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The African Digital Data contains geospatial data of every African country at a scale of 1:1,000,000. Each country may or (may not) have all of the following themes: Airports, Cultural Landmarks, Drainage, Drainage Points, Data Quality, Supplemental DrainagePoints, Supplemental Spot Elevations, Elevation Contours, ElevationRanges, Spot Elevations, Land Cover Features, Political Boundaries,Small Coastal Islands, Populated Places, Urbanized Areas, Roads,Railroads, Transportation Structures, Transportation Points,Utilities, Tropical Moist Forests, Protected Areas, ProductionForest, Wetlands, and Population.

The themes were compressed into one file according to the individual country and made available for downloading. A person can download a file directly by clicking on the country's image map or by choosing the country's name on the link called Country's Name. After downloading the data you need to uncompress them by using one of the uncompressing software packages such as WINZIP or PKZIP. If you need metadata of any individual theme, you should click on the metadata link and select the theme.

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