MEMO TO RESIDENTS ON PARKING                                                 February 1, 1967

     In the last two weeks many of us have become aware of a rigid enforcement of parking rules on the entire campus and with particular zeal directed towards the Graduate College.  Since many of us have picked up some bad habits and misinformation in the more liberal days of 1966, we think it best to recall some of the parking rules at this time.

GENERAL RULES:  All cars must be registered

                                          ‘Graduate College’ stickers are given to 2nd and 3rd year
                                          students; those 1st year students with special need (Forrestal,
                                          etc.) may be given this sticker if they make application with a
                                          letter from their department.

                                          ‘Graduate School’ stickers are given all others.  Park all cars
                                          front-end-in, between the lines defining the parking space.

LOTS:                 Cleveland Tower and hill - ‘Graduate College’ stickers only.
                                            -only four legal places in the middle of turning circle
                                            -cannot block tower entrance
                                            -do not overlap the lines marking the ends of the roadway
                                              parking zone
                            New Grad College – ‘Graduate College’ stickers only.
                                            -do not park at loading dock
                                            -do not park at crosshatched areas at extreme ends
                                            -do not park in reserve spaces at South side

                            Springdale – ‘Graduate College’ stickers only.
                                            -do not park in places that are reserved for employees
                                              (Lot #19)
                                            -park only at designated places

                            Lot 16 – ‘Graduate School’
                                                  (Adjacent to the railway tracks, north of Faculty Road.)

                            Lot 3 – (South of EQ) – ‘Graduate College’ and ‘Graduate School’
                                                May park in the designated row on the south side.

                            All other University Lots – no parking from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
                                                Monday to Friday.  It is otherwise permitted with the
                                                exception of overnight parking.

NOTES:        1)    During meal hours the people holding meal contracts though not
                             residing at the college may park in the lots.
                      2)    Visitors – special parking stickers may be arranged  for guests
                              through Stanhope Hall – for most occasions it is suggested that an
                              explanatory note be left on the windshield with date and time of

                      3)     If you must leave your car in an illegal parking place for any
                              reason (loading, breakdown, or lack of legal spaces), leave
                              an explanatory note.  Even if you get a ticket, it will make a better
                              case upon appeal.
                      4)     Students living at the Graduate College are requested not to park
                              on adjacent town or borough streets—Springdale, Battle, or Haslet.
                              The Committee is especially concerned about this due to matters of
                              town-gown regulations.

                      5)     Cars with stickers cannot park in visitor spaces anywhere.

                      6)     Overnight parking is not permitted on borough streets, and parking is
                               limited to one hour between 2 A.M. and 6 A.M.

PENALTIES:             Cars with stickers parked illegally are liable to $5 University
                                   Tickets.  Excessive violations can lead to suspension of privileges.

                                   Cars without stickers, or cars in flagrant or repeated violation of the
                                   rules, may be towed away (to the ESSO station on Washington
                                   Road and U.S. #1 at $9.50 a trip).

     In closing, we would like to mention that the security officer is rather unhappy with the number of tickets outstanding to graduate students.  We hope that you have found a few points in this memo which will help you avoid inconvenience – financial and personal.

The House Committee