Lists of People

The House Committee comes in contact with a number of important University officers and employees during the course of its business. This page lists, so far as we are able to reconstruct, the holders of these offices over the years. This list also serves as a companion to the minutes of the House Committee, identifying the people casually mentioned therein.

This page lists University officers, in hierarchical fashion, with indented names reporting to the officer less indented above.

Please note that much of the information on this page is not warranted to be accurate. Specifically, the hierarchical structure of the University is unclear, and the administration specifically keeps information on its structure quiet to make it difficult for outsiders to determine how decisions are made. This page also does not attempt to be complete -- lists are complete only when the date for the establishment of the postion in question is given and there are no gaps in years beneath.

University Officers

President of the College of New Jersey (1746-1896)
1747          Jonathan Dickinson
1747-1757     Aaron Burr, Sr. (acting to 1748)
1758          Jonathan Edwards
1758-1759     Jacob Green (acting)
1759-1761     Samuel Davies
1761-1766     Samuel Finley
1767-1768     John Blair (acting)
1768-1794     John Witherspoon
1795-1812     Samuel Stanhope Smith
1812-1822     Ashbel Green
1822-1823     Philip Lindsly (acting)
1823-1854     James Carnahan
1854-1868     John Maclean, Jr.
1868-1888     James McCosh
1888-1896     Francis Landey Patton
President of Princeton University (1896-)
1896-1902     Francis Landey Patton
1902-1910     Woodrow Wilson
1910-1912     John Aikman Stewart (acting)
1912-1932     John Grier Hibben
1932-1933     Edward Dickinson Duffield (acting)
1933-1957     Harold Willis Dodds
1957-1972     Robert Francis Goheen
1972-1988     William Gordon Bowen
1989-2001     Harold T. Shapiro
2001-         Shirley M. Tilghman
Vice President of the College of New Jersey (complete)
1758-1759     Jacob Green
1767-1768     John Blair
1786-1795     Samuel Stanhope Smith
1812-1817     Elijah Slack
1817-1824     Philip Lindsly
1829-1854     John Maclean

Provost of Princeton University (est. 1966)
1966-1967     J. Douglas Brown
1967-1972     William Gordon Bowen
1972-1975     F. Sheldon Hackney
1975-1977     Albert Rees
1977-1988     Neil L. Rudenstine
1988-1991     Paul Benacerraf
1991-1993     Hugo F. Sonnenschein
1993-1995     Stephen Goldfeld (1940-1995)
1995-2001     Jeremiah P. Ostriker
2001-         Amy Gutmann
Vice Provost (without portfolio)
1983-1988     Richard R. Spies
1990-1991     Janet H. McKay
1994-1995     Ruth J. Simmons

Associate Provost (without portfolio)
1976-1983     Richard R. Spies
1982-1989     Conrad Snowden
1986-1991     Janet H. McKay
1991-1993     Maryann Coffey
2002-2003     Jed Marsh

Assistant Provost (without portfolio)
1972-1976     Richard R. Spies
1972-1977     Conrad Snowden

Associate Provost for Academic Programs
1996-2001     S. Georgia Nugent
Vice Provost for Academic Programs
2001-	      Katherine Rohrer

Associate Provost and Affirmative Action Officer
1993-2001     Joann Mitchell
Vice Provost for Administration
2001-         Joann Mitchell

Director of the Office of Project Research and Inventions
    -1959     Raymond Jay Woodrow
Director of the Office of Resarch and Project Administration
1959-1971     Raymond Jay Woodrow
1971-1975     Richard A. Rossi
1975-1989     Allen J. Sinisgalli
Associate Provost for Research and Project Administration
1989-2001     Allen J. Sinisgalli
Vice Provost for Research and Physical Planning
2001-2003     Allen J. Sinisgalli
Vice Provost for University Space Planning
2004-	      Robert Barnett

Vice Provost for Institutional Research
2003-	      Jed Marsh

Associate Provost for Finance
1998-2001     Christopher McCrudden
2001-         Stephen Gill

Associate Provost for Special Studies
1968-1970     Paul Benacerraf

Associate Provost for Resource Planning
1970-1971     William W. Lewis

Associate Provost for Computer Affairs
1970-1972     Lyman Spitzer, Jr.

Assistant Provost for Special Projects
1985-1986     Kay D. Ferdinandsen

Dean of the Departments of Science (1909-1928)
1909-1928     Henry Burchard Fine
Dean of the Faculty (est. 1883)
1883-1899     James Ormsbee Murray
1899-1903     Samuel Ross Winans
1903-1912     Henry Burchard Fine
1912-1925     William Francis Magie
1925-1933     Luther Pfahler Eisenhart
1933-1946     Robert Kilburn Root
1946-1967     James Douglas Brown
1967-1968     Robert Roswell Palmer
1968-1973     Richard Allen Lester
1973-1989     Aaron Lemonick
1989-1995     Robert Gunning
1995-1997     Amy Gutmann
1997-         Joseph Taylor

Dean of the Graduate School (est. 1901)
1901-1928     Andrew Fleming West
1928-1933     Augustus Trowbridge
1933-1945     Luther Pfahler Eisenhart
1945-1958     Sir Hugh Stott Taylor
1958-1965     Donald Ross Hamilton
1965-1969     Colin Stephenson Pittendrigh
1969-1973     Aaron Lemonick
1973-1977     Alvin B. Kernan
1977-1979     Nina G. Garsoian
1979-1992     Theodore J. Ziolkowski
1992-1993     Albert Raboteau
1993-1994     David N. Redman (acting)
1994-2002     John F. Wilson
2002-	      William B. Russel

Assistant and Associate Deans without Portfolio (complete)
1947-1958     James Thorpe (Asst)
1958-1961     Richard D. Challener (Asst 1958-1961, Assoc 1961)
1959-1962     James Isbell Armstrong (Asst 1959-1961, Assoc 1961-1962)
1962-1965     Russell A. Fraser (Assoc)
1964-1968     Frederick Norton Goddard Roberts (Asst)
1967-1968     Torrence D. Parsons (Asst)
1970-1973     Conrad D. Snowden (Asst)

Assistant and Associate Deans with Portfolio
Dean for Academic Affairs: Social Sciences, Wilson School, Architecture (1968-1969)
1968-1969     Elizabeth Wentworth (Asst)
Dean for Academic Affairs: Sciences (1968-1969)
1968-1969     Earl C. Tanner (Asst)
Dean for Academic Affairs: Administration and Engineering (1968-1969)
1968-1969     Charles L. Taggart (Asst)
Dean for Academic Affairs: Humanities (1968-1969)
1968-1969     Cornelia Borgerhoff (Asst)
Dean for Academic Affairs: Natural Sciences, Architecture, Engineering (1969-1986)
1969-1986     Edward J. Edenfield III (Asst)
Dean for Academic Affairs: Humanities, Social Sciences, Wilson School (1969-1986)
1969-1979     Cornelia Borgerhoff (Asst)
1979-1986     David N. Redman (Asst)
Dean for Academic Affairs (1986-)
1986-1993     David N. Redman (Assoc)
1993-1994     Peter E. McCollough (acting) (Asst)
1994-         David N. Redman (Assoc)

Dean for Budget (1968-1969)
1968-1969     Paul Benacerraf (Assoc)
Dean for Fellowships and Finance (1969-1973)
1969-1973     Charles L. Taggart (Asst)
Dean for Fellowships and Financial Aid (1974-1977)
1974-1977     David N. Redman (Asst)
Dean for Budget and Financial Planning (1977-1992)
1977-1979     David N. Redman (Asst)
1979-1983     Allen R. Sanderson (Asst)
1983-1992     Suzanne Turk (Asst 1983-1987, Assoc 1987-1992))
Dean for Budget and Administration (1992-)
1992-1994     Suzanne Turk (Assoc)
1994-         Sandra L. Mawhinney (Assoc)

Dean for Admissions and Student Life (1966-1968)
1966-1968     Deane G. Bornheimer (Asst)
Dean for Student Affairs and Admission (1969-1973)
1969-1973     Henry C. Moses III (Asst)
Dean for Student Affairs (1973-)
1973-1974     David N. Redman (Asst)
1974-1976     Martin Sherwin (Asst)
1976-1986     Diane G. Price (Asst)
1986-         F. Joy Montero (Asst 1986-1999, Assoc 1999-)

Master of Merwick House (est. 1905)
1905-1913     Howard Crosby Butler
Master of the Graduate College (est. 1913)
1913-1923     Howard Crosby Butler
1923-1939     William Gillespie
1930-1931     Paul Van Dyke (Acting for Gillespie)
1939-1949     Sidney Lawrence Levengood
1949-1954     James Thorpe
1954-1958     Frank Card Bourne
1958-1978     Jerome Blum
1978-1982     Barbara and Raymond Hill
1982-1985     Gerald Geison
1985-1990     Rev. Victor Preller
Residence Life Coordinator (est. 1990)
1990-1993     Laura DeLuca
1993-1994     Holly Holdridge
1994-1995     Frank Tuitt
1995-1997     Karen Lipton Dentler
Graduate Student Affairs Administrator
1997-1998     Karen Lipton Dentler
Residence Life Coordinator
1998-2001     Ulrich Struve
2001	      Karen Lipton Dentler (Interim)
2001-2004     Lisa M. Sherov
Assistant Dean for Residence Life and Student Affairs
2004-	      Lisa M. Sherov

Assistant to the Master
1982-1986     Kim Hegelbach
 ?? -1988     Doris Simmons (?)

??	      Barney Wells
Day Porters (two serve concurrently)
1993-1994     Xiarong Sun
              Julie Hassell
1994-1995     Julie Hassell
1995-1996     Baki Tezcan
              Suhnaz Yilmaz
1996-1997     Baki Tezcan
              Ipek Yosmaoglu
1997-1998     Jessica Tiregol
1998-1999     Jon Cline
              Suhnaz Yilmaz
1999-2000     Lyndon Dominique
              Margarita Mooney (1999)
              Juan Guzman, Kirsten Hammer & Patrizia Baudino (2000)
College Secretary (reest. 2000)
2000-2002     Robert Reinhardt, Jr.
2002	      Yaw Nyanin (acting)
2003-	      Jaclyn Wasneski

House Advisors (two serve concurrently) (est. 1996)
1996	      Stuart Brock
1996-1998     Shirit Kronzon
1997          Paul Martino
1997-1999     Surita R. Bhatia
1998-2001     Steven J. Miller
1999-2000     Karen K. Larsen
2000-2002     William B. Jordan
2001-2003     Eric A. Adelizzi
2002-2003     Holly V. Sanders
2003	      Anita Adhitya
2003	      Eric A. Adelizzi (Interim)
2003-         Hany Girgis
2003-	      Åsa Rennermalm

Lockhart Hall Dormitory Assistant (est. 2001)
2001-2002     Holly V. Sanders
2002	      Adriana X. Tatum
2003	      Sinead MacNamara

Graduate College Mailroom Manager
	      Bill Blair
1996	      Sue Jean Kim
1997	      Giovanni Zanovello
1997	      Stephanie A. Harves & Abbey Wildman
1997-1999     E. J. Johnson
1999	      Kyle A. Morrison
1999-2000     Jose L. Rodrigo
2000-2001     Patrizia Baudino
2001-         Elena V. Chernishenko
Dean for Graduate Admissions (1973-1976) 1973-1976 Diance G. Price (Asst) Director of Graduate Admissions -1976 Joyce B. Freedman Coordinator of Graduate Admissions (1976-1979) 1976-1979 Ann E. W. Starr Director of Admissions (1979-1998) 1979-1986 Suzanne L. B. Brookes 1986-1988 Claire R. Hamm 1988-1992 Michele K. Spreen 1992-1995 Kristen A. Hurst 1995-1998 Paula J. Bryan Manager of Admissions (1998-) 1998- Barbara A. Basel
Dean of the College (est. 1909) 1909-1912 Edward G. Elliot 1912-1925 Howard McClenahan 1925-1946 Christian Gauss 1946-1955 Francis R. B. Godolphin 1955-1961 Jeremiah Stanton Finch 1961-1966 J. Merrill Knapp 1966-1972 Edward D. Sullivan 1972-1977 Neil L. Rudenstine 1977-1987 Joan S. Girgus 1987- Nancy Weiss Malkiel
Dean of Freshmen (1925-1943)
1925-1942     Radcliffe Heermance
1942-1943     Burnham N. Dell

Dean of the McGraw Center (est. 2001)
2001-	      Georgia Nugent

Director of the McGraw Center (est. 1999)
1999-	      Jacqueline Mintz
University Librarian (est. full-time 1873)
1768          Hugh Sim
1770-         William Houston
1786-         Gilbert Tennent Snowden
1793	      John Nelson Abeel
1793-1794     Robert Finley
1794-1796     David English
1804-1806     Henry Kollock
1806-1807     Samuel Bayard
1807-1809     Hezekiah Belknap
1809-1810     William Dunlop
1810-1812     John Bergen
1812-1824     Philip Lindsly
1824-1850     John Maclean, Jr.
1850-1865     George Musgrave Giger
1865-1873     Henry Clay Cameron
1873-1889     Frederic Vinton
1889	      C. Martins (acting)
1890-1920     Ernest Cushing Richardson
1920-1940     James Thayer Gerould
1940-1952     Julian P. Boyd
1952-1953     Maurice Kelley (acting)
1953-1975     William S. Dix
1975-1978     Richard W. Boss
1978-1995     Donald W. Koepp
1996-	      Karin Trainer

Dean of the School of Engineering (1922-1962)
1922-1940     Arthur M. Greene, Jr.
1940-1954     Kenneth H. Condit
1954-1962     Joseph Clifton Elgin
Dean of the School of Engineering and Applied Science (1962-)
1962-1971     Joseph Clifton Elgin
1971-1986     Robert G. Jahn
1986-1991     Hisashi Kobayashi
1991-2002     James Wei
2002	      James Sturm (acting)
2003-         Maria Klawe

Chairman of the Administrative Committee of the Woodrow Wilson School
1930-1933     Harold W. Dodds
Director of the Woodrow Wilson School (1933-1964)
1933-1939     Dewitt Clinton Poole
1939-1958     Dana Gardner Munro
1958-1963     Gardner Patterson
1963-1964     Lester V. Chandler (acting)
Dean of the Woodrow Wilson School (est. 1964)
1964-1969     Marver H. Bernstein
1969-1974     John P. Lewis
1974-1992     Donald E. Stokes
1992-1994     Henry S. Bienen
1995-2002     Michael Rothschild
2002	      James Trussell (acting)
2002-	      Anne-Marie Slaughter

Director of the School of Architecture (1919-1965)
1919-1922     Howard Crosby Butler
1923-1926     Raymond Bossange
1928-1952     Sherley W. Morgan
1952-1965     Robert W. McLaughlin, Jr.
Dean of the School of Architecture (est. 1965)
1965-1982     Robert L. Geddes
1982-1989     Robert Maxwell
1989-2001     Ralph Lerner
2001-2002     Mario Gandelsonas (acting)
2002-	      Stan Allen

Registrar (est. 1840, full-time 1873)
1840-1841     William Armstrong Dod
1841-1846     John Thomas Duffield
1846-1847     Thomas Ware Cattell
1847-1849     Stephen Grover Dodd
1850-1851     William Hampton Babbitt
1851-1853     Henry Clay Cameron
1853-1854     Archibald Parritt Cobb
1854-1858     vacant
1858-1861     Gershom Hatton Nimmo
1861-1866     vacant
1866-1867     Lewis Ward Mudge
1867-1868     John Saxton Sherrill
1868-1869     Edward Payson Rankin
1869-1873     Fuller Porter Dalrymple
1873-1910     Henry Nevius van Dyke
1910-1918     Charles J. Jones
1918-1925     Fred LeRoy Hudson
1925-1947     Wilbur F. Kerr
1947-1969     Howard W. Stepp
1969-1984     Bruce Finnie
1984-1999     C. Anthony Broh
1999-         Joseph Greenberg (acting until 2000)

Vice President for Information Technology (est. 1986)
1986-2000     Ira Fuchs
2001-         Betty Leydon

Director of Academic Services
              Serge Goldstein

Director of Administrative Services
	      Andy Rosenau

Director of Budget and Finance
	      Elisabeth Dahlen

Director of Enterprise Services
	      Daniel Oberst

Director of Information Systems
              Dave Kohler

Director of Information Technology Architecture
	      Lee Varian

Director of Support Services
	      Stephen Sather

Graduate College Computing and Information Technology Liaison (1997-1998)
1997-1998     Steven J. Miller
Gradaute College Residential Computer Consultant (est. 1998)
1998-2000     Steven J. Miller
2000-2001     Maria del Mar Gonzalez
2001-	      Kun Yao

Lawrence Apartments Residential Computer Consultant (est. 2001)
2001-        Ozgur Bicer
Manager of Educational Technologies Kirk Alexander
Treasurer of The College of New Jersey (1748-1896)
1748-1750     Andrew Johnston
1750-1777     Jonathan Sergeant
1777-1779     James Caldwell
1779-1783     William Churchill Houston
1783-1786     Samuel Stanhope Smith
1786-1787     Thomas Wiggins
1787-1788     John Beatty
1788          Richard Stockton
1788          John Beatty
1788-1791     Isaac Snowden
1791-1795     John Harrison
1795-1796     Walter Minto
1796-1810     Enos Kelsey
1810-1828     Samuel Bayard
1828          James Sproat Green
1828-1829     George Stafford Woodhull
1829-1839     John Van Doren
1839-1845     John Vredenburgh Talmage 
1845-1869     Charles Smith Olden
1869-1870     Lyman Sanford Atwater
1870-1885     William Wirt Harris
1885-1896     Edwin Curtis Osborn
Treasurer of Princeton University (1896-)
1896-1901     Edwin Curtis Osborn
1901-1930     Henry Green Duffield
1930-1941     George G. Wintringer (acting to 1933)
1941-1953     George A. Brakeley
1953-1972     Ricardo A. Mestres
1972-1987     Carl W. Schafer
1987-2001     Ray Clark
2001-         Christopher McCrudden

Director of Budget (note: merged with Associate Provost for Finance)
	      Stephen Gill

Director of Investments
              John Sweeney

Assistant Director for Investment and Endowment

Assistant Director for Planned Giving Administration
              Tom McCabe
Director of Capital Finance Matthew Kent Controller (est. 1920) 1920-1941 George C. Wintriger 1941-1961 Gail A. Mills 1961-1975 Wilbur M. Young 1975- Raymond J. Clark Henry Murphy Director of Internal Audit Joseph Bielamowicz Director of University Financials Craig Richmond Director of Operations John Yuncza
Director of Purchasing
	      Don Weston

Manager of Campus Mail
              David Balitz

Assistant Manager of Campus Mail
              Vestor Mitchell
Director of the Office of Risk Management Laurel Harvey
Director of Environmental Health and Safety
              Garth Walters

Assistant Director for Laboratory Safety
              Robin Izzo

University Sanitarian
              Donald G. Robasser
Secretary of the University (est. 1901) 1901-1917 Charles W. McAlpin 1917-1936 V. Lansing Collins 1936-1966 Alexander Leitch 1966-1974 Jeremiah Stanton Finch 1974-2003 Thomas H. Wright 2004- Robert Durkee
Legal Counsel
    -1959     Henry S. Broad
    -1971     Lawrence R. Caruso
General Counsel
1972-1991     Thomas H. Wright
1991-2002     Howard Ende
2002-	      Peter McDonough

Vice President for Public Affairs (1970-2003)
1970-1978     William H. Weathersby
1978-2003     Robert K. Durkee
Director of Public Affairs (est. 2004)
2003-	      Karen Jezierney

Secretary of the Graduate Council
    -1958     Donald W. Griffin
Secretary of the A;umni Council
1958-1962     Donald W. Griffin
1962-1965     Joseph G. Bradshaw
1965-1968     Charles L. Taggart
Director of the Alumni Council
1968-1972     William D'Olier Lippincott
1972-1980     David G. Rahr
1980-1999     Daniel N. White
1999-2002     Kathy Taylor
2002-         Margaret Moore Miller

Director of Commuications
1987-2000     Justin Harmon
2000-	      Lauren Robinson-Brown

Director of University Relations
    -1969     Leslie Langdon Vivian, Jr.
Director of Regional and Governmental Relations
1969-1970     Leslie Langdon Vivian, Jr.
Director of Community and Regional Affairs
1970-1986     Leslie Langdon Vivian, Jr.
1986-1987     Karen Jezierny
Director of Community and State Affairs
1987-1991     Karen Jezierny
1991-	      Pamela Hersh

Federal Relations Officer
1972-1973     Marshall Sittig
Director of Governmental Relations
1973-1975     Marshall Sittig
until 1975, reports to VP for Development
Director of Government Affairs (est. 1979)
1979-2002     Nan Wells
2003-	      Diane Auer Jones

Vice President for Finance (1939-1953, 1959-1987) 1939-1953 George A. Brakeley 1959-1972 Ricardo A. Mestres 1972-1976 Paul B. Firstenberg 1976-1987 Carl W. Schafer Administrative Vice President (1959-65) 1959-1965 Edgar M. Gemmell Executive Director of Administrative and Personnel Services 1965-1971 Anthony J. Maruca Vice President for Administrative Affairs (1972-1988) 1972-1988 Anthony J. Maruca Vice President for Finance and Administration (1988-2001) 1988-2001 Richard R. Spies Vice President for Administration (2001) 2001 Richard R. Spies Senior Vice President for Administration (est. 2002) 2002- Charles F. Kalmbach, Jr.
Assistant Vice President for Administration (est. 1989)
1989-2002     Laurel Harvey
General Manager for Administration (est. 2002)
2002-         Laurel Harvey

Curator of Grounds and Buildings (1876-1881)
1876-1880     Edward Delano Lindsay
1880-1881     Joseph P. Ord
between 1881-1901, job done by Treasurer
Curator of Grounds and Buildings (1901-1912)
1901-1904     James MacNaughton Thompson
1904-1910     Henry Conrad Bunn
1910-1912     Alfred Buelt Mullett Hoffman
Superintendent of Grounds and Buildings (1912-1964)
1912-1919     Roswell Davies
1921-1957     Edward Allen Macmillan
1957-1964     George Roberts Meyers
General Manager of Property and Physical Facilities (1965-1972)
1965-1967     Robert Le Grand Johnstone
1967-1973     John Peter Moran
General Manager of Physical Planning and Facilities (1972-1973)
1972-1973     John Peter Moran
Vice President for Facilities (1973-1979)
1973-1979     John Peter Moran
General Manager of Planning, Plant, and Properties (1979-1983)
1979-1983     Eugene McPartland
Vice President for Facilities (1983-)
1983-1999     Eugene McPartland
1999-2003     Kathleen Mulligan
2003-         Michael E. McKay

General Manager for Facilities
1974-1975     Robert B. Middlebrook

Assistant General Manager for Properties and Physical Facilities
1965-1966     John Peter Moran

Assistant General Manager for Business Operations
1972-1973     Robert E. Schultz
Assistant General Manager for Facilities Operations
1973-1974     Robert E. Schultz

Director of Facilities Support Services
    -1997     Charlaine R. Ewan
Director of Administrative Services
1997-1998     Charlaine R. Ewan
1998-         Gregory Bressler

Director of Customer Service and Quality Improvement
              Chad Klaus

Manager of Physical Planning (1964-1986)
1964-1966     John Peter Moran
1967-1969     C. Harrison Hill
1969-1986     Jon D. Hlafter
Director of Physical Planning (est. 1986)
1986-         Jon D. Hlafter

Associate Director for Construction
              Anne St. Mauro

Code Analyst
              Robert Allen

Construction Managers
	      Paul Irmen, Bob Kress, Bill Bausmith, Rick Poole
Assistant Directors George Olexa, Michael Denchak, Robert Barnett, Gary Ireland
Associate General Manager for Facilities 1975-1976 Thomas P. Root 1975-1976 Robert E. Schultz Manager of Plant and Operations 1967-1968 Foster Jacobs Director of Physical Plant 1968-1973 Foster Jacobs 1973-1974 William D. Jones Manager of Physical Plant 1974-1975 William D. Jones Director of Facilities Services -1976 Bernard L. Gavin General Manager of Services 1976- ?? Thomas P. Root General Manager of Plant 1976-1978 Eugene McPartland Assistant General Manager of Planning, Plant, and Properties 1982-1983 Joseph J. Gawarkiewicz General Manager of Plant and Services 1983-1993 Joseph J. Gawarkiewicz 1993- Michael E. McKay
Building Services Manager
    -1970     James Sargent Henry
1970-1976     Probyn Thompson
Director of Building Services
1976-1993     Leroy R. Hill
1993-2000     George W. Frierson
2000-         Jonathan Baer

Manager of Special Services
              Al King
Manager of Dormitory and Administrative Services
              Rick Clugston

Building Supervisor, Graduate College
    -1989     Ed Foster
1989-	      Clement Decle
Director of Dormitory and Food Services (est. 1959)
1959-1967     Arnold W. Strohkorb
1967-         Thomas P. Root
Director of Food Services
    -1976     Malcolm J. Graham
1976-1978     William J. Hickey, Jr.
1978-1981     Robert B. Barber, Jr.
1981-1992     James M. Lawson
1992	      Joseph J. Gawarkiewicz (acting)
Director of Dining Services
1992-         Stuart Orefice

Unit Manager, Graduate College
1969-1976     Edward Palutis
1976-1978     Thomas J. Flynn
1978-1988     Charles Wilder
Area Manager, Graduate College & Catering
              Joe Erbe

Assistant to the Director for Graduate College
1966-1967     Alan B. Wallace
Assistant Unit Manager, Graduate College
    -1970     Jack P. Hitchcock
Hall Manager, Graduate College
1976-1977     James Wheeler
Assistant Manager, Graduate College and Stevenson
1977-1978     James Wheeler
Assistant Manager, Graduate College
1978-1979     Charles Wilder
1979-1980     Peggy Stepenosky
1980-         Charles Manning
Manager, Procter Hall (names uncertain)
	      Russel Rogers
	      Melissa Carrabota
	      Mary Ellen Balcomb
	      Joe Erbe
	      Jim Wheeler
	      Tom Flynn
	      John Caddy
    -1997     Chris Meuller
1997-	      Donald L. DeZarn
Manager of Construction and Engineering
    -1972     Robert E. Schultz
Manager of Engineering
1972-1973     Robert E. Schultz
Manager of Engineering and Utilities
1973-1976     Clifton A. Bischoff
Director of Engineering
1976-1981     Robert E. Schultz
1981-1993     Mike McKay
1993-         Tom Nyquist
Superintendant of Grounds and Buildings
1965-1967     Foster Jacobs
Director of Building Maintenance
    -1976     John H. Kellock
1976-1978     Anthony Cifelli
Director of Grounds and Buildings Maintenance
1978-1990     Anthony Cifelli
1990-1998     Robert D. Smart
1998-         William E. Traubel

Associate Director
    -1994     Richard W. Hawley
1994-1998     William E. Traubel
1998-         Lou Dursi

Project Managers
              Dave Blydenburgh, Tom Emmons, Mal Warren
Assistant Director (est. 1993) 1993- Charlie Krank Manager of Grounds Maintenance 1969-1977 Harleigh R. Kammerer Manager of Grounds 1977-1989 George Clark 1989- Jim Consolloy
Assistant Manager
              Al Pearson
Housing Administrator
    -1972     Jusy DiMattia
Student Housing Officer
1972-1975     Judy DiMattia
Director of Housing
1975-1978     R. Susan Johnston
1978-         Stephen Thomas Miller

Assistant Director of Housing
    -1979     Richard A. Caulk
Associate Director of Housing
1979-1997     Richard A. Caulk
1997-         Joseph P. Plaksa

Manager of Inspections
	      Walter Doolan
              Ken Paulaski
Assistant Manager of Dormitories 1972-1973 Robert R. Riley Manager of Operations (1973-1975) 1973-1975 Robert R. Riley Director for Operations (est. 1981) 1981-1999 Hal Szenes (Asst 1981-1991, Assoc 1991-1999) 1999-2002 vacant 2002- Patricia Smith (Assoc)
Housing Facilities Manager
	      Mark Bianchi

Superintendant of the Butler Apartments
              John Taylor

Superintendant of the Hibben-Magie Apartments
              Larry Sprull

Superintendant of the Millstone Apartments
              John Medley
Manager of Rental Housing -1959 Kenneth M. Rendall, Jr. Manager of University Housing 1959-1965 Kenneth M. Rendall, Jr. Manager of Housing -1975 Evelyn H. Soldavin Until 1974, reports to Director of Real Estate Manager of Faculty Housing 1968-1969 Robert A. White 1970-1971 John P. Van Zandt Manager of Faculty/Staff/Married Graduate Student Housing 1975-1976 Evelyn H. Soldavin Manager for Faculty/Staff Housing 1976-1980 Evelyn H. Soldavin 1980-1981 Doris L. Carroll 1982-1987 Eugenia B. "Coe" Meservey Evans Director for Faculty/Staff Housing 1987- Eugenia B. "Coe" Meservey Evans (Asst)
Manager of Operations for Faculty/Staff/Married Graduate Student Housing (abolished 1976)
    -1976     Frank J. Quinn
Assitant Manager of Graduate Housing
before 1974, split between Dormitories and Real Estate
1974-1976     Eugenia B. "Coe" Meservey (Evans)
Manager of Graduate Housing
1976-1982     Eugenia B. "Coe" Meservey Evans
1982-1987     Jim Wiley
Director for Graduate Housing
1987-1988     Jim Wiley (Asst)
1988-1990     Mary Ann Grundy (Asst)
1991-         Patricia McArdle (Asst)

Head Porter (Graduate College)
	      Xiarong Sun
	      Greg Wellman
1999-2000     Alexander Schekochihin
2000-2002     Lyndon Dominique
2002-	      Vitali Zagorodnov

Assistant Head Porter (Gradaute College)
1999-2000     Jason Radley
2000-2002     Vitali Zagorodnov
2002-	      Elena V. Chernishenko
Director of Dormitories -1967 John Fraser Bliss, Jr. Assistant Manager for Dormitories 1967-1968 John Fraser Bliss, Jr. Manager of Student Housing 1968-1969 James R. Tracy Manager of Dormitories 1969-1979 Doris L. Carroll Manager of Undergraduate Housing 1979-1980 Doris L. Carroll 1980-1987 Victoria R. Quinn Director for Undergraduate Housing 1987-1993 Paula Carlton (Asst) 1993-1997 Joseph P. Plaksa (Asst) 1997- Lisa DePaul (Asst)
Manager of Operations for Dormitories (abolished 1976)
    -1976     Robert R. Riley
General Manager of Real Estate -1959 Alfred L. Test Director of Real Estate 1959-1965 Alfred L. Test 1965-1971 Kenneth M. Rendall, Jr. 1971-1979 Grant D. Green 1979- Caroline L. Dinsmore Caroline Clancy
Director of Personnel Services -1969 Robert Edward Adams 1969-1973 Richard M. Horch 1973-1978 William S. Reed 1978-1988 Lyman B. Brainerd, Jr. 1988-1989 B. Edwards Vice President for Human Resources (est. 1989) 1989-1996 Audrey Smith 1996-2001 Joan Doig 2001-2002 Dan Scheiner (acting) 2003- Maureen Nash Proctor (est. 1870) 1870-1892 Matthew Goldie 1892-1907 Johnny Topley 1907-1919 Bill Coan 1919-1926 Hank Bovie 1926-1945 Francis X. Hogarty Head Proctor 1945-1960 Mike Kopliner Director of Security 1960-1969 Walter Dodwell 1969-1975 Allan N. Kornblum 1975-1985 Jerrold Witsil Director of Public Safety 1985-2002 Jerrold Witsil 2002 Donald Reichling (acting) 2003- Steven Healy
Director for Technical Services
    -2002     Charles J. Nouvel (Asst to 1979, Assoc 1979-2002)
2002-         Donald Reichling (acting) (Assoc)

Parking Office Manager
              Connie Hensley

Assistant Director and Patrol Commander Captain
     -2002    Donald Reichling
2002-	      James Collins (acting)

Systems Administrator
              Barry Weiser
Fire Marshal Robert G. Gregory
Director of University Services
2003-	      Paul Breitman

Director of the Frist Campus Center (est. 2000)
reports to VP for Campus Life until 2003
2000-         Paul Breitman

Director of Conference Services
in Department of Facilities until 2003
    -1959     Jeremiah A. Farrington, Jr.
1959-1962     Anthony J. Maruca
1964-1965     Charles L. Taggart
1965-1966     John C. Sapoch
1966-1968     David G. Rahr
1968-1969     Robert E. Van Vranken, Jr.
Director of Educational Programs and Conferences
1969-1971     Edward P. Hobbs
Director of the University Conference Office
1971-1972     Edward P. Hobbs
1972-1980     William H. O'Brien, Sr.
Director of the Events Office
    -1978     Thomas W. Brown
1978-1980     Virginia Munson Hammell
Director of the Center for Visitor and Conference Services
1980-1981     Virginia Munson Hammell
1981-1988     William H. O'Brien, Sr.
1988-	      Cynthia S. Horr
              Eric Hamblin

Director of Prospect House
In Facilities Department until 2003
              Todd Andrews

Vice President for Development (est. 1969)
1969-1980     Henry E. Bessire
1980-2002     Van Zandt Williams, Jr.
2002-         Brian J. McDonald

Dean of Student Life (1993-2000)
1993-2000     Janina Montero
Vice President for Campus Life (est. 2000)
2000-         Janet Smith Dickerson

Director of Planning and Administration for Campus Life (est. 2003)
2003-	      Steve LeManager

Dean of Students
Dean of Student Affairs (est. 1954)
1954-1968     William D. Lippincott
1968-1972     Neil L. Rudenstine
1972-1977     Adele S. Simmons
1977-1982     J. Anderson Brown
Dean of Students
1982-1993     Eugene Y. Lowe, Jr.
Dean of Undergraduate Students (est. 1999)
1999-         Kathleen Deignan

Director of the International Center (est. 1974)
1974-         Paula Chow
Dean of the Chapel (est. 1928) 1928-1947 Robert Russell Wicks 1947-1955 Donald B. Aldrich 1955-1981 Ernest Gordon Dean of Religious Life and Dean of the Chapel 1981-1988 Frederick Borsch 1988 Sue Ann Morrow (acting) 1989-2001 Joseph Williamson 2002- Thomas Breidenthal
Director of Chapel Music
1971-1992     Walter Nollner
1992-         Penna Rose

University Organist
    -2000     Joan Lippincott
2000-         David Messineo
Chairman of the Board of Athletic Control (1900-1934) 1900-1923 Dean Howard McClenahan 1923-1932 Charles W. Kennedy 1932-1934 Joseph E. Raycroft Chairman of the University Council on Athletics (1934-1939) 1934-1937 Burnham N. Dell Graduate Manager of Athletics (1939-1941) 1939-1941 Roy Kenneth Fairman Director of Athletics (1941-1947) 1941-1947 Roy Kenneth Fairman Director of Physical Education and Athletics (1947-1978) 1947-1972 Roy Kenneth Fairman 1973-1978 Royce N. Flippin, Jr. Director of Athletics (1978-) 1978-1979 Royce N. Flippin, Jr. 1979-1994 Robert J. Myslik 1994- Gary Walters Chairman of the Department of Health and Physical Education (1911-1946) 1911-1936 Joseph E. Raycroft 1936-1946 Wilbur Heskett York Chairman of the Department of Health 1946-1962 Wilbur Heskett York Director of Health Services 1962-1977 Willard Dalrymple 1977-1991 Louis A. Pyle, Jr. 1991-2002 Pamela H. Bowen 2002- Daniel Silverman
Coordinator of Visa Services
	      L. Susan Butler
Director of Visa Services
              Mary F. Idzior

International Graduate Student Advisor
              Jennifer McNabb