Discussing economics education and price reform with Premier Zhao Zi-Yang

July 5, 1984.



Peoples Daily front page, July 6, 1984.



Photo taken at dinner party hosted by Premier Zhao, July 15, 1985.



Meeting with the Economic Reform Commission, June 30, 1986.

Anthony Koo, Gregory Chow, John Fei and Lawrence Lau.



Dinner hosted by Premier Zhao for Anthony Koo and the Chows, Summer of 1987.



Meeting in Hong Kong with Economic Reform Commission on inflation and other problems

Larry Lau, Gregory Chow, Liu Hongru (vice chair), S. C. Tsiang, An Ziwen (chair), Tony Koo.

March 16, 1989.


Meeting of the Study Group on the Future of Hong Kong, March 18, 1989.

Lu Ping, Philip Wong, Gordon Wu, Gregory Chow, Zhao Zi-Yang, J. K. Lee
    C. H. Tung (just behind Chow)


Meeting with Premier Zhao, March 18, 1989, just before Tienanmen.


Director of International Center of Princeton University, Ms. Paula Chow and Chairman of State Education Commission, He Dongchang.


Mei-Mei, James, Paula, President Huang Da of the People's University, and Gregory.