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The ArcWorld database contains data for the land areas of the world at two scales. The ArcWorld 1:3M data set is larger in both scale and content. It was developed at a norminal scale of 1:3,000,000, and it contains representations of more than 235,000 features, including240 countries, and more than 900 attributes. The ArcWorld 1:25M data set represents a smaller-scalemap. It contains all of the countries, but only a sample of the features and thematic attributesfrom the 1:3M database.

The US Government's World Data Bank II (1988) was the primary source for the ArcWorld countries,country internal divisions, coastlines, rivers, lakes, roads, and railroads. Major cities are from Defense Mapping Agency (DMA) maps. Cartographic and statistical attributes layers are:

  • Country Boundaries
  • Country Internal Divisions
  • Major Cities
  • Roads
  • Railroads
  • Rivers and Water Bodies
  • Economic and Industrial Indicators
  • Education and Literacy Rates
  • Food Production and Nutrition
  • Health and Vital Statistics
  • Labor Force Characteristics
  • Natural Resources and the Environment
  • Population Characteristics
  • Source:"ESRI ArcWorld 1:3M Reference Guide and Fact Sheet"

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