandson.
Location designator: R

Special note: This collection was TRANSFERRED to Graphic Arts in May, 1982.

Collection given by Dickson Q. Brown '95. It was announced by librarian James Thayer Gerould in the New York Times on May 6, 1928 and in the Christian Science Monitor (May 7, 1928, 'Gift to Princeton Library,' p. 1), where it was said to be an anonymous donation. About 920 volumes in the collection, including both those with Rowlandson illustrations and volumes about Rowlandson. These consist substantially of all the books for which Rowlandson executed illustration (including many items not listed in Joseph Grego's standard bibliography of the artist's work.) Also included are almost all volumes in which a drawing by Rowlandson was reproduced (photomechanically) or any mention was made of his name. Finally, works of importance on the artistic and social history of the period. Also includes a file of the Repository of Arts from 1809-1828: series I, [1809-1815], 14 vol. (GA) 2006-3077N; second and third series, [1816-1828], 26 vol. (GA) 2006-3078N

The Collection includes drawings and prints, and recently about 60 original drawings and about 2000 prints were transferred to the Graphic Arts Collection. Samples are here.

For further details consult: E.D.H. Johnson, "Special Collections at Princeton. V. The Works of Thomas Rowlandson" in the Princeton University Library Chronicle II, 1 (November, 1940) pp. 7-20 [full text] , and Joseph Grego. Rowlandson the Caricaturist. A Selection from his Works with Anecdotal Descriptions of his Famous Caricatures. (London, 1880). [2 vol. in Graphic Arts; this copy is annotated, presumably by D.Q. Brown, to indicate material in the collection]. Also see: F.J. Mather "Rowandson and Cruikshank" in the Princeton Alumni Weekly (4 March 1932).

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The Library has a considerable number of the publications of the Roxburghe Club since they first started their annual series of publications in 1814. Although the Library has not checked Nicolas Barker's Publications of the Roxburghe Club 1814-1964. (Cambridge, 1964) [(Ex) 0345.791.14] for its holdings, a goodly number of the Club's publications are easily accessible by consulting the heading "Roxburghe Club" in the Library' online catalogue.

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No Knowledge=No Bread.
Knowledge Lies in Books.
Books are on the Cooperatives. (1925)
[(GA) GC091 / GA 2005.01165]

Princeton's rare book collections of Russian history and literature consist of approximately 200 volumes which are most notable for literary works. Most of the literature is original texts, however some highlights are notable English translations. Literature is classed Ex 3010 to 3030 and history is classed Ex 3400 to 3499. The Library also has an extensive Slavic language collection in the open stacks of Firestone.

Twentieth-Century Literature. Pre-revolutionary Symbolist poets and novelists are strong in this area and well represented by selected works of such writers as Konstantin Dmitrievich Balmont, Andrey Bely, Aleksandr IAkovlevich Briusov, Nikolai Alekseevich Nekrasov, Aleksei Remizov, Soloviev, and others. Most of the Symbolist writings are in Russian with the notable exception of the translation into English of Blok's masterpiece, The Twelve and Nekrasov's famous poem, "Red-nosed Frost" published in Boston in 1886.

Nineteenth-Century Literature. Pushkin is best represented. Several excellent translations of his poems are available, including the four-volume Eugene Onegin by Vladimir Nabokov, published in Princeton in 1964. There is also the six-volume collection of Pushkin in Russian (Moscow and Leningrad, 1936-38) of his poems, stories, tales, letters and dramatic works, edited by Oksman and Tsiavlovskii. Also interesting is a six-volume set of Tolstoy's works, ex-libris F. Scott Fitzgerald.

Russian History. The most interesting books in this section are observations of Russian life written by German, French, English and American travellers between the 16th and 20th centuries. One of the more recent accounts is Steinbeck's Russian Journal (New York, 1948) which is signed by the author. The collection has many editions in many languages of the two works by Stalin's daughter, Svetlana Alliluyeva.

Also of note are several unusual books such as a Russian grammar presented by F. Scott Fitzgerald to Zelda, an English translation of the Countess Sophie Tolstoy's autobiography, and the facsimile of a Russian gospel manuscript (11th century).

The Library also has a copy of the first English work on Russia, Giles Fletcher's Of the Russe Common Wealth (London, 1591) [(Ex) 1627.15.351].

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Location designator: WHS

The Scheide Library, which has been assembled by three generations of book collectors, was moved from its original location in Titusville, Pennsylvania, to Princeton--the home of William H. Scheide, the present owner and grandson of the founder--in 1959. The Library is now housed in Firestone Library in a room constructed with funds provided by Mr. Scheide. The Library is, therefore, continuing to grow under the personal supervision of Mr. Scheide but, for the first time in its history--although still a private library-- is available to scholars within the surroundings of a large research library and in conjunction with the University's collection of rare books and manuscripts.

The collection consists of essential books which have deeply influenced the developments of Western culture: the Bible, in manuscript and print; incunabula, the books which were first produced in large enough quantities to end the restriction of privilege of learning to monasteries and universities; books of voyages and travels which broadened the horizons of Europe to encompass the globe; literature that caught the imagination of man and spurred him to seek individual freedom; Americana, tracing the development of democracy. This latter category also includes remarkable materials on the slave trade, such as minutes, reports, memorials, draft bills, and the like printed for the House of Commons between 1788 and 1799. (WHS 24.7.10 to 24.7.15)

For particulars refer to: "The Scheide Library", a special issue of the Princeton University Library Chronicle devoted exclusively to nine articles surveying the Library. It is the Winter, 1976 (vol. XXXVII, no. 2) issue of the Chronicle. [full text]
See also the following: William P. Stoneman (editor), [Special issue of the] Princeton University Library Chronicle [celebrating the Scheide Library] Winter, 1994 (vol. LV, no. 2) [full text]. and Julian P. Boyd. The Scheide Library: A Summary View of Its History and Its Outstanding Books Together with an Account of Its Two Founders: William Taylor Scheide and John Hinsdale Scheide. ([Titusville, Pa.] Privately Printed, 1947) [(ExB) 0513.812].

Also note section on the Scheide Library in the Music article in this handbook.

Also see the special festschrift presented to William Scheide on the occasion of his 80th birthday in January, 1994. See William Stoneman (compiler), The Same Purposeful Instinct (Princeton, 1994) [(Ex) LD4604.5.S55 S253 1994].

Also see the special book presented to William Scheide on the occasion of his 90th birthday in January, 2004. See For William H. Scheide : fifty years of collecting : 6 January 2004. (Princeton, 2004) [(ExB) Z989.S35 F67 2004.


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The Library has tried for some years to gather a complete collection of his writings and related literature.

For particulars refer to: Robert Amadou. Albert Schweitzer Eléments de Biographie et de Bibliographie. (Paris, 1952) [(ExB) 6185.84.558; this is a checked copy of the Schweitzer bibliography].

An exhibition on Schweitzer was held at the Library in 1956. It was at this time that the Library announced its intention to build a complete archive of Schweitzer material in all languages.

The exhibition brought together the major portion of his writings from his first publication in 1898 to the time of the exhibition. Fields represented were as diverse as New Testament scholarship, social philosophy, music, medicine, practical philanthropy, and autobiography, with a representative sampling of the international literature of commentary and interpretation written about him.

Over 200 items displayed at the exhibition are described in the following catalogue: Howard C. Rice. Albert Schweitzer. The Bibliographical Approach. An Exhibition in the Princeton University Library. (Princeton, 1956). [(ExB) 0639.739 no.18] [full text] .

Also see Howard C. Rice, "Out of Schweitzer's Life and Thought" in the Princeton University Library Chronicle XXI, 4 (Summer, 1960) pp. 246-251 [full text].

The Manuscripts Division holds several groupings of papers. The Albert Schweitzer collection, 1905-1983, consists mainly of printed material about Schweitzer, as well as manuscripts of two works, correspondence, photographs, and miscellaneous material [(MSS) C0326]. See also the Miriam Rogers collection of Albert Schweitzer, 1945-1973 [(MSS) C0769]. It consists primarily of papers collected by Rogers concerning Albert Schweitzer as medical missionary and physician at his hospital (founded in 1913) in Lambarene, French Equatorial Africa, after World War II. Both collections have finding aids in the Library's online catalogue.

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The Library's collections are rich and varied in this area. Two checked bibliographical catalogues give access only to high spots in the field:

1) Harrison Horblit. One Hundred Books Famous in Science (New York, 1964) [(ExB) 0494.476]
2) Printing and the Mind of Man (London, 1967) (checked photocopy available in Dulles Reading Room [(ExB) Z121.C3q]).

Also see record of the 1935 science exhibition in the Library in Biblia VI, 2 (June, 1935) pp.[12-13] [full text] . The Library does have original editions of many of the titles in the microtext series "Landmarks of Science." Cards for books in the series are in Public Catalogue 1. Also consult the record of the exhibition "Two Thousand Years of Science" prepared by Professor M. S. Mahoney in the spring of 1973. This 211 page book has photocopies of the title-pages of the books shown as well as copies of the labels. Shelved in the Dulles Reading Room [(ExB) Z7405 .H6P74 1973q]. As well, the Library has the following important sets:

I. Learned societies.

1. Royal Society, London. [8001.79.2 EXTRAN]

2. American Philosophical Society. [8004.1311 EXTRAN].

3. Académie Royale. [(Ex) 0914.494.61]

4. Imperial Academy of Sciences, St. Petersburg [(Ex) 0917.116.2]

5. Royal Society of Arts [(Ex) T1.S63]

6. Akademie der Wissenschaften, Berlin. (Miscellanea 1710-1734 /

Historie, 1734- / Nouveau Memoires, 1770- / Abhandlung, 179- /

all at call number 0912.17 [subdivided according to series])

II. Important periodicals.

1. Annales de Chimie (volumes to 1800) [(Ex) QD1.A7]

2. Journal de scavans [(Goertz) 8119]

3. Journal de physique [(Ex) Q2.J79]

III. Encyclopedias.

1. Diderot (folio, quarto, & octavo) [see Exhibition catalogue on Diderot's Encyclopedia (ExB) 0639.739. no. 8 (full text) ]. Folio [(Ex) 0984.325q]; Quarto [(Ex) AE25.E55]; Octavo [(Ex) 0984.325.33]. For particulars refer to: Robert M. Darnton. The Business of Enlightenment (Cambridge, 1979) pp. 624 for a summary of the publishing history and differentiation of editions. See also: Diderot's Encyclopedia 1751-1780. An Exhibit commemorating the 200th anniversary of its publication. [Notes on the Exhibit by Howard. C. Rice, Jr.] Princeton: The Library, 1951. [84] pages. [(ExB) 0639.739 no. 8] (full text) .

2. Encyclopédie Méthodique [(Ex) AE25.E5q] (Note: in 198 volumes)

In addition, there are substantial holdings of early Renaissance geographical material which are the gift of Caroline Newton: the Ptolemy collection of Grenville Kane; early astronomy (e.g. Copernicus, De Revolutionibus); material on early photography in the Graphic Arts Collections, and numerous German works of Freud and his contemporaries.

Records of important purchases and gifts of history of science books can be found in various issues of the Chronicle. As a point of departure, refer to Princeton University Library Chronicle XXVII, 3 (Spring, 1966) p. 193 [full text]; XXXII, 3 (Spring, 1971) p. 183-84 [full text] ; XXXIV, 1 (Autumn, 1972) p. 86-88 [full text] ; XXXIV, 3 (Spring, 1973) p. 197-8 [full text]. Also, every Autumn issue of the Princeton University Library Chronicle since 1974 (except 1976) has a "History of Science" section in the listing of Recent Acquisitions.

Also consult: "The Rittenhouse Orrery: Princeton's Eighteenth-Century Planetarium, 1767-1954; a Checklist of Items Shown in the Exhibition Held in the Princeton University Library" in the Princeton University Library Chronicle XV, 4 (Summer, 1954) pp.194-206 [full text] . The checklist covers 191 items, including many first editions of classics in astronomy.

The reader is also advised that there is a special history of science collection (the Rosenwald Collection) at the Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, New Jersey. The collection was formed by Herbert M. Evans (Berkeley, Calif.) and given by Lessing J. Rosenwald in 1951. A 400+ page checklist of the collection is available [(ExB) Z997 .E92].

Also see [Alfred Bush, compiler] Protective Coloring: Painting Birds to Life, an Exhibition of Modern Masters of Bird Illustration and Conservation. (Princeton, 1984). The exhibition catalogue of the show, by the same title is available in the Dulles Reading Room [(ExB) N7665 .P79 1984q]. Note in the Princeton University Library Chronicle XLV, 1 (Autumn, 1984) pp. 95-8 gives details. [full text]


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The Munity in India
London: G. Routledge, 1857
(Ex) Item 6363575
image available

Purchased in July, 1994, a small collection of 58 books and pamphlets about the harrowing days of the Sepoy Rebellion, including firsthand narratives by survivors, works of military and political analysis, three decker novels, etc. The collection is only a start on a complex subject, but does provide a variety of perspectives on an event which shook the confidence of England in the direction and purpose of colonial policy, and in some of the principles on which Victorian society was based. A detailed list, with full descriptions, is in the Collections File under the heading: Sepoy Rebellion. It is also available as a PDF.

The books are catalogued, but not classed as a whole group -- rather they are classed according to wherever Library of Congress call numbers may place them. Only the above-mentioned checklist will provide a ready sense of the whole collection. However, a keyword search in the online catalogue under "Sepoy Rebellion" will retrieve many of these titles.

See also Janice M. Ladendorf, The Revolt in India 1857-58. An annotated bibiliography of English language materials (Zug: IDC, 1966) [(F) 1766.055].

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Curator George M. Peck
shows Princeton's First Folio
in the Treasure Room,
Pyne Library (1938)

— Illustration in: Robert Williams,
Pageant of Printing in
Picture and Prose

(Paterson, N.J., 1938)
[(GA) 2009-1614N]

In 1944, a collection of editions of Shakespeare's works (some 2,500 volumes) was presented to the Library by Henry N. Paul '84. Consists of editions which appeared during the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries. They include editions such as the Boydell (see below) and the Halliwell-Phillips Shakespeare. Also many popular editions of their times, such as the Billy Jones edition (printed in Leipzig, published in London). This is one of only two known copies-- Princeton's being the finer copy.

The collection includes not only Shakespeare, but also works which throw light upon Shakespeare's world or works which inspired the dramatist. The collection is rich in books on natural science, Puritan and Anglican theology, witchcraft, and history. Refer to: Henry L. Savage '15, "The Shakespearean Library of Henry N. Paul '84" in the Princeton University Library Chronicle XVII, 1 (Autumn, 1955) pp. 49-50 [full text] .

Folios and quartos

Princeton also possesses the First Folio of Shakespeare, and it is a perfect copy. It was received by the Library in 1928 from the family of William Augustus White of Brooklyn, New York. The Library also has the Second, Third and Fourth Folios as well.

Princeton acquired its first Shakespeare quartos in 1947-48 upon receipt of 450 choice books and manuscripts from the library of Cyrus H. McCormick '79. These were: A Midsummer Nights Dream (1600) and Poems (1640).

For further particulars regarding original quarto editions refer to: Gerald Eades Bentley, "Eleven Shakespeare Quartos" in the Princeton University Library Chronicle XXX, 2 (Winter, 1969) pp. 69-76 [full text]. This article reports on and lists 11 quarto editions of Shakespeare received from Daniel Maggin and, his son, Donald L. Maggin '48.

Among the rarest is the 1598 Love's Labor's Lost, which is the first play to be printed with Shakespeare's name on the title page.

The American Edition of Boydell's Illustrations...of Shakespeare is also in the Library with its large number of prints from well-known artists of the day. Published in New York, 1852 [(Ex) 3925.598.1852e].

Also see the catalogue: Special exhibits in the Princeton University Library. I. Shakespeare tercentenary: exhibit relating to the life of Shakespeare, important early editions of his works, original illustrations by Cruikshank, contemporary editions of Shakespeare's sources. (Princeton, 1916) [(P)94 P912.87.02 and (P) 51.74.33]. Also printed on pp. [93]-103 of Princeton University Library. American Library Association Visit June 29, 1916. (Princeton, 1916) [(ExB) 0639.7373.7]

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Scottish poet and man of letters, known for his double personality. From 1894 onwards he published with secrecy under the name "Fiona Macleod." The Library has about 80 volumes by and about Sharp. Many of these editions are in the General Rare Books Collection (Ex) and a goodly number are inscribed copies.

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Thirty-nine volumes by or about Shaw were received from Mr. and Mrs. Barton Currie in 1961-62. These added to the large collection of Shaw editions held by the Library in many locations. Numerous important Shaw editions are in the Robert H. Taylor Collection.

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SHELLABARGER, SAMUEL, Class of 1909 (1888-1954)

American novelist, member of the Class of 1909, and English professor, 1914-1923, who lived in Princeton at various times for many years. Editions of almost all of the some 30 Shellabarger volumes are to be found in Ex. Translations added in 1980. The Library has his papers. For particulars refer to: Alfred L. Bush. Literary Landmarks of Princeton (Princeton, 1968) pp. 40-41.

See also the Samuel Shellabarger collection, 1916-[1956] [(MSS) C0218]. This collection contains manuscripts of Shellabarger's for two biographies and five works of historical fiction, as well as other materials.
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In 1983, Mr. Robert H. Taylor gave to the Princeton University Library the major portion of the Richard Brinsley Sheridan Collection formed by Dudley Massey of the London booksellers, Pickering & Chatto. When purchased, the collection numbered more than 690 separate items. Accompanying the collection is a two volume catalogue prepared by Theodore Hofmann for the firm of Bernard Quaritch, who purchased the collection in 1980 and, in turn, sold it to Mr. Taylor. [Call number for the catalogue is (ExB) Z8816 .H63q.]

The greater portion of the collection is located within the Theatre Collection. Many of the high-spots of the collection, such as the first edition of The Rivals with the cancellandum leaf F2 (not hitherto recovered), are in the Robert H. Taylor Collection.

Further particulars regarding high-spots and manuscripts in the collection are found in the Preface to the Hofmann catalogue. Also see article by Bruce Redford describing parts of the collection published in the Princeton University Library Chronicle XLVI, 3 (Spring, 1985), pp. 249-268 [full text].

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American author and critic, Smith was a native of New Jersey, but spent most of his life in England, where he came to know a circle of English writers and intellectuals as well as Americans living abroad (Henry James, Edith Wharton, Bernard Berenson, George Santayana, and Jonathan Sturges.)

The collection consists of 525 volumes (including 100 which are Smith's own copies of his books) and 400 volumes from his own library. These 400 contain annotations by Smith, and include works by Jonathan Sturges, Henry James, Robert Bridges, T.S. Eliot, Lytton Strachey, etc. See the Association & Provenance file under the name of Logan Pearsall Smith for a listing of these annotated and other such like books.

For particulars refer to: Howell J. Heaney, "A Logan Pearsall Smith Collection" in the Princeton University Library Chronicle XXIII, 4 (Summer, 1962) pp. 181-183 [full text].

For a collection of periodicals in which his works appeared, see the collection entitled Miscellaneous works by Logan Pearsall Smith, 1922-1943, which contains various journal issues [(at ReCAP for use in RBSC) PR6037.M5 Z458].

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Joanna Southcott
'Drawn and engraved
from life by Wm. Sharp.' 1812
[(GA) GC106 / GA 2007.02010]

Southcott, an English domestic servant, began hearing voices at the age of 42 and believed these to be divine communications prophesying the Second Coming of Christ. By the time of her death in 1814, she had attracted over one hundred thousand followers. She dictated her prophecies primarily to her secretaries, Ann Underwood and Jane Townley, and these were often copied by others and then circulated among the believers.

The Library has acquired three accessions of material relating to Joanna Southcott, the English prophetess whose "voice" first came to her in 1792 and who published sixty-five books in her lifetime. Her first, The Strange Effects of Faith, appeared in 1801. In addition to her publications, there circulated in manuscript her numerous "communications." As a result of these accessions, the Library now has a nearly complete collection of her publications as well as seven boxes of manuscripts. The printed materials are found both in the rare books section of the Holden Women's Collection as well as in the General Rare Books Collection (Ex).

A portion of the printed material includes a collection of over 40 volumes, purchased in 2007 from Bonhams in Bath, England. About 30 of the volumes were owned by the Rev. Thomas Philip Foley and his wife, Elizabeth (Bache) Foley. The Rev. Foley joined Southcott's circle in 1801-02, and together with his wife was a supporter of Southcott, assisting her in publishing her materials. One set of the bound pamphlet volumes has his extensive manuscript annotations; another set belonged to Elizabeth, but are mostly unmarked. (The Foley annotated set has the call numbers (Ex)2007-0905N to (Ex)2007-0912N.)

Not to be overlooked is the Southcottian manuscript collection consisting of many "communications" [(MSS) C0755]. See also: E.P. Wright. A Catalogue of the Joanna Southcott Collection at the University of Texas (Austin, 1968) [(F) 3937.55.089] and a study based on that collection by James K Hopkins. A Woman to Deliver Her People (Austin, 1982) [(F) BF1815.S7 H66].

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The Spanish literature covers about 400 volumes in the Richardson classification (Ex 3160-3189); the Spanish history section covers about 300 volumes (Ex 1520 to 1528). By far, Cervantes dominates the literature section, appearing in numerous 17th and 18th-century editions. These are mostly the gift of Charles Scribner. See: Princeton University Library Chronicle VIII, 2 (February, 1947) pp. 98-99 [full text] .

The Kane Collection has several great Spanish chronicles of the Indies, such as those of Peter Martyr, Zarate, and Nunez Cabeza de Vaca. The Library's Incunabula Collection has one of the earliest books printed in Seville -- Palencia's Universal vocabulario en latin y en romance (Seville, 1490).

A copy of the first edition of Lope de Vega's Jerusalen Conquistada (Madrid, 1609) [(Ex) 3178.349] was given by the Library staff in 1953-54 as a memorial to the former Librarian, James Thayer Gerould. The gift is described by Raymond S. Willis in the Princeton University Library Chronicle XV, 3 (Spring, 1954) pp. 159-161 [full text] .

A collection of 700 pamphlets and manuscripts, Spanish and American, assembled by the Duque de Hijar, relating to the war in Spain and the secessionist movement of the Spanish American colonies, 1808-1823, was purchased in 1960-61. Call number is Ex 1526.18.262q. See details in the Collections File, under the heading Hijar.

See also Alfred Bush's exhibition catalogue A First and Second Tongue (Princeton, 1983) [(ExB) 0639.739 no. 43] [full text - part 1] and [full text - part 2] .

Spanish and Catalan Political & Transition Publications (20th Cent.)

A collection of printed items documenting the parties, labor unions and other groups active in politics in Spain during the period 1940's to the 1980's.

"Documents in [this collection] provide access to the ideas, arguments, aspirations, and policies that formed the substance of debate during the last decade of General Franco's rule, and the period immediately following his demise. The collection emphasizes coverage of the political spectrum, with particular strengths in the area of regional groups and factions of national political parties." Introduction, Spanish political and economic transition groups, 1940s-1980s (Wilmington, Del. : Scholarly Resources, 1993).

The collection includes political materials from Catalan, Basque, Galician, and other regional groups requesting autonomy. It is available in microfilm as well. See the guide/ finding list for the collection: Virginia M. Johnson and Enrique Saez. Spanish political and economic transition groups, 1940s-1980s (Scholarly Resources, 1993) [(ExB) Z2700.3.J63q, (F) Z2700.3.J63 and (SSRC) Z2700.3.J63].

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SPENSER, EDMUND (1552?-1599)

To supplement Spenser material already in the Library, Professor Charles G. Osgood's collection of some fifty works by Spenser and relating to his works and times has been received by the Library.

The gift includes Osgood's annotated set of the variorum Spenser; two copies of The Faerie Queene (London, 1590, 1596); eight exemplars of early 17th-century folio editions of The Faerie Queene and the following: Colin Clouts Come Home Againe, London, 1595; Fowre Hymnes, London, 1596; Complaints. Containing Sundrie Small Poemes of the Worlds Vanitie, London, 1591; The Shepheards Calender, London, 1579.

For particulars refer to: Thomas P. Roche Jr., "The Spenser Collection of Charles Grosvenor Osgood" in the Princeton University Library Chronicle XXIX, 1 (Autumn, 1967) pp. 91-101 [full text]. Also see Princeton University Library catalogue printed to celebrate the 400th anniversary of the publication of Edmund Spenser's Faerie Queene. (Princeton, 1990). The catalog was also issued in number 1 of volume LII of the Princeton University Library Chronicle. [ full text]

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    See: ANGLING and the entry for HUNTING

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STEINBECK, JOHN (1902-1968)

Received in May 1994, the Preston Beyer collection of books, manuscripts and other materials by and about John Steinbeck. Consists of about 1500 books, and other items. Catalogue of the collection published in spring 1998.

Link to here for the Web version of the printed catalogue.

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Almost 700 volumes total. For particulars refer to: [Alexander Wainwright]. Robert Louis Stevenson: A Catalogue of the Henry E. Gerstley Stevenson Collection, of the Stevenson Section of the Morris L. Parrish Collection of Victorian Novelists and Items from Other Collections of the Department of Rare Books and Special Collections in the Princeton University Library. Princeton, 1971 [(ExB) Z8843 .P95] [full text].

The Henry van Dyke collection of the Works of Robert Louis Stevenson contributed to the holdings on Stevenson, as well as the first editions received from Henry Gerstley (nearly 70 volumes). For details see: "Robert Louis Stevenson" in the Princeton University Library Chronicle XIV, 2 (Winter, 1953) p. 105 [full text] . Also see: David A. Randall, "The Stevenson Collection" in the Princeton University Library Chronicle XVII, 2 (Winter, 1956) pp. 92-95 [full text] . Article surveys the Stevenson collection in the Parrish collection.

See also entry under Victorian Novelists.

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Story papers were illustrated popular newspapers published during the nineteenth century in the United States. They featured serialized fiction, graphic pictures, and other matter meant to attract and entertain readers. Cost per weekly issue varied over time along the range of four to six cents. Circulation reached into the hundreds of thousands. Readership was a mulitple of circulation. The Library's holdings of actual such newspapers are currently spotty, chiefly because of the fact that such were not considered of sufficient merit to be collected by a university library. This attitude changed by the middle of the twentieth century, but collecting thereafter was desultory. Consequently, the Library has volumes of some titles, such as, Gleason's Literary Companion (vol. 5 [1864], 7 [1867], and 8 [1868]), Golden Argosy (vol. 7 [Dec. 1, 1888-May 25, 1889] and vol. 15 [Aug. 27, 1892-Feb. 18, 1893]), Golden Days for Boys and Girls (vol. 1, no. 1 [Mar. 6, 1880]-v. 26 [Mar. 4, 1905] in Annex, plus some vol. in Cotsen), Golden Hours (vol. 1 [1869] in Hamilton Collection), Happy Days, A Paper for Young and Old (vol.1-2, 5-8, 11-18 [1894-1903] plus some other issues for a total of nine bound vol. in Cotsen), and Youth's Companion (vol. 50, no. 1-52 [1877], 58, no. 1-53 [1885], 60, no. 50-52 bound with vol. 61, no. 1-51 [1888] in Cotsen).
The Library also has scattered individual issues of particular titles such as Boys of New York (vol. XII, no. 617 [June 11,1887] in Eckel Collection), Happy Days, A Paper for Young and Old (vol. XIX. Nos. 472, 478, 479, and 486 [1903] in Cotsen), The New-York Fireside Companion (vol. xxvii, no. 688 [Jan. 3, 1881] issue), The New York Ledger (issues of 5 Feb. to 9 July, 1859 carrying E.D.E.N. Southworth's "Hidden Hand" story in Eckel Collection], Our Young Folks Illustrated Paper (vol. 1, no. 1 [Oct. 1, 1871] in Eckel Collection), and a few others.
The Library has examples of publishing ephemera associated with story papers, such as the very large 1871 prospectus broadside for The New York Ledger, self-declared "the great family newspaper," and a color-printed broadside " The Girl Who Reads Sensation Story Papers," published ca. 1891.
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STREET, JULIAN (1879-1947)

Princeton has had a long and interesting connection with the American writer, Julian Street. In addition to his papers, the Library has over 50 editions of his various works. Included as well are several personal copies of some of his books, annotated with revisions, corrections, and augmentations. Over 75 books associated with him are catalogued (see the Association File) and there are many of his books received from his family gathered into one collection at stored at ReCAP. Text of the finding aid is here.

See the Collections File for further particulars as well.

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For particulars refer to: W.V.V. Bacon. Swinburne at Princeton: A Bibliographic List of the Editions of Note in the University Library (Princeton, 1933) [(ExB) 3951.1.013]

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According the Librarian's annual report covering 1932-33, "the gift of Henry F. Montagnier '99 is a collection on Swiss history, particularly related to the Cantons of Geneva, Baud and Valais, Bern, and Neuchâtel Many of the books, particularly those related to the Reformation and the municipal history of Geneva are rare and difficult to secure." Particularly notable is the series of bound volumes of pamphlets, many from the eighteenth century, under the call number 1567.384.999. For example, v. 16 in this series, contains both printed pamphlets as well as transcriptions of letters, and completed forms for elections , all relating to the politics of 1767. A number of the transcribed documents in manuscript are comparable to those found in the holdings of the Société-de-lecture, Geneva.

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SYMONS, ARTHUR (1865-1945)

Though the Library's collections are stronger in manuscripts, there are 60 volumes given by A.E. Gallatin, including first editions. See article on this collection in the Princeton University Library Chronicle XII, 2 (Winter, 1951) pp.92-3 [full text] . See also the bibliography (in typescript) on Symons by Peter L. Irvine in the General Manuscripts [Misc.] held in the Manuscripts Division.

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See: Stephen Ferguson, "System and Schema: Tabulae of the Fifteenth to Eighteenth Centuries" in the Princeton University Library Chronicle XLIX, 1 (Autumn, 1987), pp. 9-30 [full text] as well as the Library exhibition catalogue: < href="" target="blank"> Knowing through Seeing: Diagrams, Schemata and Tableaux in Early Printed Books, Medieval Manuscripts, and Prints (Princeton, 1987) [(ExB) 0639.739 no. 51] [full text] . See also "Godly Tables for Good Households" in Tessa Watt's Cheap Print and Popular Piety 1550-1640. No. 17 in the Cambridge Studies in Early Modern British History. (Cambridge, 1991). See Appendix D in this book for a list of such tables as well.

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Over 600 books and pamphlets by or with contributions by Tarkington and a nearly complete file of the hundreds of periodicals containing contributions by or about him. Much of this published material is of considerable rarity. There are some annotated copies of interest, such as a copy of The Guardian (New York, 1907) by Tarkington and Harry Leon Wilson, with a presentation inscription from Tarkington to Willian Hereford, and extensive revisions in Tarkington's hand. For particulars giving backround about this material refer to: "The Booth Tarkington Papers" in the Princeton University Library Chronicle XII, 2 (Winter, 1951) pp.91-92 [full text].

An important segment of the Tarkington holdings are some 700+ volumes catalogued as a collection and supplied with a 117 page finding aid [full text of this listing] and are stored at ReCAP. The Princeton collection is a composite from the original collections of Barton Currie, Julian Street, Howard Fischer, Theodore Newbold, Elizabeth Stanley Trotter (Tarkington's personal secretary), and Booth Tarkington. Many items are inscribed by Tarkington to former owners or contain Tarkington's bookplate. The finding aid details in full any and all inscriptions in the books. Earliest accession in this collection dates to 1950, when Mrs. Booth Tarkington donated her husband's papers. Other significant accession dates include Barton Currie's 1958 gift, Julian Street's 1979 gift, and Elizabeth Stanley Trotter's 1974 gift. These 700+ volumes are arranged in the order as listed in Russo's bibliography (see below). Other printed material related to and owned by Booth Tarkington can be found in section VII. Printed Material/Magazines, Boxes 222-252, of the Booth Tarkington papers, 1812-1956 (C0062) in the mss. collections located at Princeton University Library.

A copy of Russo's bibliography has been partially checked against Library holdings and is available in the Dulles Reading Room: Dorothy Ritter Russo. A Bibliography of Booth Tarkington 1869-1946. (Indianapolis, 1949) [(ExB) 3952.75.079]

See also: An Exhibition of Booth Tarkington's Works in the Treasure Room of the Princeton University Library, March-April, 1946 [(Ex) 3952.75.862]

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TATE, ALLEN (1899-1979)

Fifty-three of the 118 editions of his works in the Library are in the General Rare Books Collection, including a rare copy of his first book, with Ridley Wills, The Golden Mean (1923).

For a collection of periodicals in which his works appeared, see the collection entitled Miscellaneous works by Allen Tate, 1922-1962, which contains various journal issues [(at ReCAP for use in RBSC) PS3539.A74 A6q].

The Tate papers are a major archive in the Library's manuscript collections. The Allen Tate papers, 1921-1979 [(MSS) C0106] consist of manuscripts and drafts, documents, and letters to and from Tate, a member of the Fugitive and Southern Agrarian movements. In addition, the collection contains poetry manuscripts by Princeton students and graduates, which Tate selected for his anthology Princeton verse between two wars.

The Allen Tate collection, 1931-1978 [(MSS) C0648] consists primarily of letters and postcards by Tate to various friends, fellow poets, and associates, such as Gertrude Hooker, Leonard Unger, Barbara Howes Smith, Carlos Baker, Louis O. Coxe, and Sally Wood Cohn. Also present are some letters received by Tate, a few of his poems, including two versions of "The Buried Lake", and three photographs.

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Location designator: RHT

Placed on deposit in the Princeton University Library in 1972, and received as a bequest in 1985, the Robert H. Taylor Collection consists of over 4,000 rare books and 3,300 manuscripts illustrating in their wide range the scope of English literature from the fourteenth century to the 1920's. The collection began ca. 1930 and progressed to its present form in several distinct stages. It was moved to Princeton in l960 and housed in the former Princetoniana Room in Firestone Library in 1972. Books and manuscripts are available to researchers on the same terms as those held by the Department of Rare Books and Special Collections.

See the double issue of the Princeton University Library Chronicle devoted in its entirety to a survey of the Taylor Collection: Robert J. Wickenheiser, "The Robert H. Taylor Collection" (Vol. XXXVIII, no. 2 and 3; Winter-Spring, 1976-77) [full text], carries 13 articles by such scholars as G.E. Bentley, James Thorpe, Mary Hyde, Charles Ryskamp, E.D.H. Johnson, H. W. Liebert, Richard M. Ludwig, John V. Fleming, Earl Miner, and Thomas P. Roche. Also, the entire Winter, 1986 issue of the Princeton University Library Chronicle focuses on the Robert H. Taylor Collection.

See also: Robert H. Taylor, "Contemporary Collectors III: The Robert H. Taylor Library" in the Book Collector Vol. 3, no. 4 (Winter, l954); "Association Copies from the Collection of Robert H. Taylor" in the Gazette of the Grolier Club [New series], (June, l969), no. 10; and A.D. Wainwright, "Robert H. Taylor" in the Gazette of the Grolier Club [New series], (1986), no. 38.

Bought from Mr. John Brett-Smith during 1986 were several important books once belonging to Narcissus Luttrell, having his notes regarding publication.

Robert Milevski's work on 19th century signed bindings in the collection is available here.

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TENNYSON, ALFRED (1809-1892)

Collected by Henry van Dyke, these Tennyson books came to the Library upon van Dyke's death. There are many first editions, including several of the privately printed titles which must be considered forgeries made by Thomas J. Wise. The Tennyson books form part of the General Rare Books Collection and generally fall under the call number (Ex) 3955.---. ff.

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Location designator: ThX

The best summary about the history and development of the Theatre Collection is found in the following article: Mary Ann Jensen, "The William Seymour Theatre Collection, Princeton University Library" in Special Collections, vol. 1, no. 1 (Fall, 1981) pp. 41-51. See also: Mary Ann Jensen, "The William Seymour Theatre Collection: A Curator's View" in the Princeton University Library Chronicle XLVIII, 1 (Autumn, 1986) pp. 7-20 [full text] . (Entire issue celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Theatre Collection.)

Summary list of collections comprising the non-printed-book holdings of the Theatre Collection.

William Seymour Collection.

The Theatre Collection includes the William Seymour Collection, which was gathered assiduously by William Seymour during his long career as actor and stage manager in the United States; about 3,000 playbooks and prompt books. Most are associated with Seymour's own career, others belonged to his father or E.L. Davenport. Also included were playbills, letters, photos, clippings, and engravings on American stage history. The collection held quite a number of rather rare theatre books, such as Roscias Anglicanus. Coming with the gift as well was Seymour's correspondence with over 1800 people, most of whom were theatre figures. When the gift arrived, playbooks and prompt books already in the Library were transferred to the Theatre Collection, making a total of about 5,000 titles at that time. The Seymour collection contains also 700 playbills covering Civil War performances as well as the life and career of the famous actor James E. Murdoch.

For particulars refer to: Biblia VIII, 1 (March, 1937) pp. [6-7] [full text] .

Details about the subsequent development of the collection can be found in the following two articles: Marguerite Loud McAneny, "Confessions of a Custodian or An Original Recipe for a Large Theatre Collection" in the Princeton University Library Chronicle II, 4 (June, 1940) pp. 137-146 [full text] and Marguerite Loud McAneny, "Some Recent Gifts to the William Seymour Theatre Collection" in the Princeton University Library Chronicle XXVI, 3 (Spring, 1965) pp. 201-206 [full text].


Major accessions of English 19th century playbills were made during the 1940's. Today these playbills constitute a major resource in the Theatre Collection.

In 2002-2003, the miscellaneous playbills were organized into the Broadside playbills collection, 18th, 19th and 20th centuries. This collection contains broadside playbills from the United States, England, and Europe. It is divided into series. In the first and largest series, the playbills are organized by country and state, and individual theaters are grouped into one folder where there are several playbills from that theater. Represented theaters include the Boston Museum, Chestnut Street Theatre, Covent Garden Theatre, Drury Lane Theatre, Haymarket Theatre, and Walnut Street Theatre. In the second series, the programs were gathered by H. R. Renton and are part of the large accession of his collection made in 1947; these are arranged geographically. See the Broadside playbills collection, 18th, 19th and 20th centuries [(Thx) TC113] for details.
The finding aid for TC113 is at
The Library also has playbills pasted into scrapbooks and these are being indexed. The collection number for these 486 scrapbooks is TC055. See the following URL for details,1&Search_Arg=tc055&Search_Code=CALL&CNT=50&SID=


Collection number TC023 is a very large collection of playbooks -- 9,000 distributed across 186 boxes. Individual cataloguing of these playbooks is on-going, with about 5600 of the 9000 currently done. (Records for these are in the main catalogue.) In other words, of the following list, there are individual records for the contents of boxes 1 to ca. 95; the remainder are still in progress. Special note: all prompt copies regardless of box locale have been catalogued and are findable in the main catalogue:

Music of the Theatre

Transferred to Mendel Music Library.

What may be one of the country's most comprehensive private collections of music of the modern theatre was presented to the University by Robert B. Sour '25. The collection, amassed by Mr. Sour and augmented by the collection of the late Milton K. Breslauer '22 represents musical comedies and operettas of the past 50 years of the Broadway stage. About 80 volumes of scores, plus another 100 volumes of music by individual composers and representative show tunes 1919-1969. Also four volumes of music and lyrics composed by Sour. [Mendel Music Library TC069.]

See: Mary Ann Jensen, "The Robert B. Sour Collection of Music of the Theatre" in the Princeton University Library Chronicle XXXII, 2 (Winter 1971) p. 134 [full text].

Valva Collection of Theatre Orchestra Music

Consists of scores for silent film background music arranged for various orchestral instruments and used by Fred D. Valva, a theater musician, in Worcester, Massachusetts.

For particulars refer to the Princeton University Library Chronicle XXX, 2 (Winter, 1969) p. 137 [full text].

Albert Mathias Friend Collection, and Other Theatre Drawings

The Friend Collection is one of the major assemblages of 18th-century stage drawings in the U.S., basically Italian and Austrian. Artists represented: the Bibiena family, Domenico Fossati, Bernardino Galliari, Filippo Juvara, Josef Platzer, Lorenzo Sachetti.

See: [Mary Ann Jensen]. The Albert M. Friend,, Jr. Collection of Eighteenth Century Theater Drawings (Princeton, 1974). Pamphlet contains checklist of the collection as well as an introductory essay and a bibliography.

See also: David Coffin, "Theater Drawings" in the Princeton University Library Chronicle XVIII, 4 (Summer, 1957) pp. 194-201 [full text] .

For other theatrical drawings, also consult Princeton University Library Chronicle XXXIII, 2 (Winter, 1972) p. 119, item 62 [full text], giving details of a collection of 62 double sheets and two double leaves of drawings and three full sketchbooks.


Together with the holdings of the General Rare Books Collections, the Collection offers interesting material in the history of ballet. For particulars refer to: [Allison Delarue and Mary Ann Jensen]. Let Joy Be Unconfined: An Exhibition Representing Three Centuries of Ballet, Held in The Gallery of Princeton University Library. (Princeton, 1980) 23 pp. [(Thx) Z7514 .D2l47 1980)

Mimeographed Film Scripts

Several thousand of these, about two thirds of which are from Warner Brothers. The Warner Bros. screenplays, 1928-1969 [(MSS) TC099] consists of a large collection of scripts for films produced by the Warner Bros. studio and has an online finding aid. The Miscellaneous screenplays collection, 1930-[1980s] consists of screenplays and related materials, such as continuity, superimposed versions (i.e. script translations), release dialogue scripts, and revisions/drafts. There are also a few information packets--these include interviews with and/or biographies of stars, synopses, and various and sundry other materials meant for release.

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THOMSON, JAMES (1700-1748)

Mrs Elias Boudinot IV (Hannah Stockton, 1736-1808),
holding a copy of James Thomson's poem
Winter. She was the sister of signer
Richard Stockton, whose wife Annis
Boudinot Stockton, was a poet.
This portrait was painted in 1784,
just three years after the death of
brother Richard. Perhaps the book is an
emblem of her loss as well as that of her
sister-in-law. Thomson's The Seasons had wide
readership and appeal in
18th and 19th century America.
Cf. Michael Kammen,
A Time to Every Purpose:
The Four Seasons in American Culture
(Chapel Hill, 2004), p. 77 ff.

An almost exact contemporary of Alexander Pope, James Thomson played an important role in the 18th century revival of both the style of Milton and the style of Edmund Spenser. In February 1993 the Library acquired the James Thomson collection formed by T.R. Francis.(Sold to the Library by Ken Spelman Rare Books, York, England.) It consisted of about 400 volumes with imprints date chiefly from the 18th and 19th centuries. The collection is catalogued. The collection includes the following categories of material:

Numerous editions of works first published separately, such as: Alfred a Masque, Agamemnon, Britannia, The Castle of Indolence, The Commentaries of the Emporer Marcus Antoninus (translation by Thomson), Coriolanus, Edward and Eleonora: A Tragedy, The History of the Life and Reign of the Valiant Prince Edward, Liberty, Mustapha: A Tragedy, A Poem to the Memory of William Congreve, A Poem to the Memory of the Right and Honourable the Lord Talbot, Tancred and Sigismunda: A Tragedy, The Tragedy of Sophonisba.

Numerous editions (both composite and of their single components) of such important works as: The Seasons, The Seasons & The Castle of Indolence, and The Seasons with additions

Finally, included in the collection are multi-volume collected works, multi-volume collected works incomplete, one-volume poetry collections including Thomson, various "British Poets" series - single volumes of larger sets, single-volume collected works, multi-volume collected works, critical literature on Thomson, miscellaneous articles, citations, provenance, illustrations, etc.

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Included in the Cyrus H. McCormick collection, the Thoreau volumes were collected by Calvin H. Greene, of Rochester, Michigan, a contemporary of Thoreau.

The books include, in original cloth, the following. A Week on the Concord and Merrimack Rivers. Boston, 1849. Two copies. Walden. Boston, 1854. Two copies. Letters to Various Persons. Boston, 1865. One copy.

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