Information on Kalliroscope Solution

Kalliroscope solution is manufactured by the Kalliroscope Corporation, 264 Mail St. Box 60, Groton MA 01450. Telephone (508) 448-6302, Fax (508) 448-2254

Taken from their informational mailing:

"Fluids which are extremely effective in producing visual images of dynamic currents are now available from Kalliroscope Corporation. Research laboratories and teaching institutions throughout the world use them for the study and demonstration of fluid flow. The fluids are suspensions of microscopic crystalline platelets. When they are put into motion, the suspended platelets orient so as to align their larger dimensions parallel to the planes of shear. In the presence of incident light, areas of varying orientations will reflect differing intensities of light, and their evolution and movement will produce striking visual images of the currents taking place. Unlike dye-based tracers which eventually become dispersed within the medium, Kalliroscope fluids never lose their ability to make their flow patterns visible and can be used many times over."

Note: I am in no way affiliated with the Kalliroscope Corporation. I am merely a satisfied customer.