Thomas Fujiwara
Associate Professor of Economics

Princeton University


Department of Economics, Princeton University

131 Julis Romo Rabinowitz Building
Princeton NJ 08544

fujiwara "at"


Curriculum Vitae


Research Statement







Rank Effects in Bargaining: Evidence from Government Formation

(with Carlos Sanz)

Forthcoming, Review of Economic Studies.


Policy Deliberation and Voter Persuasion:

Evidence from an Election in the Philippines

(with Leonard Wantchekon, Gabriel Lopez-Moctezuma,

Cecilia Pe Lero, and Daniel Rubenson)

Forthcoming, American Journal of Political Science.


The Origins of Human Pro-Sociality: Cultural Group Selection in the Workplace and the Laboratory

(with Patrick Francois and Tanguy van Ypersele)

Science Advances, 4(9): 19 September 2018.

-  Media: Nature Human Behavior.


Acting Wife: Marriage Market Incentives and Labor Market Investments

(with Leonardo Bursztyn and Amanda Pallais) [Appendix]

American Economic Review, 2017, 107(11): 3288-3319.

-  A summary for the Harvard Business Review.

-  Media: NBER Digest, Chicago Booth Review, NY Times, NPR, CIFAR, Slate, WSJ, Boston Globe, Forbes.


Habit Formation in Voting: Evidence from Rainy Elections

(with Kyle Meng and Tom Vogl) [Appendix]

American Economic Journal: Applied Economics, 2016, 8(4): 160-188.

-  Media: AEA, NBER Digest, Boston Globe, Washington Post.


The Runner-Up Effect

(with Santosh Anagol) [Appendix]

Journal of Political Economy, 2016, 124(4): 927-991.


Voting Technology, Political Responsiveness, and Infant Health:

Evidence from Brazil [Appendix]

Econometrica, 2015, 83(2): 423-464.

-  A summary for VoxDev.

-  Media: The Economist, Vox, LiveMint, Chris Blattman, Why Nations Fail.


Can Informed Public Deliberation Overcome Clientelism?

Experimental Evidence from Benin

(with Leonard Wantchekon) [Appendix]

American Economic Journal: Applied Economics, 2013, 5(4): 241-255.

-  Media: The Economist.


A Regression Discontinuity Test of Strategic Voting and Duverger's Law

Quarterly Journal of Political Science, 2011, 6: 197-233.