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Patricia Gaspari-Bridges, Librarian

The Map Collection is one of the largest cartographic collections at an academic institution. The collection is strong in geoscience, topographic, and bathymetric maps and charts. In 1986, the scope of the collection was broadened by the addition of Firestone Library's large collection of contemporary (post 1918) maps in political, physical, and cultural geography. Current road maps and atlases for all countries and major cities are available as well.


Maps: (Non-circulating) 300,000 maps and charts, aerial and satellite photographs; 100 relief models; 15 globes; 850 slides.

Subject Areas

Maps: Geology, geochemistry, geophysics, climatology, natural resources, land use, soils, water resources, remote sensing, topography, political and cultural geography, physiography, bathymetry, transportation, navigation, urgan and regional planning.

The online catalog for the Map Collection is GEOMAP.

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