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    Happy Holidays from Fuzzy Dice!

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    Lawnparties Spring 2013!

  • Fountain Show - 2012 Reunions!

About Us

Fuzzy Dice, Princeton's Most Attractive Improv Group, was pulled out of the ground, like all good improvisational comedy troupes (and dwarves) are, in 2004. Initially meant to grace the Princeton University campus with stupendous long-form improv comedy, the group has since evolved into a 2 for 1 value meal, performing both short-form and long-form improv in shows across campus and the United States. While the Dice appreciate their roots, the group is constantly evolving to provide more fun and more laughs for all of those involved.

Get at us, you'll enjoy the ride.

* Learn more about Fuzzy Dice in our Daily Princetonian feature! Fuzzy Dice: An Improv Family *

((Congrats Class of 2018 - we look forward to meeting you! Email us with any questions you have!))


kelseabest Kelsea Best
Executive Director, Class of 2015

Kelsea is a Chemical Engineering major in the class of 2015 who enjoys playing tennis, horseback riding, taking long walks on the beach, and freestyle rapping. She loves her family, her friends, and her horse (in no particular order). She is from Tennessee, which means that she is one of the few members of Fuzzy Dice who knows the proper use of the word "y'all".

angadanand Angad Anand
Artistic Director, Class of 2016

"Keep cool. Don't freeze" - back of a Ranch bottle.

paulinaorillac Paulina Orillac
Secretary and Alumni Coordinator, Class of 2017

Paulina comes from the city that never sleeps and enjoys sleeping, eating, improvising, and nothing else. She is also known for being the newest most attractive member of Fuzzy Dice. If you have any questions, feel free to reach Paulina directly via the Princeton Pigeon Carrier Service or by sending her a fax at 2942830293801192481022921.

justinposer Justin Poser
Publicity Chair & Social Chair, Class of 2016

Justin is a superhuman, sexy ninja with Ph. D's in Applied Awesomatronics and Comparative Swagiture, who flies around, thinks deep-ass thoughts and writes romantic poetry.*

*editor's note: Justin wrote the above. It is mostly untrue. He is a nerdy kid from Brooklyn whom no one has the heart to tell that he isn't that funny. He is also moderately ok at improv.

nigelbrauser Nigel Brauser
Class of 2014

Nigel Brauser is a huge fan of minimalism.

laurencoleman Lauren Coleman
Class of 2014

Lauren Coleman is a senior.
Her best feature is her ear, and she enjoys riding her bike to class.

evancoles Evan Coles
Class of 2015, Webmaster's Apprentice

Evan Coles: born in PA raised in NJ+MA resides in SF. Evan loves movies, books, and hanging.
He gives mad ups to his fami. "'sall about the die, baby!"

figes Sara "Figes" Figel
Class of 2014

Figes hails from Manhattan Beach, CA. Before joining FD she improvised with the (almost) world-famous CHIMPS group at Chadwick High School. When she's not bothering innocent people with excessive sarcasm, she enjoys running, skiing, snowboarding, and climbing trees. Her favorite band is The Who. If you start talking with her about books, be forewarned it will likely be at least an hour long endeavor.

sampayne Sam Payne
Class of 2014

Sam is a senior from Detroit Michigan, studying to become an Electrical Engineer. When he is not studying, Sam plays Tennis, and is an avid auto enthusiast. Acting since he was 12, Sam is excited to be a part of Fuzzy Dice!

quintinsally Quintin Sally
Class of 2014

Quintin hails from the Mile High City of Denver, Colorado. After getting ejected from his first two hockey games at Princeton for fighting, he decided to give improv a shot. He has manged to not get thrown out of a show despite his best efforts. When he isn't quoting Archer or trolling people, Quintin has been known to write the screenplay of his own life in his head. No known hard copies exist.

dillonsharp Dillon Sharp
Class of 2014

Dillon is a senior from downtown Chicago - the birthplace of improv comedy (and deep dish pizza). He's studying neuroscience and hopes to levitate objects with his mind. When he's not studying he enjoys cheeseburgers, dodgeball, classic rock, and not studying. Dillon believes the greatest film of all time is Monty Python and the Holy Grail and he's proud to be a fuzzy die.

dansteurer Dan Steurer
Class of 2014

Dan's first bio was sentimental. It has since been mocked and removed.
He does engineering and stuff.

charlottewilliams Charlotte Williams
Class of 2017

Charlotte is freshman from Princeton, NJ. She was a Princeton Bridge Year student, spending 9 months in Peru doing service work, learning Spanish, and housing a diverse array of parasites. Charlotte is pursuing a degree in Anthropolitical-egyptohistoryevolution. She likes reading, art, and any TV sitcom from the 90's.


Monday Sept 9         

Tuesday Sept 10

Friday Sept 13

Saturday Sept 14

Thu 11/7 - Sat 11/9

Thursday Nov 14

Sunday Nov 24

Thu 1/9 - Sat 1/11

Friday Jan 24

Thursday Feb 13

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Apr 3-5

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Saturday May 31
Performing and MCing @ Tiger Night - 9:00pm - Richardson Auditorium in Alexander Hall

Open Rehearsal and Workshop! - 11am-1pm - Rockefeller College Classroom

Fuzzy Dice Frosh Week Shows!
Frosh Week Shows!
- 10:00pm - Frist Theater - FREE

Sponsored by the Student Events Committee

Fuzzy Dice Frosh Week Shows!
Frosh Week Shows!
- 10:00pm - Frist Theater - FREE

Sponsored by the Student Events Committee

Fuzzy Dice performs in eXpressions Dance Company's Linked
eXpressions Dance Company's Linked
- 8pm - Frist Theater

Fuzzy Dice Presents: Babies
Fuzzy Dice Presents: Babies
- ONE NIGHT ONLY - 11pm - Theatre Intime

Fuzzy Dice performs in Princeton Disability Awareness's Down Syndrome Conference

Fuzzy Dice performs in TapCats' THRIVE
- 8pm - Frist Theater

Fuzzy Dice performs with Yale's Just Add Water - 8pm - Yale University, Calhoun Cabaret

Fuzzy Dice's Valentine's Day Shows!
Valentine's Day Shows!
- 11pm - Theatre Intime

Fuzzy Dice's Valentine's Day Shows!
Valentine's Day Shows!
- 11pm - Theatre Intime

Fuzzy Dice MCs and performs in This is Princeton - Richardson Auditorium - 9pm

Fuzzy Dice performs in eXpressions Dance Company's Fixation
eXpressions Dance Company's Fixation
- 8pm - Frist Theater

Fuzzy Dice in This Side of Princeton - 7pm - Richardson Auditorium in Alexander Hall

Fuzzy Dice: Spring Fling Shows
Spring Fling Shows
- 11pm - Theatre Intime

Fuzzy Dice's Spring Fling Shows
Spring Fling Shows
- 11pm - Theatre Intime

Fuzzy Dice in This Side of Princeton - 7pm - Richardson Auditorium in Alexander Hall

Fuzzy Dice REUNIONS Shows! - U-Store Courtyard Tent - 5:00pm - FREE

Fuzzy Dice REUNIONS Shows! - U-Store Courtyard Tent - 8:00pm - FREE

Fuzzy Dice REUNIONS Shows! - U-Store Courtyard Tent - 5:00pm - FREE

Click here to see all last year's shows!


We love our alumni! If you're an alumnus/a email Paulina to make sure you're on our mailing list.

2006: David Kaplan*
2008: Will Ellerbe*, George Lace*, Alex Limpaecher*, Mark Bur, Paul Cowgill, Whitney Mosery
2009: Ashley Alexander, Annie Haslam Colquitt
2010: Jessica Taylor
2011: Sam Borchard, Kaitlyn Hamilton, Will Martinez
2012: Louisa Ferguson, Laura Pedersen, Max Rosmarin, Taylor Stewart-Cannon, Eric Wang
2013: LindseyRose Aguero-Sinclair


Fan Gear


Want to be a Fuzzy Die? Then come audition!

Auditions are super fun and just consist of playing improv games (some of which you may have seen in our shows)! Also, not to worry, you won't be auditioning alone; there will be several other auditionees who you'll be playing with, and maybe a few Dice.

Never improvised before? No problem! Nearly half our members never did improv before coming to Princeton.

Fuzzy Dice will be having an Open Rehearsal and an Open House during the first week of school - so check back for more details!

Our auditions will be the evenings of Monday September 16th and Tuesday the 17th and take place in 30 minute slots. Plus if we want to see a little more of you, you should keep your 18th open as well for "Callbacks" where we spend some more time together with a small group and do even more improv!

Frosh Week Events:

Open Rehearsal / Workshop
Tuesday 9/10
11am - 1pm
Rockefeller College Classroom
Activities Fair
Friday 9/13
Noon - 3pm
Dillon Gym
Frosh Week Shows
Friday & Saturday 9/13-14
Frist Theater
Mon & Tue 9/16-17
Theatre Intime
Sign Up

Any questions? Want to audition? Shoot us an email at the address below!

Let's Get in Touch

Any and all questions including booking Fuzzy Dice for an event, auditions, kitten sales, or plans for world domination can be sent to the email below. We look forward to hearing from you!