Mark Baumgartner performed his Ph.D. reseach under the direction of Lex Smits. His research focused on the structure of compressible turbulent boundary layers using the Gas Dynamics Lab's high Reynolds number Mach 8 wind tunnel. Mark graduated from the University of Florida in 1991 with a degree in aerospace engineering. He received his Master's degree from Princeton in 1993 (Thesis title: "Wake Vortex Alleviation by Redistribution of Trailing Vorticity") and his Ph.D. degree in 1997 ("Turbulence Structure in a Hypersonic Boundary Layer").

Mark's interests include:
  • Engineering: Hypersonic flows, Mach and Reynolds number effects on turbulent boundary layers, vortex element methods, vortex lattice methods, golf ball and golf club aerodynamics.
  • Public Policy: Risk assessment/communication/management, probabilistic and stochastic modeling (Monte Carlo), decision analysis (cost/benefit, risk/benefit, and lifecycle analyses), technology transfer and development.
  • Business and Finance: Strategy, stock/option valuation, financial ratios, portfolio theory, business cycles.
  • Applied Physics and Mathematics: Chaos, nonlinear dynamical systems, fractals, wavelets, fuzzy logic.

  • Click to download Structure of a Mach 8 Turbulent Boundary Layer, presented at the AIAA 35th Aerospace Sciences Meeting and Exhibit, Reno, NV, January 6-9, 1997 (Acrobat PDF format, 875k).

    Click to download A New Hypersonic Boundary Layer Facility, presented at the AIAA 33rd Aerospace Sciences Meeting and Exhibit, Reno, NV, January 9-12, 1995 (Acrobat PDF format, 210k).

    Click to download Maximizing Technological Benefits with Limited Research Resources, a term paper Mark wrote for his Science, Technology, and Public Policy class (Acrobat PDF format, 580k).

    Click to download Turbulence Structure in a Hypersonic Boundary Layer, Mark's Ph.D. Dissertation (Acrobat PDF format, 4.4M).

    Click to download Wake Vortex Alleviation by Redistribution of Trailing Vorticity, Mark's M.S.E. Thesis (Acrobat PDF format, 380k).

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    Mark is currently employed by Helmer & Associates, a strategy consulting firm near Palo Alto, California.

    Voice: 415.917.8705       Fax: 415.917.8744

    Address: Helmer & Associates, 350 Second Street, Ste. 2, Los Altos, CA 94022