Bas C. van Fraassen


Additions and suggestions welcome! To begin I will list here some I know, going back to thirty years ago. (These are not the only corrections I have on record for these books; I will add the others as time permits.)

An Introduction to the Philosophy of Time and Space. (New York: Random House, 1970; reprinted with new preface, postscript and supplementary bibliography Columbia University Press, 1985).

p. 123: Projective geometry is _less_ basic than topology ...

p. 158 bottom: the equation is inverted:

The distance ... is ... half the time interval _multiplied by _ c.


Formal Semantics and Logic. (New York: The MacMillan Co., 1971.)

p. 210, solutions to selected problems, Ch. III, #5.4. The calculus is _not_ statement sound for M3*: if A has value b then -(A & -A) has value 0.


The Scientific Image. (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1980).

p. 2 Carnap's first name is misspelled as "Rudolph" rather than "Rudolf".