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S'07 PHI 539 Theory of Knowledge:
Scientific Representation

Seminar S2002 representation, structuralism

Seminar F2002 decision theory

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phi520: modal and many-valued logic


phi203: metaphysics and epistemology

phi204: philos. of science

phi320: philos. and literature

phi327: phil.of quantum mech.

phi340: philosophical logic Fall 2004

PHI 539 SEMINAR F2004 scientific realism, structural realism

The first half of the semester will be devoted to the story of Structural Realism, initiated in 1985 by John Worrall’s "Structural realism: the best of both worlds?" and joined or criticized by a number of authors: Psillos, Ladyman, Chakravartty, Zahar, French, ... (See below for some bibliography.) In response I’ll present an alternative Empiricist Structuralism, claiming precisely the virtues that Worrall wanted, without the ontology.

      Relevant responses include papers presented at symposia at the Philosophy of Science Association 2002 and 2004, equally preoccupied with visions of structuralism about science. (The papers will be available to the extent possible.)

      The second half of the semester will concentrate on views about scientific representation in a more general context. The guiding theme will still be that science representsonly structure , in some sense. Attempts to make this precise have tended to fail rather spectacularly. We’ll look at how Russell tried in The Analysis of Matter, Carnap in the Logische Aufbau, and David Lewis in his reply to Putnam’s ‘model-theoretic’ argument against metaphysical realism.
      At various points paradoxes will be evaded or escaped through careful attention to perspective and first person/ third person distinctions. An objective form/content or structure/material dichotomy is untenable, but the desires that prompts us to want them can perhaps be met after all.

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