Princeton University Combustion Laboratory

Professor Frederick L. Dryer


Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Princeton University

Two-Dimensional Methanol Droplet Combustion Modeling (Re=1) and Hydroxyl Radical Chemiluminescence in a Microgravity Methanol Droplet Combustion Experiment

Welcome to the Combustion Laboratory Home Page here in the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at Princeton University, Princeton, NJ.


Research Staff

* Dr. Serpil Guran
* Berhard Klotz
* Paul Michniewicz
* Yolanda Stein
* Dr. Rich Yetter

Graduate Students

* Toshiji Amano
* Paulus Bucher
* Louis Ernst
* Susan Fischer
* Mark Mueller
* Jim Scire
* Bradley Urban
* Wei Zhou

Facilities / Research Areas

* Chemical Kinetics / Turbulent Flow Reactors
* Microgravity Droplet Combustion
* Supersonic Reacting Flows
* Solid Particle Combustion

Last Update: April 3, 1997

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