Flock Logic

Flock Logic began as a collaboration between choreographer Susan Marshall and engineering professor Naomi Leonard who wanted to explore the possibilities that can emerge when a group of dancers and non-dancers carry out the rules for sensing and dynamic response used to model individuals in animal groups such as schools of fish and flocks of birds. The rules govern how an individual moves in response to the relative position and motion of its close neighbors. These simple rules can produce complex, beautiful collective motion as observed in nature; neither leaders in the group nor prescribed choreography are needed.

Read more: In the Dance Studio: An Art and Engineering Exploration of Human Flocking (book chapter & conf. paper).

Flock Logic took off with the collaboration of a creative group of students in Leonard and Marshall's Fall 2010 Princeton Atelier course together with professional dancers associated with Susan Marshall & Company.

Flock Logic performance events were held on December 5 and 6, 2010 in the Icahn Building Atrium and Rockefeller College common room on the Princeton University campus. Volunteer flockers joined the students and dancers in both of these events.

Support is gratefully acknowledged from the following:
Lewis Center for the Arts, Princeton University
Princeton Atelier Program and Program in Dance
School of Engineering and Applied Science, Princeton University
Essig Enright Fund, Princeton Neuroscience-Engineering Program
Keller Center for Innovation in Engineering Education, Princeton University
Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Princeton University