2015-2016 Dues

Dear faculty, staff, and graduate students in the economics department,

You are all members of the Graduate Economics Club! We organize the department's social events (happy hours, barbecues and the skit party). We hope you will enjoy this year's events and help us fund them by paying your dues (a suggested donation of $35).

There are four ways to pay:

1. Write a check payable to "Graduate Economics Club" and put it in Emil Verner's mailbox.

2. Pay your dues in cash to one of the six GEC board members (Reyhan Ayas, Hannah Rubinton, Julius Vutz, Jason Ravit, Emil Verner, or Andrew Langan), who will record your name and forward your payment to the treasurer.

3. Donate using Paypal, through the Paypal link below.

4. Donate by credit or debit card, through the Paypal link below.



Nobel Prize Contest

This year the prize will be $200, to be divided evenly among members with winning entries. Here are the rules:

2015-2016 GEC Officers

President: Andrew Langan
Treasurer: Emil Verner
GSG Representative: Jason Ravit
Post-Generals Representative: Julius Vutz
Second-Year Representative: Hannah Rubinton
First-Year Representative: Reyhan Ayas
Senior Social Chairs: Steve Mello, Justin Weidner
Junior Social Chairs: Joshua Bernstein, Kathleen Hu, Jenny Shen, Hilary Shi